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From History of Concord Baptist Association (Cole, 1973):

During a revival in progress at the Sandy Hook School House, all of the Baptist people living in the immediate vicinity met at the School House on the evening of June 20, 1939, for the purpose of organizing a Baptist Church. Meeting with them were Rev. Blount Davidson, district missionary of Concord Association; Rev. Steward McDaniel, pastor of Lebanon Church, Pilot Grove Church and Peninsula Church; Rev. R. L. Hood, retired/and deacons, Clarence Reichel and Luther Cook of Lebanon Church. Rev. Davidson was moderator and Miss Fern Boillot served as clerk protem.


The Articles of Faith were unanimously adopted, and everyone present entered into the Church Covenant. The council voted unanimously to recommend the organization of the body into a church. The church voted to cooperate with the Southern Baptist Convention, the Missouri Baptist General Association and to send messengers with a petitionary letter to the annual meeting of Concord Baptist Association at the New Hope Baptist Church, September 14-15, 1939.


Rev. Steward McDaniel was called as pastor for an indefinite period of time to preach one Saturday evening and one Sunday afternoon each month. The following officers were elected: Miss Fern Boillot, clerk; David Moad, treasurer. Mr. David Moad, 3n ordained deacon in the Otterville Baptist Church was received as a deacon of the church. There were four persons received as candidates for baptism. Brother Leslie Baker, one of this group is still a faithful member of the church.


The church voted to recognize as charter members all who came into the fellowship of the church as members before the close of the revival, June 25. Thirty-two persons became charter members. Leslie Baker was elected as a member of the Executive Board of Concord Baptist Association, July 16, 1939.


July 16, 1939, several leaders from Jefferson City met with the church to assist in the organization of a Training Union. Beginning February 4, 1940, preaching services were held three times a month. May 3, 1941, Rev. Steward McDaniel offered his resignation as pastor. In July 1941, Rev. George Craig was serving as pastor.


August 19, 1942, Rev. Ivan Dameron was called as pastor to preach only one evening each month. He remained as pastor until his resignation in August of 1944. Due to high water and flood the church was without a pastor for the year of 1945.


Rev. Jack Hood was called to preach once a month in 1946 and 1947. Due to high water and flood conditions, he offered his resignation. For the year of 1948, Rev. Virgil Vaughan was called as pastor and continued to preach one Sunday evening each month until December 23, 1951.


March 20, 1952, Rev. Dewayne Reed was called as pastor to preach two Sundays per month, and he continued to be pastor until December 20, 1953 at which time he offered his resignation. April 25, 1954, Rev. Lowell Foster was called as pastor to preach two Sundays out of each month.


On September 30, 1956, Kenneth Greer was ordained as deacon.


August 1957, the church voted to give to the Cooperative Program. Down through the years the church was blessed with good revival meetings, and in 1963, the church went to full time services. Worship services were held each Sunday morning in the month instead of only two Sundays.


The year of 1969 brought to the church by statement, Mr. Clarence Tuttle, a deacon. In March 1971, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Tuttle donated to the church a lovely silver Lord's Supper Service.


Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Baker and Mr. Frank Koegler, charter members still belong to the church. The 1972 Church Letter to the association reports a total membership of 48, with 19 of these being non-resident members. This will be revised this year because of the return to our community of the Lewis Lovick family. At present Mrs. Lovick is planning a Vacation Bible School this summer. She has also begun a beginner class at Sunday School.


The church is taking an added glow this year. One of the young men is donating his labor to repaint the exterior of the building. Plans are being made to purchase new pews and to do some redecorating. Plans are also being made for another revival this spring, and as has been so in the past with the help of God's people all will be drawn a little closer to the Master.


Our present pastor, Rev. Lowell Foster, has been with us since 1954.


He was born in St. Clair County, near Lowry City. He married Miss Jewel Allinson, and they are parents of four children. Rev. Foster continues to bring us the Word of God each Sunday, and it is through the worship service and our Sunday School each Sunday morning that our small church is held together. We of the Sandy Hook Baptist Church know where two or three gather together in God's name, He will be among us.


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