Moniteau Evangelical Advent Church (1848-Present)

Rt D, southwest of Jamestown; north of California


The front and rear of the church and the old school (at right).


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** The first church (log 28 x 30 ft) was

dedicated November 28, 1859


**The second church (54 x 26 ft) was dedicated August 22, 1886


** In 1897 the present school house was built. The last class to use the building were the confirmands of 1918, when the parochial school closed


**The German language was gradually discontinued around 1918.


**The first Sunday School was organized around 1870


**The first women's group, "The Frauvereins" was organized in Nov 1896


**The cemetery board was organized in 1938-1939


**The first log parsonage was built around 1867 and was replaced by a six room, frame house in 1903. It was torn down in 1985


**Wilbur Zaugg was the first person baptized in the present church. Paul Bauer was the second


Charter Members on November 19, 1848:

Carl Schaaf

Heinrich Dietzel

Val. Werdtmann

George Wachter

Jacob Kiesling

Johann Heinrich Roedel

Christian Sperber

Herman Knoepker

Heinrich Bauer

Phillip Keil

Erhardt Kiesling

Jacob V Geminden


Pastor's who have served

Moniteau Advent Church:

Rev Carl Hoffmeister   1848-1857

Rev Lange                            1858

Rev Streit                              1858

Rev A W Roder                    1859

Rev Jacob Vontobel    1860-1866

Rev Fr. Delveau          1867-1872

Rev Carl Krafft           1872-1875

Rev Fr Woelfle           1875-1883

Rev H Mohr               1883-1886

Rev Ad Th Leutwein   1886-1888

Rev Ad Klingeberger  1888-1893

Rev Wm H Alber        1893-1894

Rev John Kuhn           1894-1895

Rev E Brenion            1895-1898

Rev C Gabler             1898-1905

Rev C F Werth           1905-1909

Rev F Gadow             1909-1914

Rev E Bekeschus        1915-1918

Rev C T Schaefer       1919-1921

Rev H Henning           1922-1927

Rev Theo Pfundt         1927-1931

Rev P Rahmeier          1931-1932

Rev E W Pusch          1932-1934

Rev E A Wahl            1934-1936

Rev F C Allrich          1936-1939

Rev A F Schultz         1940-1951

Rev I B Stegner          1951-1961

Rev Theo Haefele       1961-1963

Rev Walter Schacht    1963-1966

Rev Wm Sabbert        1966-1971

Rev Richard Ferris      1971-1984

Rev Joe Fay                1985-1987

Rev Ruth Hotle           1987-1988

Rev Troy Gardner       1988-1991

Rev Chester Marshall  1991-2010

Rev Brian Bish            2010-?

Stephen Watson         Present

The following is taken from "Moniteau Advent Church 150th Anniversary 1848-1998" booklet in the Moniteau County Historical Society's Genealogy Library


The first settlers in the Moniteau community were German-Swiss Evangelicals, who came to America in the early 1830's seeking economic prosperity, religious and political freedom.  The land they came to was a thicket of brush and timber.  They worked long hard hours clearing the land, using the felled trees to build their homes, barns, and fences. Life was very difficult -- disease and death were always at their door. yet through all their struggles, they gave thanks to God for his love and everlasting faithfulness.


In the spring of 1848, the Rev. Carl Hoffmeister, a young missionary pastor sponsored by the Basel Missionary Society of Germany, came riding in the Moniteau community. He had traveled by horseback from what is now the Salem United Church of Christ near McGirk, to offer his services in bringing the Word of God to the people.


After preaching to the families in their homes for about 8 months, his labors were rewarded and on November 19, 1848, twelve men met to organize the church. The pastor read the Constitution, which was agreed to by the personal signature of each and "Der Evangeleschein Gemeinde" came into being. The twelve charter members were: Carl Schaaf, Heinrich Dietzel, Val Werdtmann, George Wachter, Jacob Kiesling, Christian Sperber, Herman Knoepker, Heinrich Bauer, Phillip Keil, Erhardt Kiesling, Jacob V Geminden and Johann Heinrich Roedel.


From the November 6, 1924 California DemocratIn 1859, the first church building was dedicated. It was a crude log structure 28 ft by 30 ft -- its benches hewn from logs. It was built on the "Church 40" (Forty acres of land which had been purchased from herman Knoepker shortly after the church was organized for the sum of $55).


The second church, 54 ft by 26 ft, costing $1,200, was dedicated in 1886. The old building was used for the parochial school until 1897. Many German churches established their own educational system and the "Herr Pastore" became the "Schulemeister." Confirmation plus other basic subjects were taught and all reading and writing were done in German. The last class to use the building was the confirmands of 1918, when the parochial school was closed.


The cornerstone of the present church building (pictured above) was laid in 1924. It was completed and dedicated in 1925.


Yearly church minutes record several affiliations of Advent:

*In 1884, "Der Evangelischein Advents Gemeinde" became part of the German Evangelical

Synod of North America.

*In 1934, after the merger of the Evangelical and the Reformed Church in America, it became the Advent Evangelical and Reformed Church of the Kansas City Synod.

*In 1961, after the merger of the Evangelical and Reformed Church with the Congregational Christian Church, it became the Advent United Church of Christ, the Missouri Conference.

*After St Peter's (Pleasant Grove) and St Paul's, Jamestown, were organized, Advent became part of a three-point charge until 1893, when it became an independent church. However, in 1971, Advent again joined St Peter's and St Paul's to form the Jamestown United Church of Christ Cooperative Ministry. The Tri-Church Council meets twice each year to coordinate plans.


Other facts recorded in the minutes are:

*The first Sunday School was organized around 1870

*The first women's group, "The Frauvereins," was organized in November 1896. The charter members wer Frau Brenion (the pastor's wife), Frau Sophia Roedel (Mrs Erhardt), and Fraulein's Elizabeth Fischer and Katherine Burger

*In 1920, the name of "Frauvereins" was changed to "The Ladies Aid Society;" in 1941 it became "The Women's Guild" of the Evangelical and Reformed church; and in 1965 in became "The Women's Fellowship" of the United Church of Christ. The 100th Anniversary was celebrated on November 6, 1996

*The Cemetery Board was organized in 1938-1939 and a permanent fund was established for upkeep. In early 1998 it balance totaled $51,000

*The first log parsonage, built sometime around 1867, was replaced by a six-room frame house in 1903. It was home for the pastor's families until 1966. In 1985 it was torn down

*Mission Festivals, Vacation Bible School, Ice Cream Socials, Church School picnics that were held and of Advent's participation in Annual Synodical, Conference and Area Meetings


Since its beginning, church families of Advent have come together on the Sabbath to praise God and give thanks for his everlasting love and faithfulness. The sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion have been celebrated and many young people have received the blessing of Confirmation.


Mention should also be made of the Great Oak Tree which stood as a sentinel in front of the church for 148 years. In the summer of 1996, it could no longer withstand the storms of time and was demolished during a windstorm. The present congregation will always miss the Great Oak; however, two new Oaks are growing from its seed and Memorial trees have been planted to give beauty to the church grounds for future generations to enjoy.


Our history would not be complete without paying tribute to the 33 pastors, 2 lay pastors, and to all the faithful members who have served Advent over the years.



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