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From History of Concord Baptist Association (Cole, 1973):

The Enon Baptist Church was organized in 1904, and the first services were held in an old poultry building just west of the Railroad tracks. The building was purchased by Mrs. Mary Jane (Slaton) McGinnis. Mrs. McGinnis gave the name AEnon to the village when the Post Office was established back in the eighties. The name was taken from John 3:23 and seemed fitting because the Moreau River flowed through the community and often flooded the low lands.

Worship services were held in the old poultry building for four years. In 1908, the present site was acquired from Robert McGirk and John M. McGinnis. Sisters Etta Shadwick, Eva Enloe, Ethel Jones and Emma Morrow were appointed as committee to solicit building funds. The present building was erected with labor from the community, and is located in the extreme Southeast corner of Moniteau County on highway "Z", two and one half miles east off Highway 87.

In 1945, the church had the opportunity to buy the old Bank building next door. This building serves well for socials, WMU meetings, adult men's-Sunday School class, youth activities and programs.
Educational rooms were added to the church building and dedicated July 26, 1959. In the fall of 1961, the church bought the Frank Dawson home next door to the Bank building which was remodeled and is now used as the parsonage.

On October 22, 1961, the Rock Enon Baptist Church - Number 1 voted to merge with the Enon Church - Number 2. This old church was first organized in 1847 with nine charter members. They first worshiped in a one room log house. The present beautiful stone house was erected in 1878 and has a famous living spring on the grounds. The building is located on Highway "V" two and one half miles from Enon. The building had not been used for the past ten years, therefore it and the grounds were sold in January 1971.

Standing near the front door of the old Stone Rock Enon Church are Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McGinnis, Grandson of Sister Mary Jane (Slaton) McGinnis and Andrew McGinnis who organized the first church.



From the History of Moniteau County 2000:

It was in the year of 1904 that twenty-four charter members started the Enon Baptist Church. Mrs May Jane McGinnis bought an old store building and donated it as a meeting place for the church. In 1908 the present building was started and completed in 1909 at a cost of about $1,000. The land for the new building was donated by Marjorie Morrow's grandfather, Robert McGirk, who lived where Don and Rosalie Wyss live now (in 2000). The first lights were coal oil lamps. There were three on each side of the pulpit. Later the lights were acetylene and then O L McGinnis furnished power for electric lights from his residence. Finally, in 1946, REA came to town to stay.


The Sunday School classes were all held in the sanctuary. Each class would have its own little area and it was an early version of classrooms without walls which later was considered an educational innovation. Then came curtains on wires which were pulled before and after classes.


In 1945 the church purchased the band building from Max Lovell for $300 and it was used for classrooms and a social hall. Don Wyss recalls when he was three years old, looking out one night and seeing bright lights in the bank building.


In 1942 George and Cleo Sheperle built a new flue, which still stands, on the church. Then in 1958 and 1959 the education building was built. In 1949 the entrance to the church was changed to provide double doors.


Through the years the church has been interested in neighborhood development and purchased the old store building and the switchboard house which were razed to improve the lots across the street. The church had electric wiring in the outhouses which was ahead of the times.


Additional space for a dining hall and Sunday School room expansion was completed in 1990. In 1996 an additional educational wing was completed.


In 1961 the Rock Enon Baptist church merged with the Enon Baptist Church.


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