Moniteau County Missouri

Index of Names in Walker Township Cemeteries


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Walker Township has over 10,300 recorded burials. In addition to the 49 listed cemeteries, there are 9 listed as "burial site" in the Listings of Walker Township cemeteries published by the Moniteau County Historical Society.


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Cemeteries in Walker Township (# of burials):

Ted Albertein Farm (1)

Anderson (2)

Annunciation Catholic (780)

Ben Balay/Bailey (4)

Bethel Mennonite (375)

Bloch (40)

Bower (9)

Bowlen (69)

Brown (8)

Burke/Crown Hill (1,206)

Byler and Hand (2)

Byler/Ross (7)

California City (2,311)

California Masonic (1,167)

California Odd Fellows (132)

California United Church of Christ (Evangelical) (728)

Chapel/New Hope (18)

County Farm (40)

Elliott Family (2)

Flag Spring (798)

Gray/Hume (11)

Griner/Greiner (11)

Hill Family (17)

Hill/McKissick (6)

Howard/Walnut Grove (36)

Hutchison/Houchin (10)

Immanuel/Boeckhaus (59)

Jobe/Birdsong (12)

Langley (9)

Lebanon (8)

McGirk (270)

McGirk Family (17)

New Salem (163)

Old California City/Old Town (173)

Old Jobe (9)

Old Lebanon (210)

Old Salem (358)

Pioneer Public (6)

Potter's Field (154)

Rohrbach (225)

Salem United Church of Christ (Evangelical) (763)

Shiloh (184)

St Paul's Lutheran (417)

Sweetwater (114)

Swiss (19)

James Williams (7)

Mary Ann Williams (2)

Walnut Grove/Howard (36)

Woods (4)

Last Name - First Name - Middle - Cemetery


? Anna Maria -- Annunciation Catholic

? Elizah  -- Burke/Crown Hill -- broken stone last name may be Spence

? George  -- Byler/Ross -- Cem rec states name only no dates on stone

? Henry  -- Pioneer Public -- broken stone dates missing

? James W M -- Pioneer Public -- broken stone dates missing

? Tammy  -- Shiloh -- single name on stone no dates



A J P -- Burke/Crown Hill -- No death date listed only initials on stone

A M A W -- Burke/Crown Hill -- only initials on stone; plat map shows lot sold to M A W Allen

A R  -- Hill/McKissick -- foot stone maybe for Rebecca McKissick Allee; w/o Preston Allee


Ackerman Daniel Lafayette -- Old California City

Ackerman Margaret  -- Old California City

Ackerman Rosanna  -- Old California City


Acklen James W -- California Masonic


Acock Hunter ? -- McGirk

Acock Margaret E -- McGirk

Acock Wilbur Claude -- McGirk


Acres John Milton -- California Masonic

Acres Theodocia  -- California Masonic


Adams Amanda M -- California Masonic

Adams John Quincy -- Burke/Crown Hill

Adams Joseph D -- California Masonic

Adams Lelia Moss -- California Masonic

Adams Nellie A -- Burke/Crown Hill


Adcock H Marie -- California City

Adcock Howard B -- California City


Aegerter Nelda Irene -- St Paul's Lutheran

Aegerter Norman Vernon -- St Paul's Lutheran


Aeschbacher Albert M -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Alice A -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Aubrey L -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Barbara -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Benjamin -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Bertha B -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Caroline -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Clara E -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Daniel W -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Earl M -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Elizabeth F -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Emma -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Herbert -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Herman G -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Infant -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Kathrine -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Kathryn C -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Lydia A -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Mancel W -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Martha B -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Mary E -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Ralph E -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Ruth -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Sarah A -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Simeon -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher Ulrich -- Bethel Mennonite

Aeschbacher William H -- Bethel Mennonite


Affolter Charles J -- Burke/Crown Hill

Affolter Frederick  Burke/Crown Hill

Affolter Herman  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Affolter Louise  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Affolter Marie  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Affolter Mary C -- Burke/Crown Hill

Affolter Wilford J Burke/Crown Hill


Agee Joanna  -- California Masonic

Agee Mary A -- California Masonic


Albers Sophia M -- California Masonic

Albers Theodore A -- California Masonic


Albertin Arthur T -- St Paul's Lutheran

Albertin Augusta  -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Albertin Auguste Charlotte -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Albertin Clara Maria -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Albertin Elise M -- California UCC

Albertin Ernst E -- California UCC

Albertin F Wilhelm -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Albertin F William -- St Paul's Lutheran

Albertin Fred K -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Albertin Jewelada I -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Albertin Julius E -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Albertin Laura Dorathea -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Albertin Louise W H -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Albertin Lydia A -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Albertin Mildred M -- California UCC

Albertin Rudolph E -- California UCC

Albertin Scott S -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Albertin Sophia  -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Albertin Theodor H -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Albertin Theodore E -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Albertin Wilhelmina K K -- St Paul's Lutheran


Albertson Infant -- Flag Spring Church

Albertson John O -- Flag Spring Church

Albertson Mary Blanche -- Flag Spring Church


Albin Charlie V -- California City

Albin Geneva E -- California City

Albin Mary J -- California City


Alexander Emma Matilda -- California City

Alexander Frances -- California Masonic

Alexander George -- Potter's Field

Alexander Henry -- Potter's Field

Alexander Hugh B -- California Masonic

Alexander James T -- California City

Alexander Joseph A -- California City

Alexander Maggie O -- California City

Alexander Mary Emerine -- California Masonic

Alexander Russell  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Alexander Yolanda  -- California City


Alger Cora -- Old California City

Alger Luther E -- Old California City


Alldredge Ambyr Beryl -- California City

Alldredge Herschel Paine -- California City

Alldredge Lou R -- Burke/Crown Hill

Alldredge Mary  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Alldredge Robert L -- Burke/Crown Hill

Alldredge Sue Latham -- Burke/Crown Hill

Alldredge William R -- Burke/Crown Hill

Alldredge William C -- Burke/Crown Hill


Allee Albert  -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Alva Leah -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Alvin  -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Alvin P -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Alvin P -- New Salem

Allee Amanda Q -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Andrew J -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Andrew Jr  -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Anna Belle -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Arthur Jefferson -- California Masonic

Allee Barbara Ann -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Blanche  -- California Masonic

Allee Charles Sylvester -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Charles Walter -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Clara G -- Burke/Crown Hill

Allee Clara Louise -- California City

Allee Clarence  -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Cleveland E -- California City

Allee Cornelia  -- California Masonic

Allee Daisy  -- California Masonic

Allee Darlene Gay -- McGirk

Allee Delta J -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Dixie R -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Dorothy F -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Edith G -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Edith Lorene -- McGirk

Allee Eliza  -- Hill Family

Allee Emma Mae -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Florence  -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Floyd Layton -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Harry Gilbert -- California Masonic

Allee Ida Olla -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Infant  -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Infant  -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Infant son  -- Flag Spring Church

Allee James M -- Flag Spring Church

Allee James A -- Flag Spring Church

Allee James B -- Flag Spring Church

Allee James F -- Flag Spring Church

Allee James W -- Old Salem

Allee James Washington -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Jean Mary -- Flag Spring Church

Allee John F -- Flag Spring Church

Allee John P H -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Julia A -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Julia May -- Burke/Crown Hill

Allee Larry W -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Laura B -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Laura E -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Lee -- Burke/Crown Hill

Allee Leona L -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Lewis Wilbert -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Lisa Linn -- California City

Allee Lorene  -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Louisa  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Allee Louisa J -- Old Salem

Allee Luther Miles -- Burke/Crown Hill

Allee Marvin L -- McGirk

Allee Mary Armstrong -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Mary E -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Mary J -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Mattie B -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Nick P -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Robert  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Allee Robert L -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Robert P -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Sabra -- Bowlen

Allee Sally A -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Stella J -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Stella Josephine -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Stella Leona -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Tennie  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Allee Thomas Edward -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Trece P -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Truman Gale -- Flag Spring Church

Allee Viola  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Allee W Joe -- California Masonic

Allee Walter L -- Flag Spring Church

Allee William H -- Flag Spring Church


Allen Anna A -- California Masonic

Allen C Benjamin -- Old Lebanon

Allen Calvin M -- California City

Allen Christopher Thurman -- McGirk

Allen Clifford Thurman -- McGirk

Allen Dorothy M -- California City

Allen Ella R -- California City

Allen Emmet C -- Old Lebanon

Allen Frank J -- Old Lebanon

Allen Gemima Elizabeth -- McGirk

Allen George  -- California Masonic

Allen H Manfred -- California City

Allen Hazel Lee -- McGirk

Allen J V -- Old Lebanon

Allen James Ned -- McGirk

Allen James R -- California City

Allen Jeanette Susan -- McGirk

Allen Jennie  -- California City

Allen Jessie V -- Old Lebanon

Allen Leon Edward -- Salem E & R

Allen Lillian R -- California Masonic

Allen Lorene  -- California Masonic

Allen Louis  -- McGirk

Allen Lydia C -- California Masonic

Allen Martha J -- Old Lebanon

Allen Mary C -- California City

Allen Ray  -- California City

Allen Theodore -- Byler/Ross

Allen Thomas E -- California City

Allen Urban Earl -- California Masonic

Allen Virgil E -- Old Lebanon

Allen William Edward -- California Masonic

Allen William Harold -- California Masonic


Allison John H -- Flag Spring Church

Allison Margaret J -- Flag Spring Church

Allison Nancy  -- Flag Spring Church


Alpers Harriet F -- California Masonic


Alter Anna Maria -- Annunciation Catholic

Alter Cornelius -- Annunciation Catholic


Althoff Anna Katharine -- Salem E & R

Althoff August -- Salem E & R

Althoff Caroline I -- McGirk

Althoff Catherine E -- Salem E & R

Althoff E Frances -- California City

Althoff Edward W -- McGirk

Althoff Edward William -- McGirk

Althoff Elizabeth -- Annunciation Catholic

Althoff Elsie  -- Salem E & R

Althoff Eugene A -- California City

Althoff Frank -- Annunciation Catholic

Althoff Frank  -- Salem E & R

Althoff Franz  -- Salem E & R

Althoff Franz Heinrich -- Salem E & R

Althoff Friedrich Teodor -- Salem E & R

Althoff James H -- Burke/Crown Hill

Althoff Katharina  -- Salem E & R

Althoff Leroy H -- California City

Althoff Mary Cordelia -- Burke/Crown Hill

Althoff Rosa Frances -- California City

Althoff Sophia  -- Salem E & R

Althoff Wilhelmine -- Salem E & R

Althoff William Henry -- Burke/Crown Hill


Amberg Minnie  -- Burke/Crown Hill


Ames Alice Gray Gallaher -- California Masonic


Amos Helen  -- California City

Amos Lee Albert -- California City

Amos Mary Rachel -- California City


Anderson Esther L -- Old Salem

Anderson Flossie G -- Old Salem

Anderson James  -- Anderson

Anderson Joyce E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Anderson Kenneth  -- California City

Anderson Martha E -- California Masonic

Anderson Marvel  -- California City

Anderson Mary Ella -- California Masonic

Anderson Paul E -- California City

Anderson Rachel  -- California City

Anderson Ralph Stanley -- California City

Anderson Stella  -- Old Salem

Anderson Susan B -- Anderson

Anderson Timothy Eugene -- California City

Anderson Truman E -- Old Salem

Anderson William M -- California Masonic


Andres Albert C -- California UCC

Andres Amelia E -- California UCC

Andres Baby Girl  -- Salem E & R

Andres Bertha -- St Paul's Lutheran

Andres Catherine C -- Salem E & R

Andres Edna W -- California UCC

Andres Edward C -- McGirk

Andres Eva M -- McGirk

Andres Frederick O -- California UCC

Andres Friedrich C -- Salem E & R

Andres George H -- Salem E & R

Andres George John -- California UCC

Andres Gertrude E -- California City

Andres Henry C -- California UCC

Andres Herman F -- St Paul's Lutheran

Andres Ida M (Edith) -- California UCC

Andres John H -- California City

Andres Marie E -- St Paul's Lutheran

Andres Mary Engel -- California UCC

Andres Raymond H -- California UCC

Andres Sophia A -- California City

Andres Truman A -- California City

Andres Virgil H -- St Paul's Lutheran

Andres Wilma A -- California City


Andtwiler Hazel Smith -- Flag Spring Church

Andtwiler William Orbry -- Flag Spring Church


Angerer Clara J -- St Paul's Lutheran

Angerer Lorene A -- St Paul's Lutheran

Angerer William C -- St Paul's Lutheran


Ansell Jacob -- Old California City

Ansell Margaret A -- Old California City


Antrim Velda  -- California City


Apperson Cyrus M -- California Odd Fellows

Apperson Doctor Alexander -- Old California City

Apperson Eliza V -- Old California City

Apperson Elizabeth P -- California Masonic

Apperson Harriet Ann -- California City

Apperson James F -- Old California City

Apperson James M -- California City

Apperson James M -- California Masonic

Apperson Joseph Lilburn -- California Odd Fellows

Apperson Lilburn Boggs -- California Odd Fellows

Apperson Mansfield  -- Old California City

Apperson Mary Ruth -- Old California City

Apperson Mildred  -- California Odd Fellows

Apperson Paul P -- Old California City

Apperson Sarah J -- California Odd Fellows

Apperson Sarah L -- California Odd Fellows


Archibald Madeline Cole -- California Masonic


Arnold Birdie L -- California City

Arnold Earl  -- California City

Arnold Earl M -- California City

Arnold Elizabeth -- Rohrbach

Arnold Thomas -- Rohrbach

Arnold Velma L -- California City


Arrowood Randy D -- Flag Spring Church

Arrowood Vickie J -- Flag Spring Church


Artelt Helene  -- California City

Artelt Herbert  -- California City


Artz Infant -- Infant of Liccie Artz -- Bethel Mennonite

Artz Liccie May -- Bethel Mennonite


Asahl Anna M -- Burke/Crown Hill

Asahl Carl Johann -- California Odd Fellows

Asahl Charles  -- California Odd Fellows

Asahl Charles Henry -- California UCC

Asahl Hester C -- California City

Asahl Johann H -- Burke/Crown Hill

Asahl John W -- California UCC

Asahl Louella  -- California UCC

Asahl Louise  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Asahl Louise Maria -- California Odd Fellows

Asahl Mabel  -- California UCC

Asahl Mary Carolyn -- Annunciation Catholic

Asahl Ruth F -- Annunciation Catholic

Asahl William H -- Annunciation Catholic


Ash Bernice I -- California City

Ash Charles A -- California City

Ash Cynthia A -- California City

Ash Daryl E -- California UCC

Ash Edith L -- California City

Ash Lucinda  -- Annunciation Catholic

Ash Martha M -- California City

Ash Oscar H -- California City

Ash Robert L -- California City

Ash Rosetta -- California City

Ash Shelia A -- California City

Ash Stephanie Nicole -- California City

Ash Vencil L -- California City

Ash William P -- California City

Ash William Porter -- California City


Asher Ambrose  -- Burke/Crown Hill


Atkins Calvin  -- Burke/Crown Hill


Atkinson Cora  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Atkinson Elzar Lee -- California City

Atkinson Idonia  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Atkinson James M -- California City

Atkinson Jean E -- California City

Atkinson Mary Elizabeth -- California City

Atkinson Oliver P -- Burke/Crown Hill


Auwartep G  -- Salem E & R


Ayres Francis H Sr "Sparky" -- Potter's Field

Ayres Helen M -- California City



Baade Anna M K -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Baade August F L -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Baade Carl G -- St Paul's Lutheran

Baade Johanna A -- St Paul's Lutheran

Baade Lydia P -- St Paul's Lutheran

Baade Ruby Jean -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus


Babb Casander  -- Burke/Crown Hill


Backers Christine  -- Annunciation Catholic

Backers Joseph B -- Annunciation Catholic


Bacon Effie J -- California Masonic

Bacon Emma H -- California Masonic

Bacon James C -- California Masonic

Bacon Lafayette  -- California Masonic


Badertscher Barbara -- California UCC

Badertscher Edna -- Bethel Mennonite

Badertscher Elda -- Bethel Mennonite

Badertscher Homer -- Bethel Mennonite

Badertscher Lydia  -- California UCC


Bagby B H -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bagby Joe N -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bagby Mella May -- Burke/Crown Hill


Bahn Albert  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bahn Laura M -- Burke/Crown Hill


Bailey Benjamin F -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bailey Bernyce H -- California Masonic

Bailey Clyde  -- California City

Bailey Erna B -- California City

Bailey Ethel May -- California Masonic

Bailey Fred G -- California Masonic

Bailey George W -- California Masonic

Bailey Harold E -- California Masonic

Bailey Leslie Herbert -- California City

Bailey Mary  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bailey Mary E -- California Masonic

Bailey S J -- California City

Bailey Vivian E -- California City

Bailey Wilma Mary -- California City


Baird Hannah Broyles -- Old Lebanon

Baird Lewis (Rev) -- Old Lebanon


Baker Alvin H -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Anna Mary -- California City

Baker Arthur E -- California Masonic

Baker Arthur W -- California City

Baker Carl P -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Charles A -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Charles R -- California City

Baker Charley H -- Rohrbach

Baker Christina  -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Clara H -- Burke/Crown Hill

Baker Clara M -- California City

Baker Curtis J -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Donald E -- California City

Baker Edward D -- Burke/Crown Hill

Baker Elizabeth  -- Rohrbach

Baker Elmer  -- California City

Baker Emma C -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Emma Harris -- California City

Baker Emma L -- California City

Baker Emma M -- Rohrbach

Baker Enfield R -- California Masonic

Baker Eva K -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Frederick A -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Grace L -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Harold W -- California City

Baker Hattie E -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Helen C -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Henrietta  -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Henry J -- California City

Baker Jerry Thomas -- Flag Spring Church

Baker John  -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker John J -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Joseph  -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Joseph Peter -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Lola N -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Marie R -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Martha E -- California City

Baker Matilda F -- California Masonic

Baker Opal Irene -- Flag Spring Church

Baker Paul A -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Paul J -- California City

Baker Peter Edward -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Peter F -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Peter J -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Robert L -- California City

Baker Rose Darlene -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Rose Marie -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker Shirley D -- California City

Baker Thelma M -- California City

Baker Thomas J -- Flag Spring Church

Baker Walter L -- California City

Baker Wilbur F -- Annunciation Catholic

Baker William Anton -- California City

Baker Wyona M -- Annunciation Catholic


Balance Gilbert -- Potter's Field


Balay Perry -- Ben Balay/Bailey

Balay Rhoda -- Ben Balay/Bailey

Balay Tomslin -- Ben Balay/Bailey


Baldwin Alonzo V -- Old California City

Baldwin Cleon Edward -- Burke/Crown Hill

Baldwin Jessie Meyer -- Burke/Crown Hill

Baldwin Lucille M -- California City

Baldwin Mary E -- Pioneer Public

Baldwin Richard E -- California City


Balke Elsie L -- Burke/Crown Hill


Ball Cynthia Rae -- California UCC

Ball Edna -- Burke/Crown Hill

Ball Gottfried -- Burke/Crown Hill

Ball Roy Lee -- California UCC


Ballad Clara Bell -- Old California City


Ballance Harriett -- Potter's Field


Bane Harry R -- Burke/Crown Hill


Baney Bertha Marie -- California UCC


Bannister A Victor -- Burke/Crown Hill


Bantrup Alvina L -- California City

Bantrup Chris A -- California UCC

Bantrup F William -- California City

Bantrup Fredrick  -- Salem E & R

Bantrup Infant  -- Salem E & R

Bantrup Infant  -- California UCC

Bantrup Lena A -- California UCC

Bantrup Sarah A -- Salem E & R


Banwarth John Martin -- Annunciation Catholic

Banwarth Mary Elizabeth -- Annunciation Catholic


Bapp William  -- Salem E & R


Barbour Billy A -- Annunciation Catholic

Barbour Birdie  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Barbour Cassie  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Barbour Catherine W -- California City

Barbour Charlie -- Burke/Crown Hill

Barbour Ernest  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Barbour James W -- Burke/Crown Hill

Barbour Karen L -- Annunciation Catholic

Barbour Lee B -- Burke/Crown Hill

Barbour Mary E -- Flag Spring Church

Barbour Norman S -- California City

Barbour Raymond Estes -- California City

Barbour Robert M -- Flag Spring Church

Barbour Viola M -- California City

Barbour William  -- Burke/Crown Hill


Bardwell Elizabeth J -- California City

Bardwell John D -- California City

Bardwell Lewis Andrew -- California City

Bardwell Mary Jane -- California City

Bardwell Sophia  -- California City


Barger Lydia  -- California City

Barger Virgil  -- California City


Barker Charles W -- California City

Barker Florence S -- California City


Barlow Marshall A -- California City

Barlow Mildred J -- California City

Barlow Tommy R -- California City


Barnes Horace  -- California City

Barnes Jasper C -- California City

Barnes Job Silas -- California City

Barnes Maye Hume -- Flag Spring Church

Barnes Muriel  -- California City


Barnhart Emma M -- California City

Barnhart Infant  -- Flag Spring Church

Barnhart Lloyd H -- California City


Barnhill Carrie M -- California Odd Fellows

Barnhill Harry  -- California Odd Fellows

Barnhill Helen  -- California Odd Fellows

Barnhill Joseph  -- California Odd Fellows

Barnhill Lena Leota -- California Odd Fellows

Barnhill William M -- California Odd Fellows


Barok Carol L -- St Paul's Lutheran

Barok Donald H -- St Paul's Lutheran


Barrasso Bertha C -- Annunciation Catholic

Barrasso Infant  -- Annunciation Catholic


Barry Alfred A -- California City

Barry Alfred Earl -- California City

Barry Andrew J -- Flag Spring Church

Barry Catherine  -- Flag Spring Church

Barry Catharine A -- Flag Spring Church

Barry Floyd Elmo -- McGirk

Barry Ida B -- Flag Spring Church

Barry Infant  -- McGirk

Barry John K -- Flag Spring Church

Barry Lula G -- Flag Spring Church

Barry Martin D -- Flag Spring Church

Barry Mary Ruth -- California City

Barry Maude Ellen -- McGirk

Barry Othor E -- McGirk

Barry Sallie A -- California City

Barry Vida Lavern -- McGirk


Bartlett Anna B -- California City

Bartlett Frances Louise -- California City

Bartlett Lehman A -- California City

Bartlett Squire Redmon -- California City

Bartlett William Adelbert -- California City


Barton Luke  -- California Masonic

Barton Ruth  -- California Masonic

Barton William Edward -- California Masonic


Basinger Adam -- Bethel Mennonite

Basinger Anna -- Bethel Mennonite

Basinger Barbara -- Bethel Mennonite

Basinger Christian -- California UCC

Basinger Elsie Mary -- Bethel Mennonite

Basinger Fannie -- Bethel Mennonite

Basinger Joseph -- Bethel Mennonite

Basinger Rachel -- Bethel Mennonite

Basinger Sarah -- California UCC

Basinger Simon -- Bethel Mennonite


Bates Farrie B -- California City


Batty Alonzo L -- Burke/Crown Hill

Batty Catherine  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Batty Eliza Jane -- Old Salem

Batty Frederick Lawrence -- California Masonic

Batty Jane -- Old Salem

Batty Mary Caroline -- St Paul's Lutheran

Batty Robert  -- Old Salem

Batty William R -- St Paul's Lutheran


Bauer Frank M -- California Masonic

Bauer Lillian  -- California Masonic


Bauman A K Magdalena -- Annunciation Catholic


Baumgartner Albert -- Bethel Mennonite

Baumgartner Carrie S -- Bethel Mennonite

Baumgartner Daniel W -- Bethel Mennonite

Baumgartner Dorothy M -- Bethel Mennonite

Baumgartner Edmond Daniel -- Bethel Mennonite

Baumgartner Elda R -- Bethel Mennonite

Baumgartner Infant -- Bethel Mennonite

Baumgartner Martha -- Bethel Mennonite

Baumgartner Neal W -- Bethel Mennonite

Baumgartner Oliver E -- Bethel Mennonite

Baumgartner Pearl E -- Bethel Mennonite

Baumgartner Wade D -- Bethel Mennonite

Baumgartner Weldon Keith -- Bethel Mennonite


Bax Agnes J -- Annunciation Catholic

Bax Emil H -- Annunciation Catholic

Bax James J -- Annunciation Catholic


Baxter Gertrude -- Burke/Crown Hill


Bay James W -- California Masonic


Bealer   -- Old Salem

Bealer Albert  -- Bloch

Bealer Georgia -- Bloch

Bealer J S -- Old Salem

Bealer Kenneth L -- Bloch


Beam Catharine Gillis -- Burke/Crown Hill

Beam Jennie R -- Burke/Crown Hill

Beam John A -- California Masonic

Beam Myrta A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Beam Niles L -- California Masonic

Beam Samantha  -- California Masonic

Beam Van Buren -- Burke/Crown Hill

Beam William P -- Burke/Crown Hill


Bechel Frank L -- California City


Becher Frau Wilhelmina -- California UCC

Becher Herman -- California UCC


Beck Anna M -- Old Salem


Becker A Marie -- California UCC

Becker Albert F -- Salem E & R

Becker Arthur H -- Annunciation Catholic

Becker Charles W -- California UCC

Becker Clara F A -- Salem E & R

Becker Cornelia M -- Annunciation Catholic

Becker Emma F -- Salem E & R

Becker Frederick  -- Salem E & R

Becker Heinrich F A -- Salem E & R

Becker Henry W -- California UCC

Becker Laura M S -- Salem E & R

Becker Otto F H -- Salem E & R

Becker Sophia W -- Salem E & R


Beckett Eva C -- California UCC

Beckett H Ward -- California UCC


Beckhaus Herminer Louise -- Salem E & R


Beckman Caroline  -- Salem E & R

Beckman Charles A D -- Salem E & R

Beckman Cornelius L -- McGirk

Beckman Eddie Frank -- Salem E & R

Beckman Elizabeth  -- Salem E & R

Beckman Emily  -- Salem E & R

Beckman Henry  -- Salem E & R

Beckman Infant  -- Salem E & R

Beckman Jane  -- McGirk

Beckman John H -- Salem E & R


Beckmann Anna M -- Salem E & R

Beckmann Charles F -- Salem E & R

Beckmann Johann  -- Salem E & R

Beckmann Louise  -- Salem E & R

Beckmann Maria E -- Salem E & R

Beckmann Sophie Margarethe -- Salem E & R


Beeler John  -- California UCC


Begeman Heinrich F C -- Salem E & R


Bell Elizabeth  -- California City

Bell William L -- California City


Belo George  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Belo George Sr -- Old California City


Benke Albert C B -- St Paul's Lutheran


Benne Anna  -- Annunciation Catholic

Benne Herman  -- Annunciation Catholic


Bennett Arcada Grace -- Bethel Mennonite


Benson Billy Blanche -- Burke/Crown Hill

Benson Elva M -- California City

Benson Norman Leroy -- California City


Bentrup   -- Salem E & R

Bentrup Bertha M -- Salem E & R

Bentrup Fredrick  -- Salem E & R

Bentrup stillborn  -- Salem E & R


Benttrop Emma  -- Salem E & R

Benttrop Louis F -- Salem E & R


Bergfelder Anna Gertraude -- Salem E & R

Bergfelder Emma Louise -- Salem E & R

Bergfelder Ernst Ludwig Anton -- Salem E & R

Bergfelder Ernst Wilhelm -- Salem E & R

Bergfelder Heinrich Wilhelm -- Salem E & R

Bergfelder Henry William -- California UCC

Bergfelder Johannes Mathias -- Salem E & R

Bergfelder Louise  -- Salem E & R


Berry Robert W -- California Masonic


Bertram Abba Virginia -- California Masonic

Bertram Friederike Carolina -- St Paul's Lutheran

Bertram Henry Wm Anton -- St Paul's Lutheran

Bertram Johannes  -- St Paul's Lutheran

Bertram John Adam -- California Masonic

Bertram Katie E -- St Paul's Lutheran

Bertram Minnie Bertha -- St Paul's Lutheran

Bertram Walter Otto Wm -- St Paul's Lutheran

Bertram Wilhelm  -- St Paul's Lutheran

Bertram Wilhelm G B -- St Paul's Lutheran


Bessette Barcie May -- California Masonic

Bessette Lee Eugene -- California Masonic


Bestgen Delores B -- Annunciation Catholic

Bestgen Edward C -- Annunciation Catholic

Bestgen Frederick H -- Annunciation Catholic

Bestgen Mary L -- Annunciation Catholic


Beumel Charles  -- Annunciation Catholic


Beumer Anna Marie -- Salem E & R


Beutler Albert C -- Rohrbach

Beutler Arthur E -- Rohrbach

Beutler Cornelia  -- California UCC

Beutler Emma  -- Rohrbach

Beutler Frank A -- California UCC

Beutler G  -- Rohrbach

Beutler Goldie L -- California UCC

Beutler Henry  -- California UCC

Beutler Herman  -- California UCC

Beutler James O -- California UCC

Beutler Lace C -- California City

Beutler Louis J -- California City

Beutler Mary  -- Rohrbach

Beutler Mary E -- Rohrbach

Beutler Minnie H -- California City

Beutler Nicholas  -- Rohrbach

Beutler Oscar D -- California City

Beutler Rosa A -- California UCC

Beutler Rose M -- California City

Beutler Rosina  -- Rohrbach


Bieri Carole Pope -- California UCC

Bieri Esther S -- California UCC

Bieri Frank F -- California UCC

Bieri Frederick  -- California UCC

Bieri Gertrude E -- California UCC

Bieri Harry L  -- California City

Bieri Ida Anna -- California UCC

Bieri Infant  -- California UCC

Bieri Infant  -- California UCC

Bieri Lena M -- California UCC

Bieri Louis C -- California UCC

Bieri Marie Anna Elizabeth -- California UCC

Bieri Martin J -- California UCC

Bieri Mary  -- California UCC

Bieri Phyllis C  -- California City

Bieri Ralph U -- California UCC

Bieri Ruth  -- California City

Bieri Sophia L -- California UCC

Bieri T Edwin -- California UCC

Bieri Ulrich  -- California UCC

Bieri Wallace T -- California UCC

Bieri William  -- California City


Biery Frederick  -- Rohrbach

Biery Mattie -- Swiss

Biery Samuel -- Swiss


Biesemeyer August Sr -- Salem E & R

Biesemeyer August Jr -- Salem E & R

Biesemeyer F G -- Salem E & R

Biesemeyer Friedrich Marx -- Salem E & R

Biesemeyer Gustan H -- Salem E & R

Biesemeyer Louise Marie -- Salem E & R


Biggs Josephine Y -- California Masonic

Biggs Thomas Nelson -- California Masonic


Billingsley Josephus E -- California City

Billingsley Letha Floy -- California City


Bilyeu Gerald Lee -- California City

Bilyeu Infant  -- California City

Bilyeu Kenneth Lee -- California City

Bilyeu Margaret L -- California City


Binkley Elizabeth L -- Annunciation Catholic

Binkley Elmer E -- California City

Binkley George M -- Annunciation Catholic

Binkley Minnie M -- Old Salem

Binkley Thelma I -- California City


Bird Elizabeth  -- Old Salem


Birdsong Albert  -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong Alma  -- Old Salem

Birdsong Anna W -- Old Salem

Birdsong Charles Lee -- Old Salem

Birdsong Cisiah J -- Old Salem

Birdsong Della F -- California City

Birdsong Dicie M -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong Docia Miller -- Sweetwater

Birdsong Donna Lee -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong Edward Sherman -- Sweetwater

Birdsong Elizabeth -- Jobe/Birdsong

Birdsong Elizabeth  -- Old Salem

Birdsong Elwood  -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong Emmett N -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong Florence  -- California UCC

Birdsong Florence L -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong Floyd D -- California City

Birdsong Francis  -- Old Salem

Birdsong Frederick Marie -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong Genevieve  -- Lebanon

Birdsong George W -- Old Salem

Birdsong George Washington -- Old Lebanon

Birdsong Hallie  -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong Harley B -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong Harold L -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong Infant  -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong Infant  -- Old Salem

Birdsong Infant  -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong James W -- Old Salem

Birdsong James Louis -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong James C -- Sweetwater

Birdsong Jeanette M -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong John W -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong John N -- Old Salem

Birdsong Kemp S -- Old Salem

Birdsong Louella E -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong M H -- Old Salem

Birdsong Mary -- Old Salem

Birdsong Maude M -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong Monroe  -- California UCC

Birdsong N -- Old Salem

Birdsong Newton Edward -- California City

Birdsong Newton E -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong Olive Francis -- California City

Birdsong Orville  -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong Peter -- Jobe/Birdsong

Birdsong Ralph  -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong Ruth Monteen -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong Veleria  -- Flag Spring Church

Birdsong William  -- Old Salem

Birdsong William -- Jobe/Birdsong

Birdsong Winnaford  -- Old Salem


Birge Amanda J -- California City

Birge Joe  -- California City

Birge William A -- California City


Birkner Frank Paul -- California City

Birkner Louise  -- California City


Birthright Lula F -- California City


Bisco Richard Robert -- California Masonic


Bishop Anna Elizabeth -- California Masonic

Bishop David  -- California Masonic

Bishop Harold M -- California City

Bishop J Levon -- California Masonic

Bishop Laura Belle -- California Masonic

Bishop Lilian W -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bishop Rosella M -- California City

Bishop William B -- Burke/Crown Hill


Black Synthia -- McGirk Family


Blackburn   -- Old California City

Blackburn Alexander Lee -- Burke/Crown Hill

Blackburn Anna Odessa -- Burke/Crown Hill


Blake Alan Wayne -- California City

Blake Albert Lee -- California City

Blake Barbara Lynn -- California City

Blake Mary Ann -- California City


Blakeman Anna L -- California Masonic

Blakeman Arthur Johnson -- California Masonic

Blakeman Della R -- California Masonic

Blakeman Ethel G -- California Masonic

Blakeman Francis E -- California Masonic

Blakeman Henry E -- California Masonic

Blakeman Margaret Gordon -- California Masonic

Blakeman Robert Arthur -- California Masonic


Blalock Henry Deak -- California City

Blalock Lillie Ann -- Burke/Crown Hill

Blalock Mary E -- California City


Blanck August  -- California UCC

Blanck Flora  -- California UCC


Blank Charles Leonard -- California City

Blank Faye M -- California City

Blank Homer Clyde -- California City

Blank John E -- California UCC

Blank Louise A -- California City

Blank Margaret  -- California UCC

Blank Oscar O -- California City

Blank Rosina Anna -- Rohrbach


Blankenship Audrey O -- Flag Spring Church

Blankenship Edwin -- California City

Blankenship Ernest George -- Flag Spring Church

Blankenship Ethel Doilene -- Flag Spring Church

Blankenship Frank  -- Flag Spring Church

Blankenship Goldie  -- Flag Spring Church

Blankenship Kenneth D -- Flag Spring Church

Blankenship Orin -- Flag Spring Church


Blaser George Godfrey -- Burke/Crown Hill

Blaser Lucille Edith -- Burke/Crown Hill

Blaser Peter  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Blaser Sarah Marie -- Burke/Crown Hill

Blaser Stephen  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Blaser Thomas T -- Burke/Crown Hill


Bledsoe Burke Ericson -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bledsoe Charles -- Bowlen

Bledsoe Elizabeth Agnes -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bledsoe John -- Bowlen

Bledsoe Mattie E -- California City

Bledsoe Thomas A -- California City

Bledsoe Virginia Valentine -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bledsoe Walter Eugene -- Bowlen

Bledsoe Zina Birtha -- Bowlen


Bleich Arthur Karl -- St Paul's Lutheran

Bleich Ernest T -- St Paul's Lutheran

Bleich Frieda E -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Bleich Hazel F -- St Paul's Lutheran

Bleich Karl Frederick -- St Paul's Lutheran

Bleich Lillie F -- St Paul's Lutheran

Bleich Louise -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Bleich Louise Alvina -- St Paul's Lutheran

Bleich Nelda -- St Paul's Lutheran

Bleich Paul A -- St Paul's Lutheran

Bleich Theodore -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus


Bliss Burtram Eugene -- Old Salem

Bliss Infant  -- Old Salem


Bloch Adelia Naomi -- Rohrbach

Bloch Anna  -- Rohrbach

Bloch Caroline -- Bloch

Bloch Emma Margaret -- California UCC

Bloch Fred L -- California UCC

Bloch Frederick -- California UCC

Bloch Irvin E -- Bloch

Bloch John J -- Rohrbach

Bloch Margaret A -- California UCC

Bloch Marie C -- Bloch

Bloch Martha  -- Howard/Walnut Grove

Bloch Mary E -- Rohrbach

Bloch Pearl Ellen -- Bloch

Bloch Samuel -- Bloch

Bloch Samuel E -- Bloch

Bloch Samuel Sr -- Rohrbach


Block Esther Marie -- California City

Block Kathryn Laverne -- California City

Block Louise A -- California City

Block Mary Anne -- California City

Block Oscar A -- California City

Block William Henry -- California City


Blum August  -- Salem E & R


Blumstengel Hugo  -- California Masonic

Blumstengel Infant  -- California Odd Fellows

Blumstengel Julia E -- California Masonic

Blumstengel Rudolph Robert -- California Masonic


Bodamer Charles H -- California City

Bodamer Elizabeth A -- California City


Boeckhaus Abbie  -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Boeckhaus Albert Ludwig -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Boeckhaus August  -- St Paul's Lutheran

Boeckhaus August F -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Boeckhaus Carl August Frederick -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Boeckhaus Carl F Louis -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Boeckhaus Emma Juliane -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Boeckhaus F W -- St Paul's Lutheran

Boeckhaus Frederick Arnold -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Boeckhaus Frederick Henry Louis -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Boeckhaus Heinrich  -- St Paul's Lutheran

Boeckhaus Henriette Siene -- St Paul's Lutheran

Boeckhaus Henry Reinhold -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Boeckhaus Infant  -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Boeckhaus Magaretta  -- St Paul's Lutheran

Boeckhaus Margaret  -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Boeckhaus Oscar Edgar -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Boeckhaus Pauline W M A -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Boeckhaus Sarah Marie -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Boeckhaus Stella Margret -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Boeckhaus Walter Louis -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus


Boehlen Anna -- Swiss

Boehlen Christian -- Swiss

Boehlen Emilia  -- California UCC


Boehme Augusta D -- Salem E & R

Boehme Fred Paul -- Salem E & R

Boehme Herman  -- Salem E & R

Boehme J Furchtegott -- Salem E & R

Boehme John W -- Salem E & R

Boehme Minnie  -- Salem E & R

Boehme Wilhelmine  -- Salem E & R


Boggs Charles Oran -- Flag Spring Church

Boggs Orah V -- Flag Spring Church


Bohn Frank E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bohn Nellie M -- Burke/Crown Hill


Boillot Floyd E -- California City

Boillot Harold J -- California City

Boillot Mary A -- Shiloh

Boillot Nannie K -- California City

Boillot Rosa Elliott -- California City

Boillot Victor Orville -- California City


Bokenkamp Anna B -- Salem E & R

Bokenkamp Anna Margaretha -- Salem E & R

Bokenkamp Wilhelm  -- Salem E & R


Boland Matt  -- Annunciation Catholic


Bolden Margaret J -- Annunciation Catholic

Bolden Phillip H -- Annunciation Catholic


Boldt John M -- California City

Boldt Norma Jean -- California City


Bolin Anna Marie -- California City

Bolin Brownie Lee -- California City

Bolin Brownie W -- California City

Bolin Charles  -- California City

Bolin Charles E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bolin Charles Marion -- California City

Bolin Clifford L -- California City

Bolin Delphan M -- California City

Bolin Edgar  -- McGirk

Bolin Elsie Lucille -- Flag Spring Church

Bolin Emma F -- California City

Bolin Ethel R -- New Salem

Bolin Francis M -- Flag Spring Church

Bolin Freddie L -- California City

Bolin Harry T -- California City

Bolin Helen F -- California Masonic

Bolin James Francis -- Flag Spring Church

Bolin Jerry K -- New Salem

Bolin Jesse R -- New Salem

Bolin Jessie W -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bolin John H -- California City

Bolin Lafayette F -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bolin Laura Bertha -- McGirk

Bolin Louin  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bolin Louisa  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bolin Mary E -- California City

Bolin Mary Alice -- California City

Bolin Maurine  -- California City

Bolin Mildred M -- California City

Bolin Nancy Sansbury -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bolin Nellie G -- California City

Bolin Norma L -- California City

Bolin Norman Lee -- California City

Bolin Paul Wayne -- California City

Bolin Rachel C -- California City

Bolin Susan  -- California City

Bolin Velma M -- California City

Bolin Violet M -- New Salem

Bolin Walter E -- California City

Bolin William Fowler -- Burke/Crown Hill


Bolinger   -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Ada L -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Albert M -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Albert Ray -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Anna B -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Anthony James -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Betty L -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Beulah  -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Bryan Darrin -- California City

Bolinger Frances Lee -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Hattie E -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Howard L -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Ida Anna -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Infant  -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Jackie Robert -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Jacob R -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Joan M -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger John H -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger John W -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Lawrence R -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Leah  -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Lodemia  -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Logan R -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Loretta R -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Lucille  -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Margaret E -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Martin Layton -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Mary C -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Orville E -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Patricia Kaye -- California City

Bolinger Paul A -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Roy Lee -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Sarah Caroline -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Thelma  -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Velma E -- Flag Spring Church

Bolinger Ward E -- Flag Spring Church


Bonecutter Alvin Ray -- McGirk

Bonecutter Phyllis Lee -- McGirk


Bonney Alice -- Old California City

Bonney William -- Old California City


Bording Mary Ann -- Annunciation Catholic


Borghardt Adolph A -- California UCC

Borghardt Albert A -- California City

Borghardt Amelia M -- California UCC

Borghardt Bonnie L -- California City

Borghardt Carl H Sr -- California City

Borghardt Charles L -- California UCC

Borghardt Christopher William -- California UCC

Borghardt D Elaine -- California City

Borghardt Daniel Ray -- California City

Borghardt Emma Christina -- California UCC

Borghardt Ernest E -- California UCC

Borghardt Ethel L -- California UCC

Borghardt Frederick C -- California UCC

Borghardt Herman T -- California UCC

Borghardt Michael D -- California City


Borgmeyer Lucas Ryan -- Annunciation Catholic


Born Elizabeth  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Born Mary Alice -- California City

Born William  -- Burke/Crown Hill


Borts Gerald D -- California City

Borts Peggy Ann -- California City

Borts Ricky Lee -- California City

Borts Ronnie D -- California City


Boss Clara F -- California City

Boss John  -- California City


Boswell Jennie  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Boswell Major -- Potter's Field

Boswell Milton  -- Potter's Field


Botthoff Anna M -- Salem E & R


Bottom Arthur  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bottom Arthur E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bottom Bertha E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bottom Infant  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bottom Virginia L -- Burke/Crown Hill


Bower Benjamin Wesley -- Annunciation Catholic

Bower Child  -- Bower

Bower Doris Ruth -- Annunciation Catholic

Bower Edna P -- Annunciation Catholic

Bower Elizabeth Jane -- Bower

Bower Ethel M -- Annunciation Catholic

Bower Infant -- c/o Ben & Louise Bower -- Bower

Bower Infant -- c/o Ben & Louise Bower -- Bower

Bower Jacob -- Bower

Bower John Edward -- Annunciation Catholic

Bower Leonard J -- Annunciation Catholic

Bower Louisa A -- Annunciation Catholic

Bower Martha Ellen -- Annunciation Catholic

Bower Mary Katherine -- Bower

Bower Samuel Henry -- Annunciation Catholic

Bower Thomas H -- Annunciation Catholic

Bower William B -- Rohrbach

Bower William F -- Annunciation Catholic

Bower Wittman -- Bower


Bowers Flora B -- California Odd Fellows


Bowlen Allen -- Bowlen

Bowlen Berry Greenwood -- Bowlen

Bowlen Elizabeth -- Bowlen

Bowlen Infant -- Bowlen

Bowlen James N -- Bowlen

Bowlen Jane -- Bowlen

Bowlen John W -- Bowlen

Bowlen Melisa -- Bowlen

Bowlen Nancy Anne -- Bowlen

Bowlen Nancy Elizabeth -- Bowlen

Bowlen Ray -- Bowlen

Bowlen Sarah -- Bowlen

Bowlen Sylvester -- Bowlen

Bowlen Wiate G -- Bowlen

Bowlen Willaby -- Bowlen

Bowlen William M -- Bowlen

Bowlen William R -- Bowlen

Bowlen Willoughby -- Bowlen

Bowlen Wilson M -- Bowlen


Bowles Etta L -- New Salem

Bowles William Arley -- New Salem


Bowlin Alvin A -- McGirk

Bowlin Antje (Annie)  -- McGirk

Bowlin Clara Anna -- California City

Bowlin Earl Raymond -- California City

Bowlin Elmer E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bowlin Henry L -- McGirk

Bowlin Jack  -- California City

Bowlin Lloyd W -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bowlin Mabel L -- Salem E & R

Bowlin Martha W -- California City

Bowlin Milledge S -- Old Salem

Bowlin Myrtle L -- California City

Bowlin Nancy Jane -- Old Salem

Bowlin Ollie M -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bowlin Richard Eugene -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bowlin Rosa J -- McGirk

Bowlin Roy E -- Salem E & R

Bowlin Selma Gertrude -- Old Salem

Bowlin William T -- Old Salem


Bowline Hazel I -- California Masonic

Bowline Okal F -- California Masonic


Bowling Nell A -- McGirk

Bowling Paul Kenneth -- McGirk


Bowman Charles Herwood -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bowman Eugene M -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bowman James J -- Annunciation Catholic

Bowman Mary C -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bowman Mary M -- Annunciation Catholic

Bowman Meredith  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bowman Oliver A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bowman Oliver R -- Burke/Crown Hill


Boyce Daniel J -- New Salem

Boyce Ella H -- New Salem

Boyce John  -- County Farm

Boyce Purdy -- Sweetwater

Boyce Viola  -- Burke/Crown Hill


Boyd Jackie  -- Potter's Field

Boyd Joseph -- Shiloh

Boyd Missouri -- Shiloh

Boyd Tommie  -- Potter's Field


Boyer Charles F -- Flag Spring Church

Boyer Mary -- Flag Spring Church

Boyer Mary Ann -- Flag Spring Church

Boyer Ruth Irean -- Flag Spring Church

Boyer William Virgil -- Flag Spring Church


Brady Billy Jean -- California City

Brady Esther Selma -- Flag Spring Church

Brady Gail M -- California City

Brady James A -- California City

Brady Lelia A -- California City

Brady Norman  -- California City

Brady Opal L -- California City

Brady Stella F -- California City


Bramel Augusta  -- Salem E & R

Bramel Edna  -- Salem E & R

Bramel Godlieb Earl -- Salem E & R

Bramel Henry W Dr -- Salem E & R

Bramel Sophia W -- Salem E & R


Brand A Katharine -- Salem E & R

Brand Anna Kathryne -- Salem E & R

Brand Cora M -- Salem E & R

Brand Jacob  -- Salem E & R

Brand Laura A -- Salem E & R


Brandon Elizabeth  -- California Odd Fellows

Brandon Henry U -- California Odd Fellows

Brandon J W -- California Odd Fellows


Brandt John A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Brandt Lizzie Edith -- Burke/Crown Hill

Brandt Mary Jane -- Burke/Crown Hill

Brandt Ora Rebecca -- Burke/Crown Hill


Bratten Arthur Roscoe -- California City

Bratten Eliza A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bratten Elizabeth M -- California City

Bratten George W -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bratten Gerald L -- California City

Bratten Jack S -- California UCC

Bratten Marjorie I -- California UCC

Bratten Martha E -- California City


Brauner Timothy Joseph -- Annunciation Catholic


Breer Edward Angelous -- California City

Breer Mae Lea -- California City


Bregy Elizabeth -- Old Salem

Bregy Friedrich -- Old Salem


Brehmeier Infant -- d/o George Brehmeier -- Burke/Crown Hill


Brehmeyer Alta  -- Salem E & R

Brehmeyer Anna M -- Salem E & R

Brehmeyer August George -- Salem E & R

Brehmeyer Carl F -- Salem E & R

Brehmeyer Carl Frederick -- Salem E & R

Brehmeyer Charlotte  -- Salem E & R

Brehmeyer H W George -- California UCC

Brehmeyer Henry W -- Salem E & R

Brehmeyer Herman  -- Salem E & R

Brehmeyer Johann Wilhelm -- Salem E & R

Brehmeyer Nadine Margaret -- Salem E & R

Brehmeyer William S -- Salem E & R


Bremerman C M (Dr) -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bremerman Eva M -- Burke/Crown Hill


Bremeyer Louise -- Burke/Crown Hill


Brenneke Jonathan Eric "J B" -- McGirk


Brenton Alma Anna -- California UCC

Brenton Charles Lewis -- California UCC


Bridges Anna  -- Potter's Field


Bridgford Mary M -- California City


Brient Mary J -- Bowlen

Brient Rosetta  -- Bowlen

Brient Sarah E -- Bowlen


Britton Betty J -- Flag Spring Church

Britton Bobby D -- Flag Spring Church

Britton Clarence  -- Flag Spring Church

Britton Emma -- Lebanon

Britton Eva L -- Flag Spring Church

Britton Fannie -- Lebanon

Britton Frances A -- Flag Spring Church

Britton Francis Catherine -- Burke/Crown Hill

Britton George -- Lebanon

Britton George A -- Flag Spring Church

Britton Lillian -- Lebanon


Brizendine Abner J -- Old California City

Brizendine Allie C -- California City

Brizendine Alma Lucille -- Old Salem

Brizendine Augusta  -- Old California City

Brizendine Baby Boy -- Old California City

Brizendine Carl C -- California City

Brizendine Carolyn J -- California City

Brizendine Clyde E -- California City

Brizendine Earl Eugene -- California City

Brizendine Edward D -- Old California City

Brizendine Eunice Elizabeth -- Old California City

Brizendine Frances A -- New Salem

Brizendine Frances Arlene -- Old California City

Brizendine Gary L -- New Salem

Brizendine Gertrude  -- California City

Brizendine Harold Gay -- Old California City

Brizendine Harry R -- California City

Brizendine Hattie Belle -- California City

Brizendine Inez  -- California City

Brizendine Ira E -- Old California City

Brizendine Jackie H -- California City

Brizendine Jesse M -- Old California City

Brizendine Jesse Edward -- California City

Brizendine Julia Ann -- Old California City

Brizendine Kathryn L -- California City

Brizendine Laura  -- California Masonic

Brizendine Lillian  -- Old California City

Brizendine Lloyd S -- New Salem

Brizendine Melvin  -- Old California City

Brizendine Minnie E -- California Masonic

Brizendine Minnie G -- Old California City

Brizendine N Viola -- California City

Brizendine Nora G -- California City

Brizendine Opal I -- California Masonic

Brizendine Ralph Lamont -- California Masonic

Brizendine Ray  -- California City

Brizendine Robert L -- California Masonic

Brizendine Sallie D -- California City

Brizendine Susan  -- Old California City

Brizendine Truman R -- New Salem

Brizendine Virginia Alice -- California City


Brocksieck August W -- California UCC

Brocksieck Cora L -- California UCC

Brocksieck Curtis G -- California UCC


Brooks Ethel Roth -- California Masonic

Brooks Lilah Doris Katelyn -- California City


Brosie Anna Busch -- California UCC

Brosie Emma R -- California UCC

Brosie John C -- California UCC


Brosius Leona  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Brosius Le-the May -- Burke/Crown Hill

Brosius Theodrick  -- Burke/Crown Hill


Browder Walter  -- Burke/Crown Hill


Brown Alonzo V T -- California Masonic

Brown Anna May -- California Masonic

Brown Bessie J -- Burke/Crown Hill

Brown C Edward -- California City

Brown Calvin E -- Brown

Brown Christopher Lee -- California City

Brown Christopher C -- Brown

Brown Ebbie M -- California Masonic

Brown Eliza E -- Brown

Brown Elizabeth  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Brown Ellen Sue -- California City

Brown Frank Andrew -- Burke/Crown Hill

Brown Fred W -- California City

Brown Gabrel W -- Burke/Crown Hill

Brown George R -- Brown

Brown Jackie L -- California City

Brown James G -- California Masonic

Brown James W -- California City

Brown Jana Irene -- California City

Brown Juanita  -- California City

Brown Katherine Rebecca -- California City

Brown Mary R -- California Masonic

Brown Mary E -- Brown

Brown Minnie Selma -- Burke/Crown Hill

Brown Nancy A -- Brown

Brown Rosie E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Brown Samuel J -- Brown

Brown Serena A -- Brown

Brown Wilson A (Rev) -- Burke/Crown Hill


Browner Darla Sue -- California City


Brownfield George Derry -- California Masonic

Brownfield Georgia  -- California Masonic


Browning Erma Johnson -- Burke/Crown Hill

Browning Robert L -- Burke/Crown Hill


Broyles Dow E -- California City

Broyles Katherine E -- California City


Bruce Ada B -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bruce Albert Curtis -- California City

Bruce Alfred B -- California City

Bruce Anna V F -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bruce Bland S -- California City

Bruce Dorothy M -- Annunciation Catholic

Bruce Fannie W -- California City

Bruce George W -- California City

Bruce Lula May -- California City

Bruce Maggie Shannon -- California City

Bruce Mary  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bruce Oliver  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bruce Ripley S -- California City

Bruce Robert H -- Annunciation Catholic


Bruening Anna Marie -- Salem E & R

Bruening Catharine  -- Salem E & R

Bruening Catharine Engel -- Salem E & R

Bruening John H -- Salem E & R


Brummer Joseph J -- Burke/Crown Hill

Brummer Mary E -- Burke/Crown Hill


Bruning Emilie Eliese -- Salem E & R

Bruning Minna  -- Salem E & R


Brunk Maymie  -- California Masonic


Bryan Bert R -- California City

Bryan Dot B -- California City

Bryan James W -- California City

Bryan Nelle E -- Annunciation Catholic

Bryan Samuel F -- Burke/Crown Hill


Bryant Bertha  -- Old Lebanon

Bryant Billie Lee -- McGirk

Bryant Bobby J -- McGirk

Bryant Charles Edward -- Sweetwater

Bryant Delia Todd -- New Salem

Bryant Eli S -- Bowlen

Bryant Elzada  -- Old Salem

Bryant Emmett Lee -- McGirk

Bryant Family of John Bryant -- Sweetwater

Bryant Francis -- New Salem

Bryant Gracey M -- Sweetwater

Bryant Harriet E -- McGirk

Bryant J Albert -- Old Lebanon

Bryant James  -- Old Lebanon

Bryant Jeptha William -- McGirk

Bryant John Wesley -- Sweetwater

Bryant Lucinda C -- Bowlen

Bryant Margaret -- Sweetwater

Bryant Martha  -- Old Lebanon

Bryant Mary Jane -- Sweetwater

Bryant Maude B -- McGirk

Bryant Minerva J Longan -- New Salem

Bryant Philip W -- McGirk

Bryant Sallie  -- Bowlen

Bryant Thomas H -- New Salem

Bryant William Wyatt -- Old Lebanon

Bryant William Russell -- Bowlen


Buchanan Anne M -- Annunciation Catholic

Buchanan Charles Raymond -- Annunciation Catholic

Buchanan Charles S -- Annunciation Catholic

Buchanan Cora A -- Annunciation Catholic

Buchanan Illegible  -- Annunciation Catholic

Buchanan Isabel  -- Annunciation Catholic

Buchanan James  -- Annunciation Catholic

Buchanan John J -- Annunciation Catholic

Buchanan John Reed -- Annunciation Catholic

Buchanan Loyola Nell -- Annunciation Catholic

Buchanan Thomas Jerome -- Annunciation Catholic


Bucher Clara -- Bethel Mennonite

Bucher Daniel -- Bethel Mennonite

Bucher Edith M -- Bethel Mennonite

Bucher Eli -- Bethel Mennonite

Bucher Elsie May -- Bethel Mennonite

Bucher John J -- Bethel Mennonite

Bucher Linda E -- Bethel Mennonite

Bucher Magdalena -- Bethel Mennonite


Buckley Louise T -- California Masonic


Buehler John -- Bloch

Buehler Marie -- Bloch


Bueker Anna Margaret -- California UCC

Bueker Carl W -- California UCC

Bueker Christoph  -- California UCC

Bueker Conradine  -- California UCC

Bueker Elisa M Bauer -- California UCC

Bueker Fred August -- California UCC

Bueker Grace M -- California UCC

Bueker Herman  -- California UCC

Bueker Ivan F -- California UCC

Bueker J Quincy -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bueker John E -- California UCC

Bueker Kathryn L -- California UCC

Bueker Lena E -- California UCC

Bueker Lily Lee -- California UCC

Bueker Louis  -- California UCC

Bueker Margaret  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bueker Martha Johanna -- California UCC

Bueker Maxine Z -- California UCC

Bueker Meta A -- California UCC

Bueker Minnie  -- California UCC

Bueker Sada K -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bueker Theodore C E -- California UCC

Bueker Velma A -- New Salem

Bueker Walter E -- California UCC

Bueker William Frederick -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bueker William Roy -- California UCC


Buente Louise  -- Salem E & R


Buesing Catherine E -- St Paul's Lutheran


Buffington Cecil W -- California City

Buffington Shirley J -- California City


Buggeln Emma  -- Salem E & R

Buggeln Henry  -- Salem E & R

Buggeln Magretha  -- Salem E & R

Buggeln Martin  -- Salem E & R

Buggeln Willie  -- Salem E & R


Bukaty Carmen -- Shiloh

Bukaty Leon  -- Shiloh


Bunch Ann McCollester -- California City

Bunch James McCollester -- California City


Bunte Frederick  -- Salem E & R


Burch Eliza M -- California City


Burger Alta L -- California City

Burger Amelia A -- California City

Burger Arta Mischa -- Flag Spring Church

Burger Arthur Gray -- Burke/Crown Hill

Burger Benjamin Franklin -- Flag Spring Church

Burger C Alexander -- California UCC

Burger Carl Ernest -- California City

Burger Dorothy E -- St Paul's Lutheran

Burger Douglas  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Burger Edwin Morris -- California UCC

Burger Frances A -- California City

Burger George W -- Flag Spring Church

Burger Gertrude M -- California City

Burger Gilbert  -- Flag Spring Church

Burger Gladys O -- Flag Spring Church

Burger Hattie R -- Burke/Crown Hill

Burger Herman W -- California City

Burger John G -- California City

Burger John Quincy -- Flag Spring Church

Burger Margaret -- Old California City

Burger Mary  -- Flag Spring Church

Burger Mary E -- Flag Spring Church

Burger Michael Roger -- California City

Burger Minnie A -- California UCC

Burger Natalia  -- California UCC

Burger Richard W -- St Paul's Lutheran

Burger Roger Lee -- California City

Burger Truman Arthur -- Flag Spring Church


Burgi Raymond  -- California City

Burgi William  -- California City


Burke Alice Smith -- Annunciation Catholic

Burke Alma C Blumstengel -- California Masonic

Burke Belle  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Burke Edmund  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Burke Eliza Jane -- Annunciation Catholic

Burke Genevieve Elizabeth -- Annunciation Catholic

Burke John  -- Annunciation Catholic

Burke John Homer -- Burke/Crown Hill

Burke John Patrick -- Annunciation Catholic

Burke John Patrick Jr -- Annunciation Catholic

Burke Lethe  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Burke Mary  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Burke Maud  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Burke Philo A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Burke Victoria  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Burke Walter Patrick -- Burke/Crown Hill


Burkhalter Adalia K -- Salem E & R

Burkhalter Anna  -- Salem E & R

Burkhalter Emmett John -- California UCC

Burkhalter Ernest  -- Salem E & R

Burkhalter Freida  -- Salem E & R

Burkhalter Harold W -- Salem E & R

Burkhalter Henry  -- Salem E & R

Burkhalter John  -- Salem E & R

Burkhalter Mayme Ellen -- California UCC

Burkhalter Twin Boys -- Salem E & R


Burkhardt Charlotte  -- California Masonic

Burkhardt Emma  -- California Odd Fellows

Burkhardt G A -- California Odd Fellows

Burkhardt Gertrude A -- California Masonic

Burkhardt Hermann Edward -- California Odd Fellows

Burkhardt Infant  -- California Odd Fellows


Burlingame Margaret Ellen -- New Salem


Burmeister Carl H -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Burmeister Karl J -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Burmeister Sophia L -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus


Burnett Bertha A -- Old Salem

Burnett Katie A -- Old Salem


Burnse Juliann -- County Farm


Burrell Mary E (Boyer) -- Flag Spring Church


Burren Charles -- Swiss

Burren Lizzie -- Swiss

Burren Rudolph -- Swiss


Burrowes Lillian  -- Annunciation Catholic


Burrus Charley E -- California City

Burrus Juanita J -- California City


Busch Arthur Frank -- California City

Busch Caroline  -- California UCC

Busch Christian  -- Salem E & R

Busch Frank  -- California UCC

Busch Gloria Todd -- California UCC

Busch John Christian -- California UCC

Busch John Rudolph -- Burke/Crown Hill

Busch Josephine  -- Salem E & R

Busch Louise H -- California City

Busch Maria Elisabeth -- Salem E & R

Busch Nadine  -- California UCC

Busch Phillip Friedrich -- Salem E & R

Busch William Fredrick -- Burke/Crown Hill


Bush Enoch -- Old California City

Bush Infant -- Old California City


Bushdorf Nettie Marie -- Flag Spring Church


Busker George -- Old California City

Busker Mrs George -- Old California City


Butcher Frank  -- Flag Spring Church

Butcher George Milton -- Burke/Crown Hill

Butcher Infant -- c/o John & Abbie Butcher -- Shiloh

Butcher John Tillman -- Shiloh

Butcher Margaret Ellen -- Burke/Crown Hill

Butcher Mary Edith -- Flag Spring Church

Butcher Ruth  -- Flag Spring Church

Butcher Theodore  -- Flag Spring Church


Butler Carrie L -- Bethel Mennonite

Butler Infant -- c/o Albert Butler -- Bethel Mennonite


Butts Agnes I -- California City

Butts Bernetta E -- California City

Butts C Floyd -- California City

Butts Charles Newton -- California City

Butts Monna P -- California City

Butts Paul R -- California City


Bybee Benjamin F -- California City

Bybee Buford Elmer -- California Masonic

Bybee C Stanley -- California Masonic

Bybee Charmion D -- California City

Bybee Curtis  -- California Masonic

Bybee Dora H -- Burke/Crown Hill

Bybee Edwin Roscoe -- California City

Bybee Flora Bell -- California Masonic

Bybee James Edward -- California City

Bybee Louella  -- California City

Bybee Martha Belle -- Old California City

Bybee Mary Agnes -- California Masonic


Byland Dorcas Elizabeth -- California Masonic


Byler Annie  -- California City

Byler Jacob -- Byler/Ross

Byler Mahilda G -- Byler & Hand

Byler Walter L -- California City


Byrd Elisha -- Old California City


Cable Anna Mae -- California City

Cable Evelyn -- Bethel Mennonite

Cable Frances Elizabeth -- California City

Cable Fred  -- California City


Cain Delila J -- Flag Spring Church

Cain Eliza  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Cain Henry Franklin -- Flag Spring Church

Cain Infant  -- Flag Spring Church

Cain James Alexander -- Flag Spring Church

Cain Mary -- Flag Spring Church

Cain Stella May -- Flag Spring Church

Cain William  -- Burke/Crown Hill


Calaway John -- County Farm

Calaway Susan -- County Farm


Caldwell Barbara A -- California City

Caldwell Elizabeth  -- California City

Caldwell Frances J -- Annunciation Catholic

Caldwell Robert L -- California City


Calhoun A Laura -- California City

Calhoun Annie Laurie -- California City

Calhoun Charles G -- California City

Calhoun David B -- California City

Calhoun David C -- California City

Calhoun Jennie R -- California City

Calhoun Margaret  -- California City

Calhoun Mary Helen -- California City

Calhoun William P -- California City

Calhoun William H -- California City


Callahan Cecelia M -- Annunciation Catholic

Callahan Flora Elizabeth -- Annunciation Catholic

Callahan Honora W -- Annunciation Catholic

Callahan Jeremiah  -- Annunciation Catholic

Callahan Lula E -- Annunciation Catholic

Callahan Thomas M -- Annunciation Catholic


Calton Mary -- Old Lebanon


Callison Blanche -- Bethel Mennonite


Calton Mary -- Old Lebanon


Campbell Albert Emery -- California City

Campbell Alta Edith -- Burke/Crown Hill

Campbell Charles L -- California City

Campbell Don  -- McGirk

Campbell Freeman Argyle -- California Masonic

Campbell Irene Grace -- McGirk

Campbell Minnie E -- California City


Cannady Dora Ellen -- Sweetwater

Cannady James G -- Sweetwater


Cantley Minnie Isenberg -- California Masonic

Cantley S L -- California Masonic


Cantlon Johannah  -- Annunciation Catholic


Carey Benjamin Ryan -- California City

Carey Grace E -- California City

Carey Nelson Olive -- California City


Carlisle Kitty  -- California Masonic


Carman Clara  -- California Masonic


Carr Albert P -- California City

Carr Mabel G -- California City

Carr Minnie Victoria -- California City

Carr Robert  -- Flag Spring Church


Carroll Cynthia A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Carroll Doris M -- California City

Carroll Hugh A -- California Masonic

Carroll Sarah J -- California Masonic

Carroll William Henry -- California City


Carson Antoine -- County Farm


Carter Daisy Maude -- Burke/Crown Hill

Carter Edward Jr -- California City

Carter Ida A -- California Masonic

Carter Lyman L -- California Masonic

Carter Rose -- California City

Carter William C -- California Masonic


Cartwright Chester Harrison -- California Masonic

Cartwright David Stanley -- California Masonic

Cartwright Luetta F -- California Masonic


Cary Eugene -- California City

Cary Henry Thompson -- California City

Cary Leona -- California City

Cary Minnie Mae -- California City


Cashen Gertrude A -- Annunciation Catholic

Cashen Henry  -- Annunciation Catholic


Cassidy Bettie L -- California City

Cassidy James A -- California City

Cassidy Juanita Allene -- California City

Cassidy Lloyd D -- California City

Cassidy Loretta J -- California City

Cassidy Maurice E -- California City

Cassidy Sharon Kay -- California City

Cassidy Wayne S -- California City


Cassil Alice M -- California City

Cassil Arnold L Sr -- California City

Cassil Arnold L Jr -- California City

Cassil C Eugene Sr -- California City

Cassil Donald E -- California City

Cassil E Wilbur -- California City

Cassil Hazel L -- California City

Cassil Leland B -- California City

Cassil Lois E -- California City

Cassil Ruth V -- California City

Cassil Wilbur E -- California City


Cavers Eva May -- Burke/Crown Hill

Cavers George  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Cavers Mary Alice -- Burke/Crown Hill


Cellar Bertha O -- California City

Cellar Herbert A -- California City


Chambers A Brooks -- California City

Chambers A E -- Bowlen

Chambers Alma Belle -- California City

Chambers Ann  -- Bowlen

Chambers Aubrey  -- California City

Chambers Bessie  -- Old Salem

Chambers Cora  -- Flag Spring Church

Chambers Cornelia Armeinte -- Bowlen

Chambers David  -- Old Salem

Chambers David Andrew Jackson -- California Masonic

Chambers David L -- Old Lebanon

Chambers Dizane  -- Bowlen

Chambers George William -- Burke/Crown Hill

Chambers Golder W -- Burke/Crown Hill

Chambers Helen  -- California City

Chambers James W M -- Bowlen

Chambers Joshua H -- Bowlen

Chambers Joseph W -- Bowlen

Chambers Lafayette  -- Bowlen

Chambers Leo -- Burke/Crown Hill

Chambers Leonard E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Chambers Louvena  -- Old Salem

Chambers Maggie S M -- Bowlen

Chambers Margaret L -- California City

Chambers Martha F -- Bowlen

Chambers Martha Jane -- California Masonic

Chambers Moses  -- Bowlen

Chambers Olia Ann -- Burke/Crown Hill

Chambers Orville  -- Bowlen

Chambers Oscar  -- California City

Chambers Richard L -- California City

Chambers S J -- Bowlen

Chambers Sophena  -- Bowlen

Chambers Susan Calway -- County Farm

Chambers Tilly Pearl -- Bowlen

Chambers Velma V -- Burke/Crown Hill

Chambers William Franklin -- Bowlen

Chambers Winston Eugene -- Burke/Crown Hill


Chandler Catherine  -- Old California City

Chandler Matilda  -- Old Salem

Chandler Molvins -- Sweetwater

Chandler Nancy -- Sweetwater


Chaney James A -- California City


Chase Alonzo P -- Burke/Crown Hill

Chase Charles M -- California Masonic

Chase Larry  -- California Masonic

Chase Laura  -- California Masonic

Chase Lawrence Jefferson -- California Masonic

Chase Mary E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Chase Nancy J -- California Masonic

Chase Roy B -- California Masonic

Chase Thomas A -- Burke/Crown Hill


Chasen Linda Mae -- California City


Chastain Cecil J -- California Masonic


Chausse B  -- Annunciation Catholic


Christian Arthur M -- Potter's Field

Christian Bert A -- Flag Spring Church

Christian Bertie  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Christian C Adeline -- Flag Spring Church

Christian Evaline  -- Potter's Field

Christian Gertrude P -- Flag Spring Church

Christian Gilbert G Sr -- Potter's Field

Christian Helen N -- Burke/Crown Hill

Christian Henry Nathan -- Potter's Field

Christian Howard H -- Flag Spring Church

Christian Howard L -- Burke/Crown Hill

Christian James S -- California City

Christian James R -- Flag Spring Church

Christian Jasper -- Burke/Crown Hill

Christian Leonard V -- Potter's Field

Christian Leonard  -- Potter's Field

Christian Marshall  -- Potter's Field

Christian Mary E -- Flag Spring Church

Christian Mattie Elizabeth -- Potter's Field

Christian O B -- Flag Spring Church

Christian Ollie  -- Potter's Field

Christian Pat  -- Potter's Field

Christian Raymond  -- Potter's Field

Christian Ruth Emma -- Potter's Field

Christian Sallie Virginia -- Flag Spring Church

Christian Sophia  -- Potter's Field

Christian Theodore  -- Burke/Crown Hill


Ciolli Alberto  -- Annunciation Catholic

Ciolli Grace M -- Annunciation Catholic


Claas John  -- Annunciation Catholic


Clark Ann Maria -- Old Lebanon

Clark Annie Virginia -- Potter's Field

Clark Avena M -- Bowlen

Clark Elah A -- California City

Clark Elba Everett -- McGirk

Clark Ellen Lynch -- California Masonic

Clark Emily Jane -- McGirk

Clark Eva Gertrude -- Bowlen

Clark Florence Letha -- Bowlen

Clark Gertrude A -- California City

Clark Isaac Wesley -- McGirk

Clark James W -- California City

Clark James W -- California City

Clark Jesse R -- California City

Clark Mary  -- California UCC

Clark Melvina  -- Flag Spring Church

Clark Mildred C -- California City

Clark Omia F -- California City

Clark Peggy Louise -- California City

Clark Ricky G -- California City

Clark Robert  -- Shiloh

Clark Robert (Mrs) -- Shiloh

Clark Sarah Jane -- California Masonic

Clark Vernia E -- McGirk

Clark Victor E -- California City

Clark Viola L -- California City

Clark Waldo  -- California Masonic

Clark Wallace L -- California City

Clark William C -- California City

Clark Willoughby B -- California Masonic


Clarkson Frank  -- Potter's Field

Clarkson Oddesa  -- Potter's Field


Clarkston Jemima -- Potter's Field


Clary Honora  -- Annunciation Catholic

Clary John -- Annunciation Catholic


Clatterbuck Leroy G -- Gray/Hume


Clay Grace W -- California City

Clay Harold Bernard -- California City

Clay M Berniece -- California City

Clay Susie J -- Old Salem

Clay Thomas Ewing -- California City

Clay Thomas V -- Old Salem


Claybrook Jemima  -- California Odd Fellows

Claybrook John P -- California Masonic


Claywell Clyde Cecil -- California Masonic


Clements Jane Beale -- Annunciation Catholic


Clenin Adelbert J -- California City

Clenin Alice A -- Rohrbach

Clenin Anna Maria -- Rohrbach

Clenin Carla K -- Rohrbach

Clenin Charles  -- Rohrbach

Clenin Edith Effie -- Rohrbach

Clenin Edward  -- California City

Clenin Elizabeth Josephine -- Rohrbach

Clenin Emma  -- Rohrbach

Clenin Emma M E -- Rohrbach

Clenin George W -- Rohrbach

Clenin Gottlieb  -- Rohrbach

Clenin Harold D -- Rohrbach

Clenin Infant -- s/o Mabel & Edward Clenin -- California City

Clenin J Monroe -- California City

Clenin Jacob  -- Rohrbach

Clenin Jacob J -- California City

Clenin Louesa  -- Rohrbach

Clenin Mabel H -- California City

Clenin Mae V -- California City

Clenin Rolla Denzil -- Rohrbach

Clenin Ruth D -- Rohrbach

Clenin Walter S -- Rohrbach

Clenin Warner E -- California City


Clennin Emma M E -- Rohrbach

Clennin Fred  -- Rohrbach

Clennin Herbert Edward -- Rohrbach

Clennin John R -- Rohrbach

Clennin Laura  -- Rohrbach

Clennin Nicholas G -- Rohrbach

Clennin Nicholas W -- Rohrbach

Clennin Trella C -- Rohrbach


Cliburn David H -- Salem E & R

Cliburn Edward D -- Salem E & R

Cliburn Floyd Jule -- Salem E & R

Cliburn Nettie A -- Salem E & R

Cliburn Opel E -- Salem E & R


Clifford Jeremiah  -- Annunciation Catholic

Clifford Mary Jane -- Flag Spring Church


Cline Wesley John -- California City


Cloninger Annie Elizabeth -- Burke/Crown Hill

Cloninger Claude E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Cloninger Cora M -- Burke/Crown Hill

Cloninger George B -- Burke/Crown Hill

Cloninger Margaret O -- California City

Cloninger Neil C -- California City


Close Charles E -- California Masonic


Cloud Alva B -- California Masonic

Cloud Omar R -- California Masonic

Cloud Zeno  -- California Masonic


Coale Earnest -- Flag Spring Church

Coale Elzina T -- Flag Spring Church

Coale Ettie M -- Flag Spring Church

Coale Gus L -- Flag Spring Church

Coale Gustavus Sterling -- Flag Spring Church

Coale Isaac T -- Flag Spring Church

Coale John W -- Flag Spring Church

Coale Louis Burke -- California UCC

Coale Louis R -- Flag Spring Church

Coale M Gene -- California City

Coale Peter H -- Flag Spring Church

Coale Robert W -- California City

Coale Ruby R -- California UCC


Cobb Bertha Ellen -- Flag Spring Church

Cobb Clifford R -- Flag Spring Church

Cobb Doris Dean -- Flag Spring Church

Cobb Helen Virginia -- Flag Spring Church


Coble John -- County Farm


Cochran Robert Riley -- California City

Cochran Sarah Grace -- California City


Cockerill LaVern Sidney -- California UCC


Cofer Cordelia  -- California City

Cofer Edna -- Old Salem

Cofer Maggie J -- New Salem

Cofer Robert L -- New Salem

Cofer Stanley W -- California City


Cole Albert Brooks -- California Masonic

Cole Brooks Ann -- California Masonic

Cole Clarence W -- California City

Cole E R "Ned" -- California Masonic

Cole Ella B -- California Masonic

Cole Emma Louise -- California City

Cole Freda L -- California City

Cole Gladys  -- California Masonic

Cole James David -- California City

Cole Jimmie Junior -- California City

Cole Maude Ann Grant -- California Masonic

Cole Sarah Ann -- California Masonic


Coleman Annie E -- California Masonic

Coleman Annie G -- California Masonic

Coleman Gregory Dean -- Potter's Field

Coleman Minnie A -- California City

Coleman Ranel Lenora -- Potter's Field


Collett Anna K -- California City

Collett Annie L -- Salem E & R

Collett Beulah P -- California City

Collett Catherine  -- Salem E & R

Collett Charles  -- California City

Collett Clyde A -- California City

Collett Elbert  -- Salem E & R

Collett Isaac  -- California City

Collett James Andrew -- Salem E & R

Collett Nellie  -- California City

Collett Rosy  -- Salem E & R


Collins Lola May -- Burke/Crown Hill


Colozza Joan W -- Annunciation Catholic

Colozza Michael Edward -- Annunciation Catholic


Comer Lashley G -- Flag Spring Church

Comer Mae -- Flag Spring Church


Connell Genevieve  -- McGirk

Connell Infant -- c/o Richard & Myrtle Connell -- Shiloh

Connell James D -- Burke/Crown Hill

Connell Letha M -- California City

Connell Lillie May -- McGirk

Connell Martin D -- California City

Connell Myrtle G -- California City

Connell Richard  -- Shiloh

Connell William  -- McGirk


Connor Sallie -- Old Salem


Conrad Irma L -- St Paul's Lutheran

Conrad John William -- St Paul's Lutheran

Conrad Lee G -- California Masonic

Conrad Marie  -- California Masonic

Conrad Peter  -- California Masonic

Conrad Rebecca  -- St Paul's Lutheran


Cook Abijah  -- California City

Cook Andrew J -- Old Lebanon

Cook Anna Albertin -- Old Lebanon

Cook Anna M -- California City

Cook Blanche  -- California City

Cook Bruce  -- McGirk

Cook Buddy -- Old Lebanon

Cook C Monroe -- Old Lebanon

Cook Carl B -- California City

Cook Charlene H -- Old Lebanon

Cook Connie J -- St Paul's Lutheran

Cook Cordelia E -- Old Lebanon

Cook Edward Blake -- Old Lebanon

Cook Elery  -- McGirk

Cook Elisabeth  -- Old Lebanon

Cook Elizabeth  -- Old Salem

Cook Ellen A -- Old Lebanon

Cook Elwood Eugene -- Old Lebanon

Cook Emma  -- McGirk

Cook Emma E -- Old Lebanon

Cook Enoch  -- McGirk

Cook Floyd Cecil -- Old Lebanon

Cook George W -- Old Lebanon

Cook Gerald Grant -- Old Lebanon

Cook Henry H -- Old Lebanon

Cook Hester Ann -- Old Lebanon

Cook Hugh A -- St Paul's Lutheran

Cook Ida E -- Old Lebanon

Cook Infant -- Infant of L P Cook Jr -- California Masonic

Cook Infant -- s/o Lawrence Cook Jr -- Old Lebanon

Cook Infant -- c/o A L Cook -- Burke/Crown Hill

Cook Infants -- daughters of M A & S A Cook -- Old Lebanon

Cook Irene  -- McGirk

Cook Irma Steiner -- Old Lebanon

Cook Isaac R -- Old Lebanon

Cook James Henry -- Old Lebanon

Cook Jeptha Marvin -- McGirk

Cook Jeptha Lark -- McGirk

Cook Jerome  -- California City

Cook Jerry F -- Old Salem

Cook Jesse A -- Old Lebanon

Cook John W -- Old Lebanon

Cook Larkin P -- Old Lebanon

Cook Lawrence  -- Old Lebanon

Cook Lawrence P -- Old Lebanon

Cook Lawrence P II -- Old Lebanon

Cook Leo Paul -- Old Lebanon

Cook Leona Virginia -- California City

Cook Luther W -- Old Lebanon

Cook Margaret J -- Old Lebanon

Cook Martha -- Old Lebanon

Cook Martha A -- Old Lebanon

Cook Martha G -- Old Salem

Cook Martha Louise -- McGirk

Cook Martha M -- Salem E & R

Cook Mary E -- California City

Cook Mary M -- Old Lebanon

Cook Maudie -- Old Salem

Cook Millard A -- Old Lebanon

Cook Millard Jr  -- Old Lebanon

Cook Murrell M -- Old Lebanon

Cook Nellie F -- Old Lebanon

Cook Ome -- Old Lebanon

Cook Opal Hester -- Old Lebanon

Cook Raymond E -- California City

Cook Rosa Kathryn -- McGirk

Cook Rose Mae -- California Masonic

Cook Roy H -- California Masonic

Cook Sarah F -- Old Lebanon

Cook Sarah A -- Old Lebanon

Cook Syd F -- Old Lebanon

Cook Thomas E -- Old Lebanon

Cook Twins -- Old Lebanon

Cook Virgie  -- Salem E & R

Cook Washington  -- Old Lebanon

Cook William D -- California Masonic

Cook William Marion -- Old Lebanon

Cook William Marshall -- Old Lebanon

Cook William R -- Old Lebanon

Cook William S -- California City

Cook Willie West -- Old Lebanon


Cooke Erma Ruth -- California City

Cooke James E -- California City


Coonce Melvin Darrel -- California City


Coons Jerry L -- California City

Coons Larry L -- California City


Cooper ?  -- Old Lebanon

Cooper ?  -- Old Lebanon

Cooper ?  -- Old Lebanon

Cooper ?  -- Old Lebanon

Cooper Abbah Clarian -- Old California City

Cooper Anna Apperson -- Burke/Crown Hill

Cooper Barry S -- California Masonic

Cooper Charity  -- Old Salem

Cooper Daisy Pearl -- California Masonic

Cooper Dollie  -- Old Salem

Cooper Emma Armenta -- California Masonic

Cooper Fern -- Old California City

Cooper James Franklin -- Burke/Crown Hill

Cooper John Patrick -- Old California City

Cooper Louise S -- California Masonic

Cooper Luke -- Old Salem

Cooper Margaret -- Old Salem

Cooper Mary Corinne -- Old Salem

Cooper Myrtle Francis -- Old Salem

Cooper Nancy LaDora F -- Old California City

Cooper Ray -- Old California City

Cooper Salathiel Adams -- California Masonic

Cooper Winnie I -- McGirk


Coots George  -- Flag Spring Church

Coots Sadie  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Coots Susannah -- Old Lebanon


Copas Della B -- California City

Copas William L -- California City


Cope Charles Howard -- California Masonic


Corn S T -- Langley Family


Cornell Henry M -- Burke/Crown Hill

Cornell Julia  -- Burke/Crown Hill


Corona Anabel Corona -- Annunciation Catholic

Corona Mayra Magana -- Annunciation Catholic


Corson Emma L -- California Masonic


Coryell James L -- California City

Coryell Mary Alice -- California City


Cowger Flora Alice -- California City


Cox Carl Lee -- Flag Spring Church


Craig Agnes Rebecca -- Burke/Crown Hill

Craig Ferney  -- California City

Craig Florence Margaret -- Burke/Crown Hill

Craig Ida -- Bowlen

Craig Irene L -- Burke/Crown Hill

Craig Opal  -- California City

Craig Thomas  -- Old Salem

Craig William Boyce -- Burke/Crown Hill


Cram Hazel Emma -- California City

Cram Oscar P -- California City


Crane A Ruth -- California City

Crane Edward B -- California Odd Fellows

Crane John D -- California City

Crane Joseph  -- California Odd Fellows

Crane Louella M -- California Odd Fellows

Crane Mary E -- California Odd Fellows


Crank Florida  -- Shiloh


Crawford A J -- Old California City

Crawford Annie Hortense -- California Masonic

Crawford Arthur -- Old California City

Crawford Dell  -- California City

Crawford Dorsey Newton -- California Masonic

Crawford Edith Frances -- California City

Crawford Edwin H Sr -- Old California City

Crawford Ethel A -- California City

Crawford Frances Mayhugh -- Old California City

Crawford Glover L -- California City

Crawford Jack G -- California City

Crawford James Howard -- California Masonic

Crawford James M -- Old California City

Crawford Manerva  -- California City

Crawford Marvin Howard -- California Masonic

Crawford Mary Ann -- California Masonic

Crawford Mary E -- Old California City

Crawford Mary J -- Old California City

Crawford Mary M -- California Masonic

Crawford Nellie Ann -- California City

Crawford Ola  -- California City

Crawford Quincy Lee -- California City

Crawford Robert  -- Old Salem

Crawford Roy  -- California City

Crawford Silas Earl -- California City

Crawford Undrell  -- California City

Crawford Vinnie J -- California City

Crawford Virginia M -- California City

Crawford William R -- California City

Crawford Wilson F -- California Masonic


Crisp Basil  -- California City

Crisp Merle  -- California City


Crocker Carolyn C -- Bethel Mennonite


Cronin Charles Sylvester -- Annunciation Catholic

Cronin Emmett  -- Annunciation Catholic

Cronin John  -- Annunciation Catholic

Cronin Julia  -- Annunciation Catholic

Cronin Laura L -- Annunciation Catholic

Cronin Margaret  -- Annunciation Catholic

Cronin Maurice  -- Annunciation Catholic

Cronin Phillip  -- Annunciation Catholic

Cronin Philip P -- Annunciation Catholic

Cronin Simon  -- Annunciation Catholic

Cronin Simon Patrick -- Annunciation Catholic

Cronin Thomas M -- Annunciation Catholic

Cronin Timothy  -- Annunciation Catholic


Crow Kristen Elizabeth -- New Salem

Crow Raymond L -- New Salem


Croy Ada M -- California City

Croy Andy J -- California City

Croy Betty J -- California City

Croy Kevin M -- California City

Croy Marschel E -- California City


Crum A J -- Old Salem

Crum Abraham H -- California Masonic

Crum Amanda -- New Salem

Crum Carrie  -- Potter's Field

Crum Charles H -- Burke/Crown Hill

Crum Cilla -- County Farm

Crum Elsie  -- Potter's Field

Crum Emma C -- Shiloh

Crum Emma -- Burke/Crown Hill

Crum Ethel Elizabeth -- Old Salem

Crum Frank Benjamin -- Burke/Crown Hill

Crum George W -- New Salem

Crum Hannah L -- Old Salem

Crum Harden James -- New Salem

Crum Henry Floyd -- New Salem

Crum Herman W -- California Masonic

Crum James W -- California Masonic

Crum Jane -- Old Salem

Crum Joe -- California City

Crum John -- Potter's Field

Crum John A (Dr) -- New Salem

Crum Laura J -- New Salem

Crum Leonard B -- Potter's Field

Crum Letha May -- California Masonic

Crum Lillian  -- Chapel/New Hope

Crum Linda Jane -- California Masonic

Crum Lonnie  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Crum Louiese -- New Salem

Crum Louis -- Burke/Crown Hill

Crum Lucille -- Chapel/New Hope

Crum Maida -- New Salem

Crum Margaret -- New Salem

Crum Mary E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Crum Mary Elizabeth -- California Masonic

Crum Mary Louise -- California Masonic

Crum Matilda Catharine -- Old Salem

Crum Matilda J -- Old Salem

Crum Maud M -- New Salem

Crum Melcenia Octavia -- New Salem

Crum Myrtle -- Potter's Field

Crum Nancy Adaline -- California Masonic

Crum Robert Edgar -- New Salem

Crum Robert Henry -- New Salem

Crum Robert L -- Shiloh

Crum Sarella  -- Old Salem

Crum Susan  -- California Masonic

Crum Susan Ann -- New Salem

Crum Ula E -- California Masonic

Crum Walter L -- California Masonic

Crum William  -- Old Salem


Cullen Annie E -- Annunciation Catholic

Cullen Catherine  -- Annunciation Catholic

Cullen Christopher  -- Annunciation Catholic

Cullen Elizabeth A -- Annunciation Catholic

Cullen James  -- Annunciation Catholic

Cullen James A -- Annunciation Catholic

Cullen James P -- Annunciation Catholic

Cullen Mary M -- Annunciation Catholic


Cummings Arley L -- California City

Cummings Child  -- California Masonic

Cummings Mary  -- California Masonic

Cummings Thomas  -- California Masonic


Cunningham   -- Chapel/New Hope

Cunningham Alice -- Old Salem

Cunningham Alice J -- Flag Spring Church

Cunningham Annie  -- Flag Spring Church

Cunningham Cora B -- Burke/Crown Hill

Cunningham David A -- Flag Spring Church

Cunningham Herbert D -- California Masonic

Cunningham Infant  -- Flag Spring Church

Cunningham J D -- Old Salem

Cunningham James C -- Flag Spring Church

Cunningham James A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Cunningham Jeff  -- Flag Spring Church

Cunningham Jennie A -- Flag Spring Church

Cunningham John C -- California Masonic

Cunningham John H "Bud" -- Flag Spring Church

Cunningham Martha A -- Flag Spring Church

Cunningham Martha D -- Flag Spring Church

Cunningham Oma Ellen -- Burke/Crown Hill

Cunningham Robert  -- Flag Spring Church

Cunningham Sarah E -- Flag Spring Church

Cunningham Sophia E -- California Masonic

Cunningham Thomas -- Old Salem

Cunningham William J -- Flag Spring Church


Curtis Lois Frick -- California UCC


Cutt Angel Jean -- California City



Dagley Daniel -- Burke/Crown Hill


Dahl Anna Margaret -- Rohrbach

Dahl Elizabeth -- Rohrbach


Dahler Agnes E -- California UCC

Dahler Frederick H -- California UCC

Dahler Gertrude L -- California UCC

Dahler Hazel E -- California UCC

Dahler Hobart F -- California Masonic

Dahler Jacob -- California UCC

Dahler James Roesch -- Annunciation Catholic

Dahler John L -- California UCC

Dahler Kathryn C -- California UCC

Dahler Louis F -- California UCC

Dahler Madelyn K -- Annunciation Catholic

Dahler Mary M -- California UCC

Dahler Millie E -- California UCC

Dahler Permelia Crawford -- California Masonic

Dahler Raymond E -- California UCC

Dahler William J -- California UCC


Dahlstein Donald George -- California UCC

Dahlstein Elizabeth -- California UCC

Dahlstein Henry A -- California UCC

Dahlstein John -- Salem E & R

Dahlstein R Bertha -- California UCC

Dahlstein Sophia -- Salem E & R

Dahlstein William J -- California UCC


Dale Elijah P -- Old Salem

Dale Emma Maggie -- Burke/Crown Hill

Dale George F -- Burke/Crown Hill

Dale Glen Lawson -- California City

Dale Lillian Opal -- California City

Dale Roberta Joan -- California City

Dale Susan M -- Burke/Crown Hill

Dale William Robert -- Burke/Crown Hill


Dalley Gussy M -- Old Salem

Dalley Ollie M -- Old Salem


Dalstein Bertha Hulda -- Salem E & R

Dalstein Emil William -- Salem E & R

Dalstein Emma S -- Salem E & R

Dalstein Ethel L -- California City

Dalstein Frederick G -- Salem E & R

Dalstein George Oscar -- Salem E & R

Dalstein Henrietta -- Salem E & R

Dalstein Henry E -- California City

Dalstein John E -- California City

Dalstein John -- Salem E & R

Dalstein Mardel -- California City

Dalstein Mary A -- Salem E & R

Dalstein Raymond C -- McGirk

Dalstein Rosettia J -- Salem E & R

Dalstein Shirley Jean -- McGirk

Dalstein Vernon L -- California City


Dalton Margaret -- Annunciation Catholic


Daugherty Johnny -- Burke/Crown Hill


Dausman Christine St Paul's Lutheran

Dausman Ferdinand -- St Paul's Lutheran


Davenport Charley O -- California City

Davenport Elsie M -- California City

Davenport Sterling C -- California City


Davis Carrie A -- California City

Davis Fannie -- California Odd Fellows

Davis Melva -- Burke/Crown Hill

Davis Ora Lee -- California City

Davis Richard -- California City

Davis Susan A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Davis Vesy Arthur -- California City

Davis Violet Lee -- California City


Dawson Emmett -- California City

Dawson James B -- California City

Dawson Leman Wilson -- California City

Dawson Lena -- California City

Dawson Mildred A -- California City


Day Grace M -- Shiloh

Day Jerry J -- Annunciation Catholic

Day Martha A -- Annunciation Catholic


Deakins Alice -- Flag Spring Church

Deakins Ethyl K -- California City

Deakins John Ira -- California City

Deakins Johnny Gray -- Flag Spring Church

Deakins Mona A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Deakins Thomas J -- Burke/Crown Hill


Dearing Ada G -- Chapel/New Hope

Dearing Clark -- California City

Dearing Eleanor Alice -- California City

Dearing Ellis -- Flag Spring Church

Dearing Henry -- California City

Dearing James Long -- California City

Dearing John Allen -- California City

Dearing Julia Ann -- Old Salem

Dearing Leona Grace -- California City

Dearing Lillian M -- Chapel/New Hope

Dearing Lula Blanche -- California City

Dearing Myra S -- Flag Spring Church

Dearing Nadine G -- California City

Dearing Stella L -- California City

Dearing Virgle N -- Chapel/New Hope

Dearing Vlmond -- Chapel/New Hope

Dearing William A -- Old Salem


Dearixon Arthur Wayne -- New Salem

Dearixon Georgia Gladys -- New Salem

Dearixon James Arthur -- New Salem

Dearixon Kelly C -- New Salem

Dearixon Martha Louise -- New Salem

Dearixon Shelly C -- New Salem

Dearixon Stella Evelena -- New Salem


Decker Atha M -- California City

Decker Edna M -- California City

Decker Ronald Keith Jr -- St Paul's Lutheran


Deffenbaugh Rosa -- Burke/Crown Hill


Deitz Mary Ann -- California City

Deitz Willard R -- California City


Denbo Esther M -- California City

Denbo Virgil L -- California City


Denker Elora J -- St Paul's Lutheran

Denker Robert H -- St Paul's Lutheran


Denney Marie Irene -- California City

Denney Victor -- California City


Derby Lena L -- California City


Derendinger Anna E -- California City

Derendinger Louis E -- California City


Dexheimer Earl -- California City

Dexheimer Elizabeth -- Flag Spring Church

Dexheimer Elizabeth J -- California City

Dexheimer George W -- Flag Spring Church

Dexheimer Mary Ann -- Flag Spring Church

Dexheimer Phillip -- Flag Spring Church

Dexheimer Samuel R -- Flag Spring Church


Dick David A -- California City

Dick Dora A -- California City

Dick Elza K -- California City

Dick Frank L -- California City

Dick Frank A -- California City

Dick Franklin L -- California City

Dick John Leslie -- Annunciation Catholic

Dick Mary A -- California City

Dick Minnie McCasland -- Annunciation Catholic

Dick Norris E -- California City

Dick Roger K -- California City


Dickerson Hattie -- County Farm

Dickerson Robert T -- Burke/Crown Hill


Dickson Birdie Ann -- California Masonic

Dickson Francis M -- Old California City

Dickson Jackson Carroll -- Old California City

Dickson John A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Dickson John Bartley -- California Masonic

Dickson Lucie Bartley -- Burke/Crown Hill

Dickson Nellie E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Dickson Ross -- Burke/Crown Hill


Dicus Carol Fay -- California City


Dieckriede Edna Rose -- California City

Dieckriede William Herman -- California City


Dietz Mary Ann -- California City

Dietz Willard R -- California City


Dietzel Barbara M -- California City

Dietzel Clarence Chester -- California Masonic

Dietzel Earl E -- California City

Dietzel Effie Mae -- California City

Dietzel Eola B -- California City

Dietzel Everett -- California City

Dietzel Florence K -- California Masonic

Dietzel John E -- California City

Dietzel John H -- California City

Dietzel John C -- California City

Dietzel M Francis -- California City

Dietzel Mary B -- California City

Dietzel Minnie -- Salem E & R

Dietzel Paul T -- California City

Dietzel Roy J -- California City

Dietzel Ruth E -- California City

Dietzel Urban Edward -- California City

Dietzel William -- Salem E & R


Dillon Ellis Lee -- Sweetwater


Dilthey John E -- Annunciation Catholic


Dingerson August H -- Salem E & R

Dingerson Gustane -- Salem E & R

Dingerson Julia -- Salem E & R


Dishion Lloyd A -- Flag Spring Church


Disinger Effie -- Old Salem


Distler Arlene E -- Annunciation Catholic

Distler Clem -- Annunciation Catholic

Distler Dorothy L -- Annunciation Catholic

Distler Rose E -- Annunciation Catholic

Distler Victor J -- Annunciation Catholic


Dobbins Susan Catherine -- Burke/Crown Hill


Dodson Benjamin Franklin -- Old Salem

Dodson John F -- Old Salem

Dodson Millie Ann -- Old Salem

Dodson Mollie -- Old Salem

Dodson Nellie May -- Old Salem

Dodson Rosa -- California City


Doe Jane Unknown -- Stone states "Found Aug 1999 in Moniteau County" -- Potter's Field

Doe John -- Potter's Field


Doellinger Catharine -- Burke/Crown Hill


Dohlstein Anna Mary -- Salem E & R

Dohlstein Anna Caroline -- Salem E & R

Dohlstein Fred -- Salem E & R


Dolstein Henry -- California City

Dolstein Margaret -- California City


Donivant Elizabeth -- Annunciation Catholic


Donley Lavern L -- California City

Donley Robert Miller -- California City


Dooley Mabel M -- California Masonic

Dooley Roy M -- California Masonic


Dority Howard -- California City


Dorn Andrew -- Annunciation Catholic

Dorn Anna Caroline -- Annunciation Catholic

Dorn Anna -- Annunciation Catholic

Dorn Franz -- Annunciation Catholic

Dorn John A Sr -- Annunciation Catholic

Dorn Mayme M -- Annunciation Catholic


Dorris George B -- Burke/Crown Hill


Dorzab Grace G -- California City

Dorzab Henry A -- California City


Doss Bill -- County Farm

Doss Joan -- County Farm


Dougherty Johnnie M -- Burke/Crown Hill


Dove Clayton -- Burke/Crown Hill

Dove Mary -- Burke/Crown Hill

Dove Robert -- Burke/Crown Hill


Downing Barbara Mae -- California City

Downing Orville Lee -- California City


Drake Dean Wilson -- California City

Drake Lucille M -- California City

Drake Lydia S -- California Masonic


Dritt Joseph Frank -- California Masonic

Dritt Lora Louise -- California Masonic

Dritt Mary Marie -- California Masonic

Dritt Sarah Elen -- California Masonic


Ducey Francis F -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Ducey Ida M A -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus


Dugger Catherine L -- California City

Dugger Spencer Lee -- California City


Duley Anna R -- Flag Spring Church

Duley Arthur F -- Flag Spring Church


Dummermuth Amelia -- California City

Dummermuth Bobbie E -- California City

Dummermuth Catherine -- Salem E & R

Dummermuth Charles E -- California City

Dummermuth Clayton -- California City

Dummermuth Cynthia E -- California City

Dummermuth Ernest C -- California City

Dummermuth Fred -- Salem E & R

Dummermuth Godfrey -- Salem E & R

Dummermuth Gusta E -- California UCC

Dummermuth John H -- California UCC

Dummermuth Lance Tyler -- California City

Dummermuth Maxine S -- California City


Duncan Dorothy Mabel -- California City

Duncan Earl H -- California City

Duncan Gaillard -- California City

Duncan John O -- Old Salem

Duncan Julia -- California Masonic

Duncan Martha Williams -- Old Salem

Duncan Matilda Kathryn -- California City

Duncan Mellie -- California Masonic

Duncan Nancy M -- California City

Duncan Rosa E -- Old Salem

Duncan Samuel -- County Farm

Duncan William Alexander -- California City

Duncan Willie O -- Old Salem


Dunford John W -- California City

Dunford Nell Elizabeth -- California City


Dunham Alice China -- Flag Spring Church

Dunham Arble Harold -- California City

Dunham Arnold Namen -- California City

Dunham Carmen A -- California City

Dunham Carolyn S -- California City

Dunham Charles E -- California City

Dunham Clistie A -- Flag Spring Church

Dunham Dennis E -- California City

Dunham Edgar F -- Flag Spring Church

Dunham Ercel C -- California City

Dunham F Marie -- California City

Dunham Helen M -- California City

Dunham James Larry -- California City

Dunham Janice L -- California City

Dunham John H -- Old Lebanon

Dunham John -- Pioneer Public

Dunham Joseph R -- Burke/Crown Hill

Dunham Juanita M -- California City

Dunham Lloyd W -- Flag Spring Church

Dunham Lula J -- California City

Dunham Maggie M -- Flag Spring Church

Dunham Margaret -- Flag Spring Church

Dunham Margie -- Flag Spring Church

Dunham Mary E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Dunham Oma G -- California City

Dunham Ray -- California City

Dunham Sarah E -- Old Lebanon

Dunham Susan F -- Old Lebanon

Dunham Virginia A -- Flag Spring Church

Dunham William F -- Flag Spring Church

Dunham William Owen -- Flag Spring Church

Dunham William Earl -- Flag Spring Church

Dunham William D -- Flag Spring Church

Dunham Willie -- Pioneer Public


Dunlap Harrold Guy -- Burke/Crown Hill

Dunlap Robert L -- Burke/Crown Hill

Dunlap Ruth Loleita -- Burke/Crown Hill


Dunnavant Mayme -- Annunciation Catholic


Dutton Elmer V -- California City

Dutton Pearl Mae -- California City


Duvall Bluford E -- McGirk

Duvall Charles Henry -- McGirk

Duvall Elsie Anna -- McGirk

Duvall John Allen -- California City

Duvall John H -- California City

Duvall Judy K -- McGirk

Duvall Lloyd -- Flag Spring Church

Duvall Mildred M -- California City

Duvall Minnie -- Flag Spring Church


Duwenick A Mathilde -- Salem E & R

Duwenick Anna Julia -- Burke/Crown Hill

Duwenick Claude -- Burke/Crown Hill

Duwenick Deitrich Heinrich -- Salem E & R

Duwenick Edward G -- Burke/Crown Hill

Duwenick Elizabeth -- Salem E & R

Duwenick Infant -- Burke/Crown Hill

Duwenick J Frederick -- Burke/Crown Hill

Duwenick Johann F -- Salem E & R

Duwenick Marie Julia -- Burke/Crown Hill


Dwyer James -- Annunciation Catholic


Dyer Bonnie R -- California City

Dyer Garland R -- California City

Dyer Marguerite -- California City




Eads Sarah C -- Old California City

Eads W W -- Old California City


Eakins Anna N Pirtle -- California City


Earhart Ella A -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Earhart John F -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus


Early Jesse Q -- Burke/Crown Hill


Eason Sean Christopher -- California City


Eaton Ira C -- Burke/Crown Hill

Eaton James Oliver -- California City

Eaton Norma L -- Burke/Crown Hill

Eaton William A -- California City


Ebeling Augustine -- Salem E & R

Ebeling Friedericke Karoline Justine -- Salem E & R

Ebeling Heinrich August -- Salem E & R

Ebeling Wilhelmina Karolina -- Salem E & R

Ebeling William -- Salem E & R


Eberhardt Amanda J -- Salem E & R

Eberhardt Ann Barbara -- Salem E & R

Eberhardt Anna E -- California UCC

Eberhardt Arvel I -- California City

Eberhardt Benedicht -- Rohrbach

Eberhardt Charles F -- California City

Eberhardt Clerinda -- Rohrbach

Eberhardt Daniel -- California UCC

Eberhardt Edward -- Old Salem

Eberhardt Elisabeth -- California UCC

Eberhardt Elizabeth -- Salem E & R

Eberhardt Frances Jane -- California City

Eberhardt Frances E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Eberhardt Gertrude Elizabeth -- California City

Eberhardt Infant -- Burke/Crown Hill

Eberhardt Jacob -- Salem E & R

Eberhardt Johannes -- Salem E & R

Eberhardt John L -- Salem E & R

Eberhardt Katarina -- Rohrbach

Eberhardt Katherine Louise -- Salem E & R

Eberhardt Lena -- California City

Eberhardt Nicholas -- California UCC

Eberhardt Phoebe -- Salem E & R

Eberhardt William -- California UCC


Eberhart Earl F -- Flag Spring Church

Eberhart Ernest E -- Flag Spring Church

Eberhart Marie -- Flag Spring Church

Eberhart Ruth -- Flag Spring Church


Eckerle Arthur F -- Annunciation Catholic

Eckerle Cornelia R -- Annunciation Catholic

Eckerle Eva Marie -- Annunciation Catholic

Eckerle Frank C -- Annunciation Catholic

Eckerle Gertrude H -- Annunciation Catholic

Eckerle Henrietta K -- Annunciation Catholic

Eckerle John J -- Annunciation Catholic

Eckerle Lorene M -- Annunciation Catholic

Eckerle Louis Frederick -- Annunciation Catholic

Eckerle Martina -- Annunciation Catholic

Eckerle Mary Eva -- Annunciation Catholic

Eckerle Xaver -- Annunciation Catholic


Eckert Matilda -- Salem E & R


Ediva John -- County Farm


Edwards Elmer L -- Burke/Crown Hill

Edwards Florence M -- California City

Edwards Glen -- California Masonic

Edwards J Maxwell -- California City

Edwards Jerry D -- California City

Edwards Laura M -- Burke/Crown Hill

Edwards Mae Bell -- Shiloh

Edwards Mollie -- Bethel Mennonite


Edwert Poly -- County Farm


Eggerd Heinrich -- Salem E & R


Ehrhardt Albert A -- St Paul's Lutheran

Ehrhardt Augusta Lieberta -- St Paul's Lutheran

Ehrhardt F William -- Burke/Crown Hill

Ehrhardt Frederick L -- California Masonic

Ehrhardt Grace Beam -- California Masonic

Ehrhardt J G -- St Paul's Lutheran

Ehrhardt Sally Zue -- California Masonic

Ehrhardt Theodore Godfrey -- California Masonic


Eicher C Rudolph -- Old Salem

Eicher Carl Frederick -- California UCC

Eicher Charles -- Flag Spring Church

Eicher Christ -- California UCC

Eicher Fritz -- Old Salem

Eicher Gottlieb -- California UCC

Eicher Lizzie J -- Flag Spring Church

Eicher Lloyd T -- Flag Spring Church

Eicher Louisa Christine -- California UCC

Eicher Mable -- California UCC

Eicher Maria -- Swiss

Eicher Mary A -- Old Salem

Eicher Mary Lena -- Flag Spring Church

Eicher Mary -- California UCC

Eicher Minnie C -- California UCC

Eicher Nellie -- Annunciation Catholic

Eicher Viola -- Flag Spring Church

Eicher William L -- California UCC


Eitzen Alice Teresa -- Annunciation Catholic

Eitzen Ida Margaret -- California City

Eitzen Olivia Jane -- California City

Eitzen Sophie -- California Odd Fellows

Eitzen Walter Julius -- California City


Elder William E -- California Masonic


Ellerbeck Anna Louise -- Salem E & R

Ellerbeck Anna -- Salem E & R

Ellerbeck August F -- Salem E & R

Ellerbeck Emma S -- Salem E & R

Ellerbeck Frank Henry -- Salem E & R

Ellerbeck Fred H -- Salem E & R

Ellerbeck Frederick W -- Salem E & R

Ellerbeck Gustav Ernst -- Salem E & R

Ellerbeck John -- Salem E & R

Ellerbeck Louisa -- Salem E & R

Ellerbeck Rosetta -- Bowlen

Ellerbeck Wilhelmina Kamp -- Salem E & R


Elliott Albert C -- California City

Elliott Alvin L -- Bethel Mennonite

Elliott Arthur D -- Bethel Mennonite

Elliott Athel G -- Bethel Mennonite

Elliott Barbara Jean -- California City

Elliott Brent H -- California Masonic

Elliott Clyde Hall -- California City

Elliott E Elwood -- California City

Elliott Eliza -- Elliott Family

Elliott Ethel K -- California City

Elliott Frances L -- California City

Elliott James Melvin -- Bethel Mennonite

Elliott James H -- California City

Elliott John Robert -- California Masonic

Elliott John Richard -- Bethel Mennonite

Elliott Johnnie R -- Flag Spring Church

Elliott Judy Kay (Allee) -- Flag Spring Church

Elliott Lorie June -- Bethel Mennonite

Elliott M Eugene -- California City

Elliott Melva L -- Bethel Mennonite

Elliott Minnie E -- California Masonic

Elliott Mollie Dora -- California City

Elliott Patricia Ann -- California City

Elliott Peter -- Elliott Family

Elliott Ruth Minetta -- Bethel Mennonite

Elliott Samuel -- Burke/Crown Hill

Elliott Susan Mary -- Burke/Crown Hill

Elliott William Nelson -- California City


Ellsworth George Edgar -- California Masonic


Embree Alice Ann -- St Paul's Lutheran


Embry Eleanor Chinn -- California Masonic

Embry Helen Emma -- California Masonic

Embry Leonidas P -- California Masonic

Embry Leonidas -- California Masonic

Embry Nancy K -- California Masonic

Embry Richard Moberly -- California Masonic

Embry Richard Moberly -- California Masonic

Embry William Pendleton -- California Masonic


Emch Johannes -- Bowlen

Emch Rosina -- California UCC


Emery David Franklin -- California City

Emery Eula Mae -- California City


Engelbrecht Eula Lee -- California Masonic

Engelbrecht Leo E -- California City

Engelbrecht Lucy May -- California City

Engelbrecht Lulu Mabel -- California Masonic

Engelbrecht Segel L -- California Masonic


Engerer Paul A (Rev) -- Annunciation Catholic


Enloe Bess P -- California City

Enloe Calpernia -- Shiloh

Enloe James Everett -- California City

Enloe Margaret -- California Masonic

Enloe Patricia J -- Flag Spring Church


Ennis Edward E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Ennis Mary Matilda -- Burke/Crown Hill

Ennis Onita M -- Burke/Crown Hill

Ennis Thomas E -- Burke/Crown Hill


Enos Kathrynette R -- Annunciation Catholic

Enos Loran D -- Annunciation Catholic


Ernst Arthur C -- California UCC

Ernst John Jasper -- California UCC

Ernst John W -- California City

Ernst L Monroe -- California UCC

Ernst Lillian R -- California UCC

Ernst Otto -- Salem E & R

Ernst Selma R -- California UCC

Ernst Susan -- California UCC

Ernst Tracia Louise -- Salem E & R


Erwin Florence S -- California Masonic


Estes Buford N -- Flag Spring Church

Estes George R -- Flag Spring Church

Estes Mariah -- Flag Spring Church

Estes Mariah B -- Flag Spring Church

Estes Martha Jane -- Flag Spring Church


Eulinger Keith Eugene Jr -- New Salem

Eulinger Marian Lorraine -- New Salem


Evans Mrs Thomas -- Annunciation Catholic

Evans Robert -- Annunciation Catholic

Evans Thomas -- Annunciation Catholic


Everett Ethel Allee -- Flag Spring Church

Everett Frank Steel -- Flag Spring Church


Ewing Cora Belle -- Old Lebanon




Fahrni Alfred -- Rohrbach

Fahrni Caroline -- Rohrbach

Fahrni Christian -- Salem E & R

Fahrni Dorothy L -- California Masonic

Fahrni Elizabeth -- Rohrbach

Fahrni Ernst -- Salem E & R

Fahrni Ernst Wilhelm -- Salem E & R

Fahrni Fred -- Salem E & R

Fahrni Freda -- Rohrbach

Fahrni Gottlieb -- Salem E & R

Fahrni Gottlieb -- Salem E & R

Fahrni Karl -- Rohrbach

Fahrni Katharina -- Salem E & R

Fahrni Katharine -- Salem E & R

Fahrni Mae -- Rohrbach

Fahrni Victor D -- California Masonic


Fain Frank N -- California City

Fain Nellie F -- California City

Fain Virgil B -- California City


Fairchild Callie Nicole -- New Salem


Farmer Daisy Jeanette -- California City

Farmer Homer F -- California City


Farmin Harriet W -- California Masonic


Farquer Sarah Ellen -- Old Lebanon


Farrington Florence -- Burke/Crown Hill


Farris Clara A -- Annunciation Catholic

Farris Mary M -- Burke/Crown Hill

Farris Thomas L -- Burke/Crown Hill

Farris William E -- Annunciation Catholic


Farrow Jeffrey Bryan -- California City


Fast Anna May -- Annunciation Catholic

Fast Charles Alexander -- Annunciation Catholic

Fast John J -- Annunciation Catholic

Fast William J -- Annunciation Catholic


Fegholg Josephine -- Burke/Crown Hill


Fehrenbach Bernice -- California City


Ferguson Anne M -- California City

Ferguson Curtis A -- California City

Ferguson Elsie P -- California City

Ferguson Elsie P -- Burke/Crown Hill

Ferguson Helen -- California City

Ferguson Sid R -- Burke/Crown Hill

Ferguson Sidney R -- California City

Ferguson Will A -- California City


Figgins Mildred C -- Annunciation Catholic

Figgins William E -- Annunciation Catholic


Finger Edmundee E -- Salem E & R

Finger John Stephen -- Salem E & R

Finger John J -- Salem E & R


Finke Charlotte -- Salem E & R

Finke Henry B -- Salem E & R

Finke Henry C -- California Masonic

Finke Louisa E -- Salem E & R

Finke Margaret -- California Masonic

Finke Martin -- Salem E & R

Finke Rosa E -- California Masonic

Finke Sophie M -- California Masonic

Finke William Charles -- California Masonic


Finnegan Timothy -- County Farm


Fischer Albert J -- California City

Fischer Bernice E -- Annunciation Catholic

Fischer Biddie -- California City

Fischer Clarence N -- Annunciation Catholic

Fischer Corinne F -- St Paul's Lutheran

Fischer Elizabeth M -- Annunciation Catholic

Fischer Emma M -- Annunciation Catholic

Fischer Gertrude -- Annunciation Catholic

Fischer Gertrude -- Annunciation Catholic

Fischer Helena -- Annunciation Catholic

Fischer Henriyetta K -- Annunciation Catholic

Fischer Herman L -- Annunciation Catholic

Fischer John J -- Annunciation Catholic

Fischer Joseph S -- Annunciation Catholic

Fischer Josephine -- Annunciation Catholic

Fischer Kenneth D -- Annunciation Catholic

Fischer Mary K -- Annunciation Catholic

Fischer Mathew J -- Annunciation Catholic

Fischer Pauline R -- California City

Fischer Shirley A -- Annunciation Catholic

Fischer Stephen Sr -- Annunciation Catholic

Fischer Stephen Herman -- Annunciation Catholic

Fischer Stephen J -- Annunciation Catholic

Fischer Wilbert W -- St Paul's Lutheran

Fischer William L -- California City

Fischer William -- Annunciation Catholic


Fisher Caroline R -- California UCC

Fisher Cathryn -- Salem E & R

Fisher Edward E -- Old Salem

Fisher George W -- Old Salem

Fisher Idena -- Old Salem

Fisher Matilda -- Old Salem

Fisher Walter F -- California UCC


Fitzgerald Margaret -- Annunciation Catholic


Flaig Clara M -- California UCC


Flesher John Jr -- Annunciation Catholic

Flesher Margaret -- Annunciation Catholic


Flessa Anna C -- Salem E & R

Flessa Fridericka -- Salem E & R

Flessa Infant -- still born d/o Johann Flessa  -- Salem E & R

Flessa Jacob -- St Paul's Lutheran

Flessa Mary -- Salem E & R

Flessa stillborn -- Salem E & R


Fletcher Hazel Lee -- California City

Fletcher John Wood -- St Paul's Lutheran

Fletcher Joshua Allan -- California City

Fletcher Larry Elton -- California City

Fletcher Lee -- Shiloh

Fletcher Linda Sue -- California City

Fletcher Mary -- Shiloh

Fletcher Paul Elliott -- St Paul's Lutheran

Fletcher Robert Elton -- California City

Fletcher Wilhelmina (Minnie) -- St Paul's Lutheran

Fletcher William -- Shiloh


Flippin Anna M -- California City

Flippin Bessie D -- Old California City

Flippin Beulah M -- California City

Flippin Cecil Andrew -- California City

Flippin Charles -- County Farm

Flippin Cordelia -- California City

Flippin Gordon -- California City

Flippin Hazel L -- California City

Flippin Herman F -- California City

Flippin Jack -- California City

Flippin James Edward -- California City

Flippin James -- Old California City

Flippin John D William -- Old California City

Flippin Kenneth Brook -- Burke/Crown Hill

Flippin Marion F -- California City

Flippin Tessie M -- California City

Flippin William S -- California City

Flippin William G -- Old California City


Floyd Anna -- Annunciation Catholic

Floyd child -- Burke/Crown Hill

Floyd Patrick -- Annunciation Catholic

Floyd Tom Ismal -- Burke/Crown Hill

Floyd Willie -- Potter's Field


Fluegel Brent L -- St Paul's Lutheran

Fluegel Kent A -- St Paul's Lutheran

Fluegel Lydia F -- St Paul's Lutheran

Fluegel Walter A -- St Paul's Lutheran


Flynt Elmira Fulks -- California Masonic

Flynt Marion -- California Masonic

Flynt William Richard -- California Masonic


Foiles Daniel -- Old California City

Foiles Dudie -- Old California City

Foiles Max Vern -- Flag Spring Church

Foiles Pearl V -- Flag Spring Church


Foley Betty E -- California City

Foley Hazel C -- California City

Foley Virginia M -- Shiloh


Folkert Opal F -- California City


Folkerts Carl St Paul's Lutheran

Folkerts George W -- California City

Folkerts Gladys -- California City

Folkerts Henry Karl -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Folkerts Hilda St Paul's Lutheran

Folkerts Janet E -- St Paul's Lutheran

Folkerts Lewis J -- California City

Folkerts Louisa Wilemie -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus

Folkerts Rudolph J -- Immanuel/Boeckhaus


Foltz Helen Hays -- California Masonic


Ford Edna Elizabeth -- California City

Ford James Edwin Jr -- California UCC

Ford Wade Hampton -- California City


Foster Dorothy J -- California City

Foster Grace -- California Masonic

Foster Ingledove -- Flag Spring Church

Foster James R -- California City

Foster Jewell -- New Salem

Foster John W -- Flag Spring Church

Foster Lashla -- Flag Spring Church

Foster Leona -- Flag Spring Church

Foster Louis M -- Hill Family

Foster Lowell R -- New Salem

Foster Mary E -- Flag Spring Church

Foster Nancy J -- Flag Spring Church

Foster Nancy E -- Flag Spring Church

Foster Richard W -- California Masonic

Foster Sandy -- Flag Spring Church

Foster Susan L -- Flag Spring Church

Foster Virginia -- Flag Spring Church


Fowler Olena C -- Burke/Crown Hill

Fowler Roy Lee -- Burke/Crown Hill


Francis Alma S -- California UCC

Francis Anna M -- Burke/Crown Hill

Francis Charles M -- Burke/Crown Hill

Francis Child -- Old Lebanon

Francis Clyde M -- Burke/Crown Hill

Francis Cynthia -- California City

Francis Dale -- California City

Francis David Barton -- California City

Francis Donald -- California City

Francis Edward -- California UCC

Francis Harold C -- California City

Francis Hester -- California City

Francis John C -- California City

Francis Marilyn Kay -- California City

Francis Maude S -- California City

Francis Rozella H -- Burke/Crown Hill

Francis Stella R -- California City

Francis W J -- Sweetwater

Francis Wanda F -- California City

Francis Wardley C -- California City


Frederick Don Sr -- California City

Frederick Don (Buddy) Jr -- California City


Freeman Aubrey A -- California City

Freeman Katherine M -- California City


French Nellie Mae -- Bethel Mennonite

French William F -- Bethel Mennonite


Freshour Elizabeth -- California Masonic

Freshour John William -- California Masonic

Freshour William S -- California Masonic


Friedmeyer Arthur M -- St Paul's Lutheran

Friedmeyer Blanche -- California Masonic

Friedmeyer George J -- St Paul's Lutheran

Friedmeyer Irene J -- St Paul's Lutheran

Friedmeyer Margaret Carolyn -- St Paul's Lutheran


Friess Alma K -- California UCC

Friess Caroline -- California UCC

Friess Charles G -- California UCC

Friess Mable J -- California City

Friess Marie C -- California UCC

Friess William O -- California City


Frizell Sara J -- Howard/Walnut Grove


Fry Martin -- Bethel Mennonite


Fryrear Jane -- Burke/Crown Hill

Fryrear John -- Burke/Crown Hill


Fuerst Alma Estelle -- California City

Fuerst Eliza S -- Burke/Crown Hill

Fuerst John -- Burke/Crown Hill

Fuerst Lorenz Winston -- California City

Fuerst Rudolf -- Burke/Crown Hill


Fuget Charles W -- Shiloh

Fuget Charles R -- Shiloh

Fuget Charlotte -- Shiloh

Fuget John R -- Shiloh

Fuget Orpha -- Shiloh


Fulks Ann Gray -- California Masonic

Fulks Brian E -- California City

Fulks Carol Ann -- California City

Fulks Douglas Clyde -- California Masonic

Fulks Elbridge B -- California Masonic

Fulks Frances Ruth -- California Masonic

Fulks Francis -- California Masonic

Fulks Frank M -- Annunciation Catholic

Fulks Ida P -- California Masonic

Fulks Jessie Bernice -- Burke/Crown Hill

Fulks Loyd -- California City

Fulks Mabel H -- California Masonic

Fulks Marian -- California Masonic

Fulks Mayme Meyer -- Burke/Crown Hill

Fulks Robert L -- California Masonic

Fulks Sarah -- California Masonic

Fulks Sebastian Sappington -- Burke/Crown Hill

Fulks Thomas Morgan -- California Masonic

Fulks Velma E -- Annunciation Catholic

Fulks William Jasper -- California Masonic


Funke Anna Marin -- Salem E & R

Funke Emilie -- Salem E & R

Funke Gerhard Heinrich -- Salem E & R

Funke Heinrich -- Salem E & R


Furkin Roy Rev Wilson -- California Masonic




Gabbert Jerry Wayne -- California City


Gabert Ada L -- California City

Gabert Albert L -- California City

Gabert Beulah M -- California UCC

Gabert Carl H -- California UCC

Gabert Charles E -- California UCC

Gabert Charles A -- California City

Gabert Grace E -- California City

Gabert Harold E -- California City

Gabert Infant -- California UCC

Gabert Lena -- California UCC

Gabert Louis E -- California City

Gabert Roy H -- California UCC


Gabriel Bessie C -- California City

Gabriel Betty G -- California City

Gabriel Clarence E -- California City

Gabriel Goldie Carol -- California City

Gabriel Samuel M -- California City


Gadow Frank (Rev) -- California UCC

Gadow Kathryn Spieler -- California UCC

Gadow Wilhelmina -- California UCC


Gailey Janice Lynn -- California City


Gainer Bill Michael -- California City

Gainer Jack Chaney -- California City

Gainer Leonard Frank -- California City

Gainer Leonard Dean -- California City

Gainer Maude Hughes -- California City


Gallagher Bernard H -- California City

Gallagher Elizabeth J -- California City

Gallagher Elsie L -- California City

Gallagher Jesse Bernard -- California City

Gallagher Lenora H -- California City

Gallagher Lionel M -- California City

Gallagher Marciel E -- California City


Galliher Katie M -- California City

Galliher Lelia Fay -- California City

Galliher William R -- California City


Gamble Henry -- Old California City


Garber Anna -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Barbara -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Barbara -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Carl H -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Christian -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Christina Marie -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Connie S -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Daniel J -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Daniel A -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Daniel C -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Debra Kay -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Edwin R -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Elizabeth -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Elizabeth -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Elma B -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Elma Ruth -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Elmer C -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Emma -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Emma M -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Frances Arletta -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Herman William -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Infant -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Lavona L -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Lillie A -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Lina -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Lydia -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Mollie -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Norman D -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Norman Randy -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Rachel -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Violet Marie -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Walter -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber William -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber William M -- Bethel Mennonite

Garber Willie L -- Bethel Mennonite


Gardner William B -- Old Salem


Garnett Charles E -- California City

Garnett Deanna L -- California City

Garnett Dorothy Gander -- California City

Garnett Dosia A -- California City

Garnett Joseph B -- Burke/Crown Hill

Garnett Luther Owen -- California City

Garnett Rosa B -- Burke/Crown Hill

Garnett Ruben -- Sweetwater


Garretson Anna H -- Burke/Crown Hill

Garretson Robert H -- Burke/Crown Hill


Garrett Bertha B -- Burke/Crown Hill

Garrett Elizabeth -- Annunciation Catholic

Garrett James Oliver -- St Paul's Lutheran

Garrett Madarine W -- California City

Garrett Ralph W -- California City

Garrett Silas Abner -- Annunciation Catholic


Garrison Charley Thomas -- Burke/Crown Hill

Garrison Edward B -- California City

Garrison Hiram W -- California City

Garrison Ida K -- California City

Garrison Kenneth Lee -- California City


Garry Michael -- Potter's Field


Gates Alfred Louis -- California Masonic

Gates Gertrude Elizabeth -- Burke/Crown Hill

Gates Jennie May -- Burke/Crown Hill

Gates William F -- Burke/Crown Hill


Gatheman Albertina Agatha -- Burke/Crown Hill

Gatheman John Henry George -- Burke/Crown Hill


Gatschet Albert Arnold -- California Masonic

Gatschet Kathryn Emma -- California Masonic


Gattermeir Anna Elizabeth -- California Masonic

Gattermeir Emma Kuebli -- California Masonic

Gattermeir Esther -- California Masonic

Gattermeir Henry Edwin -- California Masonic

Gattermeir Joseph Norman -- California Masonic

Gattermeir Walter (Infant) -- California Masonic


Geier Charles -- California City

Geier Dollie  -- California City

Geier Glenn Dorsey -- California City

Geier Hattie Forrest -- California City

Geier Kathryn E -- California City

Geier Norma Lee -- California City

Geier Roger W H -- California City

Geier William John -- California City


Geiger Frederick R -- Salem E & R

Geiger George A -- California UCC

Geiger Mary E -- Salem E & R

Geiger Robert -- Salem E & R

Geiger Wesley C -- Salem E & R


Geney Catherine S -- St Paul's Lutheran


Gensler David -- California City

Gensler Joseph William -- California City

Gensler Kenneth P -- California City


Gentrop E Kasper -- Salem E & R


Gentrup Hanna -- Salem E & R


Gentry Betty -- California City

Gentry Herman E -- California City


Gentzsch Alice -- Burke/Crown Hill

Gentzsch Charles Frank -- California Odd Fellows

Gentzsch Charles Arthur -- California Odd Fellows

Gentzsch Dillion -- California Masonic

Gentzsch Elizabeth B -- California Masonic

Gentzsch Emma J -- California Odd Fellows

Gentzsch Emma -- California Masonic

Gentzsch Frances C -- California Odd Fellows

Gentzsch Francis -- California Odd Fellows

Gentzsch George F W -- California Odd Fellows

Gentzsch Henry F -- California Odd Fellows

Gentzsch Jerome F -- California Odd Fellows

Gentzsch Jessie Beryl -- California Odd Fellows

Gentzsch Johanna Katharine -- California Odd Fellows

Gentzsch John E -- California Masonic

Gentzsch Klara Julia -- California Odd Fellows

Gentzsch Louise Alvine -- California Odd Fellows

Gentzsch Lulu Minna -- California Masonic

Gentzsch Raymond R -- California Odd Fellows

Gentzsch Samuel H O -- Burke/Crown Hill


George Amanda M -- McGirk Family

George B Ruth -- California City

George Carl A -- California City

George David -- McGirk Family

George Infant -- d/o William & S E George -- McGirk Family

George Infant -- s/o Rufus George -- McGirk Family

George James Franklin -- California City

George Jesse P -- California City

George Joe S -- California City

George John Milton Jr -- Burke/Crown Hill

George Mary Gertrude -- California UCC

George Mary Tuttle -- California City

George Melvin William -- California UCC

George Nellie F -- California City

George Prudence -- McGirk Family

George Rufus -- McGirk Family

George Ruth Frances -- California City

George Sarah -- McGirk Family

George Sharon Kay -- California City

George William -- California UCC

George William Alex -- Burke/Crown Hill


Gerber Benjamin G -- Bethel Mennonite

Gerber Bertha A -- Bethel Mennonite

Gerber Carolina -- Bethel Mennonite

Gerber Clyde C -- Bethel Mennonite

Gerber Eileen -- Bethel Mennonite

Gerber Esther -- Bethel Mennonite

Gerber Ida M -- Bloch

Gerber Ira L -- Bethel Mennonite

Gerber Jessie James -- Bethel Mennonite

Gerber John F -- Bethel Mennonite

Gerber Lina E -- Bethel Mennonite

Gerber Mary L -- Bethel Mennonite

Gerber Mary A -- Bloch

Gerber Roy Christian -- Bethel Mennonite

Gerber Stella S -- Bethel Mennonite

Gerber Thomas -- Bethel Mennonite


Gerbes Frank J -- California UCC

Gerbes Minnie S -- California UCC


Gerhard Charles T -- Annunciation Catholic

Gerhard Johann Thomas -- Annunciation Catholic

Gerhard Maria Elizabeth -- Annunciation Catholic


Gerhardt Caroline M -- Annunciation Catholic

Gerhardt Louie C -- Annunciation Catholic

Gerhardt Magdalena -- Annunciation Catholic

Gerhardt Mary E -- Annunciation Catholic


Gerhart Anna Ruth -- California City

Gerhart Frances -- Annunciation Catholic

Gerhart Louis Edward -- California City

Gerhart Mary E -- Annunciation Catholic

Gerhart Raymond -- California City

Gerhart Thomas Harold -- Annunciation Catholic

Gerhart Thomas -- Annunciation Catholic

Gerhart Virginia -- California City


Gerlach Arthur L -- California UCC

Gerlach Carl F St Paul's Lutheran

Gerlach F William -- McGirk

Gerlach Mabel M -- California UCC

Gerlach Ruby E -- St Paul's Lutheran

Gerlach Sophie -- McGirk


Gerlt Laura Ruth Gerber -- Bethel Mennonite

Gerlt Patty Kay -- Bethel Mennonite


Gerteis Joseph M -- California City


Gertz Amelia -- St Paul's Lutheran

Gertz Apolis -- California City

Gertz Frantz -- St Paul's Lutheran

Gertz Henry -- California City

Gertz Velma Nadine -- California City


Geschen Johannes -- Salem E & R


Gibler James Dewey -- Salem E & R


Gibson Clyde -- California City

Gibson Maudie Mae -- California City


Gilchrist George -- California Masonic


Gilleland Marie E -- Burke/Crown Hill


Gilmore Charlie W -- California City

Gilmore Helen M -- California City

Gilmore Mardelle -- Flag Spring Church


Gintsch Charlotte -- Salem E & R


Gintz Phillip -- California Masonic

Gintz Rhoda Anne -- California Masonic


Gleeson Levona E -- Burke/Crown Hill


Glenn Abrem H -- McGirk

Glenn Alferd -- California City

Glenn Barbara A -- Annunciation Catholic

Glenn Clarence Bernard -- California City

Glenn Dewey E -- Salem E & R

Glenn Dicy Edna -- California City

Glenn Dorsey Lenola -- California City

Glenn Effie E -- California City

Glenn Elizabeth F -- Salem E & R

Glenn Georgeann -- Old Lebanon

Glenn James -- Old Lebanon

Glenn John Wesley -- McGirk

Glenn Leatha F -- Salem E & R

Glenn Malinda -- Old Lebanon

Glenn Mary Ann -- McGirk

Glenn Nellie A -- California City

Glenn Pegey -- Old Lebanon

Glenn Rebecca -- Annunciation Catholic

Glenn Robert McFarland -- Old Lebanon

Glenn Sarah L -- Salem E & R

Glenn Susanna C -- McGirk

Glenn Virginia Margaret -- McGirk

Glenn William Riley -- Salem E & R

Glenn William Arthur -- Salem E & R

Glenn William H -- Annunciation Catholic


Glover Edna Todd -- California Masonic


Glute Gottfried -- St Paul's Lutheran

Glute Samuel -- St Paul's Lutheran


Goetz Infant -- Annunciation Catholic


Goff William E -- California City


Good Eliza -- Bethel Mennonite

Good Fanny -- Bethel Mennonite

Good Susan May -- Bethel Mennonite


Goodwin Isaac T -- Potter's Field


Gordon Agnes Elizabeth -- Burke/Crown Hill

Gordon Charles Milford -- Burke/Crown Hill

Gordon Clyde -- Burke/Crown Hill

Gordon Helen -- California UCC

Gordon Lester -- California UCC

Gordon Mary -- Burke/Crown Hill

Gordon Pearl -- Burke/Crown Hill


Gosson Julia Ann -- Burke/Crown Hill


Gott Rosa -- Salem E & R


Gouge Albert O -- California City

Gouge Amelia R -- California City

Gouge Elijah -- Sweetwater

Gouge Eliza -- Sweetwater

Gouge Henry O -- Shiloh

Gouge Holly -- Sweetwater

Gouge Jans -- Sweetwater

Gouge John -- Sweetwater

Gouge Lorine M -- Shiloh

Gouge Lorn H -- Shiloh

Gouge Mary F -- Shiloh

Gouge Norman A -- Shiloh

Gouge Tabitha -- Sweetwater


Gourd Carolyn Sue -- Annunciation Catholic


Gradolf Georgia A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Gradolf Thornton W -- Burke/Crown Hill

Gradolf Thornton Douglas -- Burke/Crown Hill


Graff Dora Anna -- California UCC

Graff J Frank III -- California City

Graff Joseph H -- California UCC

Graff Lucille K -- California City


Gragert Herbert T -- St Paul's Lutheran

Gragert Virginia D -- St Paul's Lutheran


Graham Willard Wray -- Salem E & R


Graser Charles J -- Salem E & R

Graser Johanna M -- Salem E & R


Graves Alfred M -- Flag Spring Church

Graves Ella -- Flag Spring Church


Gray Amanda -- Burke/Crown Hill

Gray Anna B -- California Masonic

Gray Bertha F -- Burke/Crown Hill

Gray Bessie Evelyn -- Burke/Crown Hill

Gray Cora Veda -- California Masonic

Gray Elnora Cordelia -- Burke/Crown Hill

Gray Florence S -- California Masonic

Gray Glen C -- California Masonic

Gray H B (Dr Bert) -- Old Salem

Gray Hester M -- California Masonic

Gray Homer F -- California Masonic

Gray James Marion -- California Masonic

Gray Jesse P Jr -- Burke/Crown Hill

Gray Jesse P -- Burke/Crown Hill

Gray John Patrick Henry Jr -- California Masonic

Gray John Patrick Henry -- California Masonic

Gray John Patrick Henry -- California Masonic

Gray Lashley Monroe -- California Masonic

Gray Lloyd E -- Old Salem

Gray Louisa -- Gray/Hume

Gray Mary Blanche -- California Masonic

Gray Mary L -- Old Salem

Gray Mary E -- California Masonic

Gray Mary -- Gray/Hume

Gray Robert Q -- California Masonic

Gray Robert L -- Burke/Crown Hill

Gray Samuel P -- California Masonic

Gray William -- Old California City


Graybill Minnie M -- Burke/Crown Hill


Green Clinton Samuel -- Burke/Crown Hill

Green Dorothy King -- California City

Green Rosa Etta -- Burke/Crown Hill

Green Ruby -- Burke/Crown Hill

Green William D -- Burke/Crown Hill


Greenwell Rice A -- California City


Greer Amanda -- Potter's Field

Greer Daniel -- Potter's Field

Greer Opal L -- California City

Greer William H -- California City


Gregg Georgia Ann -- Old Salem


Gregory Carrie E -- California City

Gregory George -- California City

Gregory Leslie Michelle -- California City


Greiner Frederick -- Griner/Greiner Family

Greiner Frederick Byler -- Griner/Greiner Family

Greiner Margaret E -- Griner/Greiner Family


Griebel Elizabeth G -- Annunciation Catholic

Griebel Henry W -- Annunciation Catholic


Griggs Charles B -- Burke/Crown Hill


Grilley Flora Coale -- Flag Spring Church

Grilley Henry C -- Flag Spring Church

Grilley John L -- Flag Spring Church

Grilley Nancy (Nannie) C -- Flag Spring Church

Grilley Thomas H -- Flag Spring Church


Griner Baby -- Old Lebanon

Griner Frederick -- Griner/Greiner Family

Griner Johann -- Griner/Greiner Family

Griner Johanne C -- Griner/Greiner Family

Griner John C -- Griner/Greiner Family

Griner John F -- Griner/Greiner Family

Griner Margaret -- Griner/Greiner Family

Griner Mary A -- Griner/Greiner Family

Griner Nicolaus D -- Griner/Greiner Family


Groeschner Henry Harvey -- Burke/Crown Hill

Groeschner Laura B -- Burke/Crown Hill

Groeschner Mary -- Burke/Crown Hill

Groeschner William -- Burke/Crown Hill


Groom A Ward -- California City

Groom Alta Grace -- California City

Groom Betty Ruth -- California City

Groom Elbert E -- California City

Groom Ida E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Groom J Ruby -- California City

Groom Jane E -- California City

Groom Kenneth A -- California City

Groom Linda Sue -- California City

Groom Lucille V -- Burke/Crown Hill

Groom Mary Beatrice -- California City

Groom Ralph Ward -- California City

Groom Thomas M -- Burke/Crown Hill

Groom William Gray -- California City

Groom William Ray -- California City


Gropp Charles Jonathan -- California UCC

Gropp Martha M -- California UCC


Gross Alvina -- St Paul's Lutheran

Gross Anna M -- California UCC

Gross Anna H -- St Paul's Lutheran

Gross Charlottie -- St Paul's Lutheran

Gross Christopher -- St Paul's Lutheran

Gross Clara F W -- St Paul's Lutheran

Gross Deantha -- Potter's Field

Gross Edwin E -- California UCC

Gross Fred G -- California UCC

Gross Friederike -- St Paul's Lutheran

Gross John H -- St Paul's Lutheran

Gross John Fred -- Burke/Crown Hill

Gross Mathilda C -- St Paul's Lutheran

Gross Sophia L -- St Paul's Lutheran

Gross William J -- St Paul's Lutheran


Grossenbacher Anna -- Rohrbach

Grossenbacher Emma -- Rohrbach

Grossenbacher Jacob -- Swiss

Grossenbacher Margarete W -- Swiss

Grossenbacher Rosa -- Swiss


Grosvenor Clara M -- California City

Grosvenor Fillmore R -- California City

Grosvenor Kenneth F -- California City


Groth Amelia C -- Bethel Mennonite

Groth Burton William -- Bethel Mennonite

Groth Walter G -- Bethel Mennonite


Grotsky Carmen Rose -- California City


Guggisberg Samuel -- Rohrbach


Guhr Annikan Louise -- Bethel Mennonite


Gunn Wayne Mickael -- Annunciation Catholic


Gunnersau Mary Louise -- California City


Gunnoe William -- California City




Haas Grace H -- California Masonic


Hackman Anna -- Annunciation Catholic

Hackman Lucielle -- Annunciation Catholic


Hackney Arch C -- California City

Hackney Archie F -- Old Lebanon

Hackney Charles Leonard -- Old Lebanon

Hackney Clifford H -- California City

Hackney Cyntithia -- Old Lebanon

Hackney Don -- California City

Hackney Don -- McGirk

Hackney Dorothy R -- California City

Hackney Emma Almeda -- Old Lebanon

Hackney Eric C -- Old Lebanon

Hackney Ewing C -- California City

Hackney Hutine -- Old Lebanon

Hackney Ida -- California City

Hackney Infant -- Old Lebanon

Hackney Janet Lee -- California City

Hackney Joseph H -- Old Lebanon

Hackney Karney C -- California City

Hackney Lucy N -- California City

Hackney Marvin -- Old Lebanon

Hackney Mary M -- California City

Hackney Minnie F -- California City

Hackney Nora -- Old Lebanon

Hackney Ollie J -- California City

Hackney Robert W -- Old Lebanon

Hackney Rose Mae -- McGirk

Hackney Samuel Hade -- California City

Hackney Seth L Jr -- California City

Hackney Seth L Sr -- California City

Hackney Velma Pauline -- California City

Hackney W Jesse -- Old Lebanon


Hader Celia Edna -- California City

Hader Elmer -- California City

Hader Floyd H -- Flag Spring Church

Hader Martha M -- Flag Spring Church

Hader Stella May -- Flag Spring Church


Hagemeier Ernst W -- Salem E & R

Hagemeier Ernst -- Salem E & R

Hagemeier Ernst August -- Salem E & R

Hagemeier Karoline Justine -- Salem E & R


Hagemeyer Amanda W -- Salem E & R

Hagemeyer Anna M -- Salem E & R

Hagemeyer Arthur H -- California Masonic

Hagemeyer August G -- Salem E & R

Hagemeyer August F -- Salem E & R

Hagemeyer Elvera W -- Salem E & R

Hagemeyer Godlieb F E -- Salem E & R

Hagemeyer Henry G -- Salem E & R

Hagemeyer Henry John -- Salem E & R

Hagemeyer Lisette -- Salem E & R

Hagemeyer Louisa -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hagemeyer Martha C -- Salem E & R

Hagemeyer Mary A -- Salem E & R

Hagemeyer Milda A St Paul's Lutheran

Hagemeyer Oscar John St Paul's Lutheran

Hagemeyer Wilhelm -- Salem E & R


Haldi Ida -- Bloch


Haldiman Adolph S -- Burke/Crown Hill

Haldiman Almeda Z -- California City

Haldiman Alverta R -- Annunciation Catholic

Haldiman Amanda Wieneke -- California Masonic

Haldiman Andrew -- California UCC

Haldiman Carole S -- California City

Haldiman Charles P -- California UCC

Haldiman Christ -- California UCC

Haldiman Christ -- County Farm

Haldiman Christian -- Salem E & R

Haldiman Dala S -- Annunciation Catholic

Haldiman Dennis R -- Annunciation Catholic

Haldiman Doris C -- Annunciation Catholic

Haldiman Dorothy -- California City

Haldiman Elizabeth -- California UCC

Haldiman Elletha -- California UCC

Haldiman Emma E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Haldiman Emma M -- Annunciation Catholic

Haldiman Ernest -- Annunciation Catholic

Haldiman Frances M -- California City

Haldiman Frank Theodore -- California UCC

Haldiman Fred C -- California Masonic

Haldiman Fred -- California UCC

Haldiman G Faye -- California UCC

Haldiman Henry -- California UCC

Haldiman Herbert J -- Annunciation Catholic

Haldiman Herman C -- California City

Haldiman Herman E -- California City

Haldiman Jack Earl -- Annunciation Catholic

Haldiman Jacob -- California Masonic

Haldiman James L -- California City

Haldiman Jessie M -- California City

Haldiman John F -- Salem E & R

Haldiman John C -- California Masonic

Haldiman John F -- California City

Haldiman Karl A -- Salem E & R

Haldiman Katherine -- Annunciation Catholic

Haldiman Madeline R -- California City

Haldiman Mary Ann -- California Masonic

Haldiman Matilda -- California UCC

Haldiman Ollie E -- Salem E & R

Haldiman Ora M -- California Masonic

Haldiman Oscar M -- California City

Haldiman Paul R -- Annunciation Catholic

Haldiman Pearl -- California UCC

Haldiman Phillip F -- California UCC

Haldiman R Louise -- California City

Haldiman Richard W -- California City

Haldiman Rosa Anna -- Salem E & R

Haldiman Rose M -- Salem E & R

Haldiman Rosie -- California UCC

Haldiman Theodore M -- California City

Haldiman Walter E -- California UCC

Haldiman William E -- Annunciation Catholic


Hale Banerse -- Potter's Field

Hale Emma K -- St Paul's Lutheran

Hale Francis A -- California City

Hale Lilly R -- California UCC

Hale Mary Malissa -- Hill Family

Hale Oliver M -- California UCC

Hale Sallie Belle -- California City

Hale Thomas F -- California City

Hale Young -- St Paul's Lutheran


Haley Ila Faye -- McGirk

Haley Paul Eugene -- McGirk


Hall Beuford -- California City

Hall Charlotte M -- California UCC

Hall Clara -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hall Cletus E -- California City

Hall Cortland N -- California Masonic

Hall Douglas E -- California Masonic

Hall E Howard -- Annunciation Catholic

Hall Edna Cornelia -- California City

Hall Esther G -- California UCC

Hall Howard D -- California Masonic

Hall Howard E -- Annunciation Catholic

Hall John P -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hall Leland R -- California City

Hall Lydia A -- California Masonic

Hall Mollie -- Rohrbach

Hall Norma J -- Annunciation Catholic

Hall Ray Stanley -- California Masonic

Hall Ruth E -- California Masonic

Hall Sarah A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hall Velma O -- Annunciation Catholic

Hall William Morrison -- Annunciation Catholic

Hall Winona M -- California City


Hallford Alfred W -- California City

Hallford Alpha Gertrude -- California City

Hallford Andrew Jackson -- Flag Spring Church

Hallford Cora R -- Flag Spring Church

Hallford Eliza J -- Flag Spring Church

Hallford Hugh V -- California City

Hallford John H -- Flag Spring Church

Hallford Lena -- California City

Hallford Leonard -- California City

Hallford Lucy A -- Flag Spring Church

Hallford Ralph Hamlin -- Flag Spring Church

Hallford Wanda L -- California City

Hallford William R -- Flag Spring Church


Hambal John St Paul's Lutheran


Hamilton Delmer L -- California City

Hamilton Leroy D -- California City

Hamilton Lorene M -- California City

Hamilton Melba H -- California City


Hamlin Addison -- California City

Hamlin Edythe Hoback -- New Salem

Hamlin Eliza Ann -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hamlin Julia Ann -- California City

Hamlin Mary -- California City

Hamlin William -- New Salem


Hammond Margaret E -- California UCC

Hammond Wallace W -- California UCC


Hampton Jobe -- Old Salem

Hampton Rhoda -- Old Salem


Hand Adelia Thorpe -- California Masonic

Hand Jessica E -- California Masonic

Hand Rachel -- Byler & Hand


Handley Kell T -- California City

Handley Margaret -- Annunciation Catholic

Handley Mary Olive -- Burke/Crown Hill

Handley P G -- Annunciation Catholic

Handley Patrick -- Annunciation Catholic

Handley Robert E -- Annunciation Catholic

Handley Roy L -- California City

Handley Roy Ashburn -- California City

Handley William Philip -- Burke/Crown Hill


Handly Charles E -- Annunciation Catholic

Handly Margaret -- Annunciation Catholic

Handly Michael -- Annunciation Catholic


Hanie Anna P -- McGirk

Hanie Emma Jane -- McGirk


Hanly Sally -- County Farm


Hanstine Doris J -- California City

Hanstine James C -- California City

Hanstine Ronald L -- California City


Harder August F -- California City

Harder Elizabeth L -- Annunciation Catholic

Harder Leona Margaret -- California City

Harder Raymond August -- Annunciation Catholic

Harder Roger Lee -- Annunciation Catholic


Hardiman Authur Babe -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hardiman Bookertee -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hardiman Emma G -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hardiman Harold Edgar -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hardiman Mary Alma -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hardiman Mary Short -- Burke/Crown Hill


Hardin Mary Hofstetter -- Bethel Mennonite


Hardy Elizabeth -- California Masonic

Hardy J Rev M -- California Masonic

Hardy Simon Samuel -- Salem E & R


Hargis Lloyd A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hargis Rachel Marie -- Burke/Crown Hill


Hargrove Maria C -- California Masonic

Hargrove William H -- California Masonic

Hargrove Willma -- California Masonic


Harlan Bernice E -- California City

Harlan Byron Morris -- Burke/Crown Hill

Harlan Charles F -- California City

Harlan Charles -- California City

Harlan Delores Irene -- California City

Harlan Ellen Baldwin -- Old Lebanon

Harlan Florence M -- California City

Harlan Geneva A -- California City

Harlan George Alexander -- Old Lebanon

Harlan L B (Bass) -- Old Lebanon

Harlan Lillian Isabel -- Burke/Crown Hill

Harlan M Louise -- Old Lebanon

Harlan Max Eugene -- California City

Harlan Nancy -- Old Lebanon

Harlan Noel B -- Flag Spring Church

Harlan Sadie -- California City

Harlan Wilbur G -- California City


Harlow Gladys M -- New Salem


Harmon Brenda A -- California City

Harmon Charles E -- California City

Harmon Clara M -- California City

Harmon Clara C -- Flag Spring Church

Harmon Eric R -- Flag Spring Church

Harmon Evelyn M -- California City

Harmon Florence Ida -- McGirk

Harmon George -- Sweetwater

Harmon Lindsey -- Sweetwater

Harmon Martha J -- Burke/Crown Hill

Harmon Missouri A -- Sweetwater

Harmon Nancy L -- Sweetwater

Harmon Randal Gail -- California City

Harmon Shona R -- Flag Spring Church

Harmon Vernon Dale -- California City

Harmon William Powell -- Burke/Crown Hill


Harper Robert -- Shiloh


Harrington Leslie Lee -- California City

Harrington Ricky -- California City

Harrington Ronnie L -- California City


Harris Amelia C -- California City

Harris Annabelle -- California City

Harris Annie J -- Annunciation Catholic

Harris Carrie Ann -- Annunciation Catholic

Harris Christopher Columbus -- Burke/Crown Hill

Harris Colin Alvin -- Annunciation Catholic

Harris Ellen -- Burke/Crown Hill

Harris Elmer R -- California City

Harris Forrest L -- California City

Harris Jennie W -- California City

Harris John T -- California City

Harris Mary Ellen -- Hutchison/Houchin

Harris Pearl E -- California City

Harris Raymond E -- California City

Harris Raymond O -- California City

Harris Ruby Lee -- California City

Harris Thomas Obediah -- Annunciation Catholic

Harris William D -- California City


Harrison Martha -- Burke/Crown Hill

Harrison Nellie Mae -- Burke/Crown Hill

Harrison Robert -- Potter's Field

Harrison William -- Burke/Crown Hill


Harry George -- County Farm


Harryman Milo -- Flag Spring Church

Harryman Sarah D -- Flag Spring Church


Hart Catherine Eleanor -- Annunciation Catholic

Hart Elbert E -- California City

Hart George -- Gray/Hume

Hart Mary -- Gray/Hume

Hart Tessie Pearl -- California Odd Fellows

Hart Vera M -- California City


Hartley Adelia Mae -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hartley Alice -- Old Salem

Hartley Earnest Ray -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hartley Elizabeth -- Jobe/Birdsong

Hartley James E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hartley James T -- Jobe/Birdsong

Hartley Nancy C -- Burke/Crown Hill


Hartman Blanche I -- Flag Spring Church

Hartman Marie -- California UCC

Hartman Mary A -- California UCC

Hartman William -- California UCC

Hartman William Truman -- California UCC


Hartnett Catherine M -- Annunciation Catholic

Hartnett Cornelia -- Annunciation Catholic

Hartnett Cornelius -- Annunciation Catholic

Hartnett Dan -- Annunciation Catholic

Hartnett Elizabeth A -- Annunciation Catholic

Hartnett Ella O -- Annunciation Catholic

Hartnett Ellen -- Annunciation Catholic

Hartnett James -- Annunciation Catholic

Hartnett Johanna -- Annunciation Catholic

Hartnett John -- Annunciation Catholic

Hartnett John J -- Annunciation Catholic

Hartnett Josephine Margrett -- Annunciation Catholic

Hartnett Mary Rose -- Annunciation Catholic

Hartnett Thomas E -- Annunciation Catholic

Hartnett Thomas E Jr -- Annunciation Catholic

Hartnett William P -- Annunciation Catholic


Harvey A M A (Almarine) -- Old Salem

Harvey Abner -- Old Salem

Harvey Alexander N -- California Masonic

Harvey Ella -- California Masonic

Harvey Mary E -- Old Salem

Harvey Permelia W -- Old Salem

Harvey Robert Longan -- California Masonic

Harvey Truman A -- California Masonic


Haslag Dennis Gerald -- Annunciation Catholic


Hastings Edith -- Burke/Crown Hill


Hasty Corbin -- Old California City


Hatfield Alfred L -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hatfield Alfred J -- California City

Hatfield Della Louise -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hatfield Edna M -- California City

Hatfield Harold -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hatfield Raymond S -- California City


Hauser Gustav -- Salem E & R

Hauser Johanna -- Salem E & R


Hawkins Celeste -- Potter's Field


Hawks Jesse Ann -- Potter's Field


Hayes Curtis I -- Annunciation Catholic

Hayes Francis Sue -- California City

Hayes Laura J -- Old California City

Hayes Linda K -- Annunciation Catholic


Haynes John Rev Gilliam -- California Masonic

Haynes Rosa Ella -- California Masonic


Hays Alonzo S -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hays Andrew S -- Flag Spring Church

Hays Arthur -- Flag Spring Church

Hays Betty F -- California City

Hays Cecil Leroy -- California City

Hays Cecil Roy -- California City

Hays Eliza Ann -- Flag Spring Church

Hays Gladys M -- Flag Spring Church

Hays Henry -- Flag Spring Church

Hays J Edgar -- Flag Spring Church

Hays James L -- Flag Spring Church

Hays Jerry Wayne -- California City

Hays Joseph H -- Flag Spring Church

Hays Joseph -- Flag Spring Church

Hays Laura -- California Odd Fellows

Hays Letha B -- California City

Hays M Josephine -- California City

Hays Nancy -- Flag Spring Church

Hays Perrin D -- California Masonic

Hays Priscilla -- Old Salem

Hays Quincy B -- California City

Hays Raymond Lee -- Old Lebanon

Hays Ruben -- Old Salem

Hays Russell D -- California City

Hays Thomas W -- California City

Hays Virginia Francis -- Flag Spring Church


Hayter Cynthia -- Sweetwater

Hayter Infant Maude -- Sweetwater

Hayter Isabel -- Sweetwater

Hayter James -- Sweetwater

Hayter Laura A -- Sweetwater

Hayter Margaret J -- Shiloh

Hayter Martha -- Sweetwater

Hayter Martha H -- Sweetwater

Hayter Mary -- Sweetwater

Hayter Nancy -- Sweetwater

Hayter Oscar -- Shiloh

Hayter Patton -- Shiloh

Hayter Thomas J -- Sweetwater

Hayter Virginia -- Sweetwater

Hayter William D -- Sweetwater


Heald Ira -- Old California City

Heald Susan N -- Old California City


Healey Lillian Bybee -- California Masonic


Healy Jerry D -- Annunciation Catholic


Heather Edna Mae -- Shiloh

Heather Effie A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Heather Eliza K -- California City

Heather Ellis -- California City

Heather Elzina V -- Flag Spring Church

Heather Grace -- Shiloh

Heather Granville Otto -- California City

Heather Herbert Clayton -- Shiloh

Heather Homer H -- Shiloh

Heather Infant -- Shiloh

Heather James -- Flag Spring Church

Heather John J -- Burke/Crown Hill

Heather Joseph W -- Shiloh

Heather Katheryn L -- Burke/Crown Hill

Heather Kathy -- Shiloh

Heather Levi Jackson -- Shiloh

Heather Marilda Jane -- Shiloh

Heather Mary L -- California City

Heather Nancy Jane -- California City

Heather Nancy -- Shiloh

Heather Nellie Mae -- Shiloh

Heather Nora Ethel -- Shiloh

Heather Thomas Garrett (Fod) -- California City

Heather Tom -- Shiloh

Heather Wesley -- New Salem


Hecht Frederick W -- California Odd Fellows

Hecht Frederick W -- St Paul's Lutheran

Hecht Henry Albert -- California UCC


Heck Elva Denning -- California Masonic

Heck Emma -- California Masonic

Heck Gertrude -- California Masonic

Heck Harry F -- California Masonic

Heck Mary -- California Masonic

Heck William -- California Masonic


Heckman Crist -- Burke/Crown Hill

Heckman Robert -- Burke/Crown Hill


Heckmann Charlotte Wilhelmine -- Salem E & R

Heckmann Christoph -- Salem E & R


Heess Arthur -- Burke/Crown Hill

Heess Charles L -- Burke/Crown Hill

Heess Chris -- Old Salem

Heess Clara P -- California UCC

Heess Elizabeth M -- California UCC

Heess Elizabeth -- Old Salem

Heess Henry -- Old Salem

Heess Mabel H -- Old Salem

Heess Mabel -- Old Salem

Heess Norman -- California UCC

Heess Phillip J -- Burke/Crown Hill

Heess Theodore -- Burke/Crown Hill

Heess William John -- California UCC


Heflin Fred L -- California City

Heflin Grace -- California City

Heflin Vernie Ellen -- California City


Hegerfeld Paul Wm Christian -- California City


Hegg Adolph -- Salem E & R

Hegg Ernst -- Salem E & R

Hegg Ernst Jr -- Salem E & R

Hegg Fred -- Salem E & R

Hegg Freda -- Salem E & R

Hegg Hilma T -- Salem E & R

Hegg Margaritha -- Salem E & R

Hegg Marie A -- Salem E & R

Hegg Ruth J -- Salem E & R


Heidbreder Anna Marie -- California UCC

Heidbreder August Gottlieb -- Salem E & R

Heidbreder Augusta B -- California UCC

Heidbreder Clara M -- California City

Heidbreder David S -- California UCC

Heidbreder Donald L -- California UCC

Heidbreder Elsie Wells -- California City

Heidbreder Emma Leona -- California UCC

Heidbreder Frederick W -- California City

Heidbreder Gotlieb D -- California UCC

Heidbreder Hanna Wilhelmine -- Salem E & R

Heidbreder Johann Friedrich -- Salem E & R

Heidbreder Johanna Friedericke -- Salem E & R

Heidbreder John Jr -- California UCC

Heidbreder Louise M -- California UCC

Heidbreder Mary Eva -- California UCC

Heidbreder Sophia C -- California UCC

Heidbreder Sophie Amanda -- Salem E & R

Heidbreder T Sherman -- California UCC

Heidbreder Walter G -- California UCC


Heidel Albert William -- California City

Heidel Friedericka H -- St Paul's Lutheran

Heidel George Bernard -- St Paul's Lutheran

Heidel Helmuth L -- St Paul's Lutheran

Heidel Herman J -- California UCC

Heidel Margaret E -- California City

Heidel Mary C -- California UCC

Heidel Minnie Louise -- St Paul's Lutheran


Heim Ernest Otto -- Shiloh

Heim Mae W -- Shiloh


Hein Arthur H -- St Paul's Lutheran

Hein Eleanora J -- St Paul's Lutheran


Heinen Adelia M -- Annunciation Catholic

Heinen Donald W -- Annunciation Catholic

Heinen Elizabeth Caroline -- Annunciation Catholic

Heinen Genevieve F -- Annunciation Catholic

Heinen Helen D -- Annunciation Catholic

Heinen Henry N -- Annunciation Catholic

Heinen Johann -- California Odd Fellows

Heinen Mary J -- Annunciation Catholic

Heinen Nicholas -- Annunciation Catholic

Heinen Robert -- Annunciation Catholic

Heinen William J -- Annunciation Catholic

Heinen William V -- Annunciation Catholic


Heinrich Bertha L -- California UCC

Heinrich Clara -- California UCC

Heinrich Edith M -- California UCC

Heinrich Elizabeth -- St Paul's Lutheran

Heinrich Emma K -- California UCC

Heinrich F Johanna -- Salem E & R

Heinrich Fred -- St Paul's Lutheran

Heinrich John -- California UCC


Hempel Barbara -- California Odd Fellows

Hempel Caroline Hugelmann -- Annunciation Catholic

Hempel Frankie -- Annunciation Catholic

Hempel J Frederick -- Annunciation Catholic

Hempel John -- California Odd Fellows


Henderson Lily L -- California City

Henderson Pettice C -- California City

Henderson Velma R -- California City


Hendrex Otis C -- California City


Hendrickson Herbert F -- California City

Hendrickson Juanita Garnett -- California City


Hengen Barbara -- California Odd Fellows

Hengen F William -- California Odd Fellows

Hengen Fred W -- Annunciation Catholic

Hengen Jacob Herman -- California Odd Fellows

Hengen Rosa Silvers -- California Odd Fellows


Hengy Eva -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hengy Hettie -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hengy Susan -- Annunciation Catholic


Hennig Stillborn -- c/o Konrad Hennig  -- Salem E & R


Henry Herman C -- Burke/Crown Hill

Henry Joseph Calvin -- Flag Spring Church

Henry Joseph A -- California City

Henry Kara Lee -- California UCC

Henry Lillie M -- Burke/Crown Hill

Henry Margaret Rea -- California City

Henry Martha Pearle -- California City

Henry Myrtle A -- Flag Spring Church

Henry Nancy Catherine -- Flag Spring Church


Henson George W -- Flag Spring Church

Henson Ida B -- California City

Henson James -- Flag Spring Church

Henson John W Jr -- Flag Spring Church

Henson John W -- Flag Spring Church

Henson Katie -- Flag Spring Church

Henson Lacy E -- California City

Henson Mary -- Flag Spring Church

Henson Nada Gertrude -- McGirk

Henson Permelia -- Flag Spring Church


Hentges Anton N -- Annunciation Catholic

Hentges John H -- Annunciation Catholic

Hentges Leona G -- Annunciation Catholic

Hentges Rosalie A -- Annunciation Catholic


Heptner Mary A -- Burke/Crown Hill


Herfurth Bertha -- Annunciation Catholic

Herfurth Charles A -- Annunciation Catholic

Herfurth Charles C -- Annunciation Catholic

Herfurth Elizabeth -- Annunciation Catholic

Herfurth Frank A -- California City

Herfurth Geneva C -- Annunciation Catholic

Herfurth Henry -- Annunciation Catholic

Herfurth J Frederick -- California UCC

Herfurth John -- Annunciation Catholic

Herfurth Karl F -- California UCC

Herfurth Katharina A -- California UCC

Herfurth Louise -- Annunciation Catholic

Herfurth M Helen -- California UCC

Herfurth Maria -- Annunciation Catholic

Herfurth Mary H -- Annunciation Catholic

Herfurth Mary -- Annunciation Catholic

Herfurth Nancy S -- California City

Herfurth Otto -- Annunciation Catholic

Herfurth Paul Frederick -- California UCC

Herfurth Richard E -- California UCC

Herfurth Selma L -- California UCC

Herfurth Theodore -- California UCC


Herman Bernadine C -- Annunciation Catholic

Herman Edwin E -- Annunciation Catholic


Herndon Edmund F -- California Masonic

Herndon Henry Otto -- California City

Herndon Pearl R -- California City

Herndon Tracy Putnam -- California Masonic


Herrington Rebecca -- Old Lebanon


Herrnleben Cora M -- Burke/Crown Hill


Hert Benjamin -- California UCC

Hert Clara Esther -- California UCC

Hert Ella -- California UCC

Hert Emma -- California UCC

Hert Fred -- California Masonic

Hert Frederick H -- California Masonic

Hert Lawrence -- California UCC

Hert Lela Morris -- California Masonic

Hert Louis Frederick -- California Masonic

Hert Louisa M -- California Masonic

Hert Maude L -- California Masonic

Hert Maude Fulks -- California Masonic

Hert Minnie -- California Masonic

Hert Walter L -- California Masonic

Hert William B -- California Masonic


Herzig Hattie B -- California City

Herzig John F -- California City


Hess Barbara -- Salem E & R

Hess Beulah Elizabeth -- California UCC

Hess Emma K -- California UCC

Hess George G -- California UCC

Hess George J -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hess Guy -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hess Jacobina -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hess Letitia -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hess Norman -- California UCC

Hess Rosa M -- California UCC

Hess Roy D -- California UCC


Hessel August J -- California UCC

Hessel Johanna S -- California UCC


Hestand Henry -- Old California City

Hestand Martha -- Old California City

Hestand Sarah Caroline -- Old California City

Hestand William -- Old California City


Heysel Johann Gottfried -- St Paul's Lutheran

Heysel Johanna -- St Paul's Lutheran


Heyssel Fred E E -- California City

Heyssel Gertrude M -- California Masonic

Heyssel Henry Frank -- California Masonic

Heyssel Phillip Morris -- California Masonic

Heyssel Phoebe M -- California City

Heyssel Theodore E -- California Masonic


Heyssell Leona B -- Burke/Crown Hill

Heyssell Nicholas Theodore -- Burke/Crown Hill


Hibdon Harold Franklin -- Old California City

Hibdon John Andrew -- California City

Hibdon Patricia E -- California City


Hickam Barbara A -- California City

Hickam Elsie -- Shiloh

Hickam Francis M -- Old Lebanon

Hickam Infant -- Shiloh

Hickam Luther -- Shiloh

Hickam Mabel G -- California City

Hickam Phoeby -- Old Lebanon

Hickam Squire H -- Old Lebanon

Hickam William O -- California City


Hickcox Anne Hawkins -- Annunciation Catholic

Hickcox Charles G -- California Masonic

Hickcox Clara S -- California City

Hickcox Elmer B -- California City

Hickcox Ethal -- County Farm

Hickcox Geneviev -- California City

Hickcox Herman -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hickcox J Fordyce -- California Masonic

Hickcox James Reginald -- Annunciation Catholic

Hickcox John Clay -- California Masonic

Hickcox Leonard -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hickcox Malcolm E -- California City

Hickcox Mary Elanor -- Annunciation Catholic

Hickcox May -- California Masonic

Hickcox Nathan Cole -- Annunciation Catholic

Hickcox Polly -- California Masonic

Hickcox Tom A -- Annunciation Catholic


Hickman Carolyn E -- California City

Hickman Dessie O -- Old Salem

Hickman Earl E -- California City

Hickman Richard -- California City


Hickox Cassie -- Potter's Field

Hickox Jessie -- Potter's Field

Hickox Mary -- Potter's Field

Hickox Sam -- Burke/Crown Hill


Hicks Thomas William -- California City


Higgins Amanda -- Shiloh

Higgins Billy -- Shiloh

Higgins Charley -- California City

Higgins Curtis -- Shiloh

Higgins Earl Rogers -- California City

Higgins Emmett -- Shiloh

Higgins F LaVerne -- California City

Higgins Floyd S -- California Masonic

Higgins George D -- California Masonic

Higgins Herbert -- California City

Higgins Infant -- c/o Curtis Higgins -- Shiloh

Higgins Infant -- c/o Thomas Higgins -- Shiloh

Higgins Infant -- c/o Thomas Higgins -- Shiloh

Higgins Infant -- c/o Sam Higgins  -- Old California City

Higgins Jeanette -- California Masonic

Higgins John Nicholas -- Shiloh

Higgins John H -- Shiloh

Higgins Lydia -- California UCC

Higgins M Ruth -- California City

Higgins Margaret Ellen -- California City

Higgins Martin Luther -- California City

Higgins Mary F -- New Salem

Higgins Mary Elizabeth -- Shiloh

Higgins Otto Thurman -- Shiloh

Higgins Perlina L -- California Masonic

Higgins Richard Darwin -- California City

Higgins Rosa Lee -- Shiloh

Higgins Samuel F -- California City

Higgins Thomas -- Shiloh


Hilgert Donna Jean -- McGirk


Hill Alfred Isaac -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Alice H -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Almon P -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Archie H -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Arthusia J -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Bellie Gay -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hill Ben -- Potter's Field

Hill Bernice S -- California City

Hill Berry -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Bryse R -- California City

Hill Charles L -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hill Charles St Paul's Lutheran

Hill Chester G -- California City

Hill Chester C -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Cinthia -- Hill/McKissick

Hill Claude T -- California City

Hill Cora J -- California City

Hill Darrel W -- Annunciation Catholic

Hill Dennis -- Annunciation Catholic

Hill Dorothy Mabel -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Elijah Turner -- California UCC

Hill Ellen -- Hill Family

Hill Elmer F -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Elsie V -- California City

Hill Eugene B -- California City

Hill Fannie -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Frances G -- California City

Hill G W -- Hill Family

Hill Gilbert Newton -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Grace -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Henry Clay -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Henry R -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Herman Jefferson -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hill Hester C -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Hugh D -- California City

Hill Ida May -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Infant -- s/o E R & Emma Hill -- Hill Family

Hill Infant -- d/o F M & Hester Hill -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Infant -- d/o S R & Ida Hill -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Irvin H -- California City

Hill Isaac -- Flag Spring Church

Hill James I -- Annunciation Catholic

Hill James W -- Flag Spring Church

Hill James M -- Old Lebanon

Hill Jane -- Hill Family

Hill Jessie Lee -- Flag Spring Church

Hill John F -- Flag Spring Church

Hill John Frank -- California City

Hill John C -- Hill Family

Hill John G -- Flag Spring Church

Hill John G -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Katherine -- Flag Spring Church

Hill L Guy -- California City

Hill Laura  -- California City

Hill Lennie L -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Leslie C -- California City

Hill Letha -- California City

Hill Louisa -- Annunciation Catholic

Hill M Jewell -- California City

Hill Martha E -- California City

Hill Mary E -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Mary E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hill Mary E -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Mary E -- Annunciation Catholic

Hill Maurine R Hert -- California Masonic

Hill Minnie St Paul's Lutheran

Hill Orin L -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Paul I -- California City

Hill Permelia -- Hill Family

Hill Rolland H -- Hill Family

Hill Sallie Ann -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Sandy R -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Sandy -- Hill Family

Hill Sarah E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hill Sarah (Allee) -- Hill Family

Hill Sarah Ann -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Sarah -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hill Selma -- California UCC

Hill Sophia -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Sterling P -- Hill Family

Hill Susan -- Flag Spring Church

Hill Vera M -- California City

Hill William Hiram -- Flag Spring Church


Hilligoss Lois E -- California City

Hilligoss Robert R -- California City


Hilty Barbara M -- Bethel Mennonite

Hilty Carl -- Bethel Mennonite

Hilty Mildred J -- Bethel Mennonite

Hilty Paul E -- Bethel Mennonite

Hilty Peter P Rev -- Bethel Mennonite

Hilty Viola -- Bethel Mennonite


Hines Amanda Jane -- Old Lebanon

Hines Arthur -- Old Lebanon

Hines Bascom H -- California Masonic

Hines Elizabeth Glenn -- Old Lebanon

Hines Hester Ann -- Old Lebanon

Hines Infant -- s/o T H & Sena Hines -- Old Lebanon

Hines Jasper D -- California Masonic

Hines Jeanette -- California Masonic

Hines Lillian -- California Masonic

Hines Mary Smith -- Old Lebanon

Hines Matilda -- Old Lebanon

Hines Philabena M -- California Masonic

Hines Riley B -- Old Lebanon

Hines Snell Johnson -- Old Lebanon

Hines Susan -- Old Lebanon

Hines Thomas Hurley -- California Masonic

Hines Walter T -- Old Lebanon

Hines William Henderson -- Old Lebanon


Hinken Olen I -- California City

Hinken Zelma M -- California City


Hise Dorothy L Connell -- New Salem

Hise Myrtle M -- California City

Hise S T -- California City

Hise W Lloyd -- New Salem


Hoback Basil -- Old California City

Hoback Clara Rebecca -- California Masonic

Hoback Cynthia -- New Salem

Hoback Dortha A -- California Masonic

Hoback James Harvey -- New Salem

Hoback John Franklin -- Old Salem

Hoback L Myrtle -- California Masonic

Hoback L J -- New Salem

Hoback Leland Thornton -- California Masonic

Hoback Minnie Lacy -- California Masonic

Hoback Minnie May -- California Masonic

Hoback Powhatan H -- New Salem

Hoback Robert Eugene -- Old Lebanon

Hoback Sanford C -- California Masonic

Hoback Tina Marie -- Annunciation Catholic


Hobbs Hiram Kaler -- Flag Spring Church

Hobbs Laura Fuget -- Shiloh

Hobbs Nancy M -- Flag Spring Church


Hoberecht Albert -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hoberecht Elizabeth -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hoberecht Franz -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hoberecht Herman A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hoberecht Ida E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hoberecht Ida -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hoberecht Louesa W -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hoberecht Otto -- Burke/Crown Hill


Hodel Albert -- Howard/Walnut Grove

Hodel Anna -- Howard/Walnut Grove

Hodel Christian -- Howard/Walnut Grove

Hodel Edward W -- California UCC

Hodel George -- Howard/Walnut Grove

Hodel John Edward -- Howard/Walnut Grove

Hodel Joseph Christian -- California UCC

Hodel Leona May -- California UCC

Hodel Magalena -- Howard/Walnut Grove

Hodel Martha Lou -- California UCC

Hodel Mary Myrtle -- California UCC

Hodel Mattie L -- California UCC

Hodel Naomi Mutti -- Rohrbach


Hodge Anderson -- New Salem

Hodge Andrew J -- New Salem

Hodge Benj Albert -- Old Salem

Hodge Bennie R -- Old Salem

Hodge Eliza Jane -- Old Salem

Hodge Emma -- New Salem

Hodge Enoch -- Old Salem

Hodge Farrie -- Old Salem

Hodge J Bunyan -- Old Salem

Hodge James K -- New Salem

Hodge Mary A -- New Salem

Hodge Mary A -- New Salem

Hodge Misanire -- California Masonic

Hodge Nancy T -- Old Salem

Hodge Oscar T -- New Salem

Hodge Sarah E -- New Salem

Hodge Velma G -- New Salem

Hodge William R -- Old Salem


Hodges Catherine Ann -- Annunciation Catholic

Hodges Edmund Luther -- California Masonic

Hodges Herman Benton -- California Masonic

Hodges Hettie -- California City

Hodges Kathryn F -- California City

Hodges Mildred L -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hodges Ralph N -- California City

Hodges Richard E -- Burke/Crown Hill


Hodler Arnold -- Annunciation Catholic

Hodler Blanche -- Salem E & R

Hodler Charles Leroy -- California UCC

Hodler Charley E -- Salem E & R

Hodler Clyde H -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hodler Dessie Viola -- Salem E & R

Hodler E Irene -- Annunciation Catholic

Hodler Edward C -- Salem E & R

Hodler Edward C -- Salem E & R

Hodler Harvey E -- Annunciation Catholic

Hodler Juanita B -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hodler Lena C -- Salem E & R

Hodler Letha C -- Salem E & R

Hodler Mary -- Annunciation Catholic


Hoellering Carl H -- New Salem

Hoellering Elizabeth Hess -- California UCC

Hoellering Eula F -- New Salem

Hoellering Herman W H -- St Paul's Lutheran

Hoellering John Paul -- California UCC

Hoellering Lydia Anna Marie -- St Paul's Lutheran


Hoepfinger Johanna Christena -- California UCC


Hoffman Edward J -- St Paul's Lutheran

Hoffman Eugene H -- California City

Hoffman Frederich -- St Paul's Lutheran

Hoffman G Henry -- California Odd Fellows

Hoffman Gerard W -- Annunciation Catholic

Hoffman Katherine -- St Paul's Lutheran

Hoffman Reginia E -- St Paul's Lutheran

Hoffman Wilma N -- California City


Hoffmate Katy -- Annunciation Catholic


Hoffmeister Hilmer -- Salem E & R


Hoffmeyer Anna M -- McGirk

Hoffmeyer August -- McGirk

Hoffmeyer Ben -- McGirk

Hoffmeyer Carl E -- McGirk

Hoffmeyer Elsie M -- McGirk

Hoffmeyer Emma -- McGirk

Hoffmeyer Maurice Louis -- McGirk


Hofstetter A B -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Bertha R -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Caroline M -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Catharine G -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Christian G -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter David J -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Drusilla M -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Ernest W -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Hulda M -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Infant -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Infant -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Ira V -- California City

Hofstetter John E -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Joseph -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Lela K -- California City

Hofstetter Mattie M -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Mona F -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Pauline Viola -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Rose A -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Rufus G -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Ruth Caroline -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Silas G -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Simon M -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Sophia D -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Sylvan -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter Vernon Dean -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter William -- Bethel Mennonite

Hofstetter William H -- Bethel Mennonite


Hoge John -- California Masonic

Hoge Susan T -- Burke/Crown Hill


Hogge Gail Beth -- California City


Hogsett Lawerence J -- California Masonic


Hohman Mabel D -- California City

Hohman Ronnie Dean -- California City

Hohman Rudolph W -- California City


Hohmann Fred -- California UCC

Hohmann Louise -- California UCC

Hohmann Maria -- California UCC


Holland Elmer R -- Old Salem

Holland Martha J -- Old Salem

Holland Sophia -- California City


Holleman Billie L -- Potter's Field


Hollering Alma -- California City

Hollering Earl -- California City


Holloway Belle -- California City

Holloway John Perry -- Howard/Walnut Grove

Holloway Lloyd Edward -- Flag Spring Church

Holloway Mary Lee -- Flag Spring Church


Hollowell Morris Perrin -- California Masonic


Holmes Ann -- McGirk

Holmes Ray Alan -- McGirk


Holt Elsie C -- St Paul's Lutheran

Holt J Orville -- St Paul's Lutheran

Holt Norma Ruth -- California Masonic


Holzer Albert -- California Masonic

Holzer Bettie E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Holzer Herman E -- Bowlen

Holzer Maria E -- Bowlen

Holzer Matilda -- California Masonic

Holzer Minnie -- California UCC

Holzer Samuel -- Burke/Crown Hill

Holzer Urs Logan -- Burke/Crown Hill


Holzfoerster Friederick C A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Holzfoerster John -- Burke/Crown Hill

Holzfoerster Mary M -- St Paul's Lutheran


Honaker George A -- New Salem

Honaker Mae -- New Salem


Honeywell Thomas Ryan -- Annunciation Catholic


Hood Dorsey W -- Old Salem

Hood Elizabeth Bell -- Old Salem

Hood Howard J -- Old Salem

Hood Mary B -- Old Salem

Hood Noble Curtis -- Old Salem

Hood Robert (Rev) Lafayette -- Old Salem

Hood Ronsome L -- Old Salem

Hood Rosedene -- Old Salem


Hoose Charles Leonard -- California City

Hoose Clarence E -- California City

Hoose Helen L -- California City

Hoose Ida M -- California City

Hoose Leonard Carl -- California City


Horak Lois Lavon -- California UCC


Hornbeck Alice M -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hornbeck Mary Jane -- Burke/Crown Hill


Hoskins Marjorie H -- California City

Hoskins Roy Russell -- California City

Hoskins Wade B -- California City


Hossman Carl M -- California City

Hossman Dessie E -- California City

Hossman Dixie D -- California City

Hossman Frank A -- California City

Hossman Fred -- California City

Hossman Laura W L -- California City

Hossman Mary -- California City

Hossman Otto A -- California City


Hott Emma Ruth -- California Masonic

Hott Mary M -- California Masonic

Hott William -- California Masonic


Houchin Carrie -- Hutchison/Houchin

Houchin Cynthia -- Hutchison/Houchin

Houchin Sherman -- Hutchison/Houchin

Houchin William D -- Hutchison/Houchin

Houchin William -- Hutchison/Houchin


Houck Catherine -- St Paul's Lutheran

Houck McDonough C -- St Paul's Lutheran


Hough James M -- Annunciation Catholic


Houk E P -- Old California City


Houser Albina Linna -- St Paul's Lutheran

Houser Bernard F -- California City

Houser C Julius -- St Paul's Lutheran

Houser Cora B -- St Paul's Lutheran

Houser Della I -- St Paul's Lutheran

Houser Dorothy Elizabeth -- St Paul's Lutheran

Houser Frederick Wilhelm -- St Paul's Lutheran

Houser Gideon H -- St Paul's Lutheran

Houser Gustav Herman -- St Paul's Lutheran

Houser John George -- St Paul's Lutheran

Houser Martha M -- California City


Howard Albert Lyman -- Old Salem

Howard Alexander Lincoln -- California Masonic

Howard Alice May -- Burke/Crown Hill

Howard Alonzo Gray -- Old Salem

Howard Benjamin Franklin -- California City

Howard Bessie O -- California Masonic

Howard Charles T -- Burke/Crown Hill

Howard Charles G -- Howard/Walnut Grove

Howard Clara A -- Old Salem

Howard Clark -- California Masonic

Howard Connie V -- California City

Howard Cynthia -- California Masonic

Howard Docia O -- California City

Howard Edith Ann -- California Masonic

Howard Edna Wolfrum -- California UCC

Howard Elma M -- California City

Howard Elva -- California City

Howard Emily -- Old Salem

Howard Emma Ida -- California City

Howard George F -- Flag Spring Church

Howard George -- Howard/Walnut Grove

Howard Georgia -- Potter's Field

Howard Gibson G -- Burke/Crown Hill

Howard Golder -- California Masonic

Howard Harry -- California Masonic

Howard Herman E -- California Masonic

Howard Hughie Golder -- California City

Howard Infant -- California Masonic

Howard Infant -- d/o R R & N Howard -- Howard/Walnut Grove

Howard James Andrew Jackson -- California City

Howard James Jackson -- California City

Howard James Jackson -- Old Salem

Howard Jemima Elizabeth -- California Masonic

Howard Jesse F -- California UCC

Howard John -- Old Salem

Howard John A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Howard John H -- Flag Spring Church

Howard Kenneth F -- California City

Howard Laura M -- California UCC

Howard Leon D -- California City

Howard Lillie D -- California Masonic

Howard Lillie B -- California Masonic

Howard Lizzie Clark -- Burke/Crown Hill

Howard Lizzie R -- Burke/Crown Hill

Howard Luther -- Potter's Field

Howard Martha C -- Old Salem

Howard Marvin G -- California City

Howard Mary A -- Flag Spring Church

Howard Mary J -- Howard/Walnut Grove

Howard Mary Elizabeth -- California City

Howard Maryland D -- California City

Howard Maxine E -- California City

Howard Nancy M -- Howard/Walnut Grove

Howard Nancy -- Old Salem

Howard Nellie L -- California City

Howard Roland -- California Masonic

Howard Sarah Francis -- Burke/Crown Hill

Howard Sarah  -- Flag Spring Church

Howard Sergt Claude -- Burke/Crown Hill

Howard Stella Grace -- Old Salem

Howard Virgil M -- California City

Howard Wilbur D -- California UCC

Howard Willard E -- California City

Howard William E Jr -- Burke/Crown Hill

Howard William Andrew -- California Masonic

Howard William E Sr -- Burke/Crown Hill


Howe Adam M -- Old Salem

Howe Addie Mae -- New Salem

Howe Alex -- California City

Howe Amanda -- Old Salem

Howe Andrew Jackson -- Old Salem

Howe Annie Lanora -- California City

Howe Basil Raymond -- Old Salem

Howe Birttie -- New Salem

Howe Claude D -- Old Salem

Howe Dock -- New Salem

Howe Donna J -- New Salem

Howe George W -- New Salem

Howe Harvey -- Old Salem

Howe Hattie -- California City

Howe Henry -- California City

Howe Herbert J -- New Salem

Howe Hosea S -- Old Salem

Howe Hutchen Burten -- Old Salem

Howe Infant -- Old Salem

Howe John -- New Salem

Howe Louisa -- Old Salem

Howe Lucinda -- New Salem

Howe Martha Ann -- Old Salem

Howe Naomi Ruth -- New Salem

Howe Nettie E -- Old Salem

Howe Robert Lee -- New Salem

Howe Ruth A VanStratten -- New Salem

Howe William Edward -- Old Salem

Howe William J -- New Salem

Howe William -- Old Salem


Howell Mary V -- Potter's Field


Howlett A L Lebanon

Howlett Emma M Lebanon

Howlett John S -- California City

Howlett Martha Belle -- California City


Huddleston Dova -- California City

Huddleston Ora -- California City


Hudson Alexander S -- California City


Hufendick Anna Katharina -- Salem E & R

Hufendick Anna Margaret Elizabeth -- Salem E & R

Hufendick Fred -- Salem E & R

Hufendick Friedrich August -- Salem E & R

Hufendick Gottlieb -- Salem E & R

Hufendick John Frederick -- Salem E & R

Hufendick Pauline Julia -- Salem E & R


Huff Absolam -- Old Lebanon

Huff Charles Douglas -- Old Lebanon

Huff Hetty -- Old Lebanon

Huff Jane -- California Masonic

Huff John -- California Masonic

Huff John C -- Old Lebanon

Huff Kezia -- California Masonic

Huff Marilda J -- Old Lebanon

Huff Noah -- Old Lebanon

Huff Serena Alice -- California Masonic

Huff Solomon -- California Masonic


Huffendick Arthur J -- California UCC

Huffendick Dorothy M -- California UCC


Hug Marcella Ott -- California Masonic

Hug Paul Walter -- California Masonic


Hugelman Charles -- Annunciation Catholic


Hugelmann Cathrine -- Annunciation Catholic

Hugelmann Frank -- Annunciation Catholic

Hugelmann Joseph -- Annunciation Catholic


Hughes Ida Isabella -- California Masonic

Hughes Jeptha Grant -- California Masonic


Hull Edgar Griffin -- California Masonic

Hull Lois P -- California Masonic


Humber Josephine -- Annunciation Catholic


Hume Alta Lorene -- Flag Spring Church

Hume Brooks Kaylor -- Flag Spring Church

Hume Dale Allen -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hume Elizabeth -- Gray/Hume

Hume Ethel Blanche -- Flag Spring Church

Hume Frederick Guy -- Flag Spring Church

Hume Hardin -- County Farm

Hume James R -- Flag Spring Church

Hume James H -- Flag Spring Church

Hume Jessie L -- Flag Spring Church

Hume John Richard -- Flag Spring Church

Hume John F -- Flag Spring Church

Hume Lewis Roy -- Flag Spring Church

Hume Lewis R Jr -- Flag Spring Church

Hume Lousianna -- Flag Spring Church

Hume Minnie L -- Flag Spring Church

Hume Nancy -- Flag Spring Church

Hume Ruben -- Gray/Hume

Hume Sarah D -- Flag Spring Church


Huning August Henry -- McGirk

Huning Bertha Elizabeth -- California City

Huning Blanche Emma -- McGirk

Huning Dora May -- McGirk

Huning Herman Henry -- McGirk

Huning John Herman -- California City

Huning Katherine Friedericka -- Salem E & R

Huning Lena M -- California City

Huning Lucille Catherine -- California City

Huning Minnie Dora -- McGirk

Huning Recka -- Salem E & R

Huning Theodore W -- McGirk

Huning Theodore -- Salem E & R

Huning William F -- California City


Hunt Alexander W -- California Masonic

Hunt Marion Gray -- California Masonic


Hunter -- Salem E & R

Hunter Benjamin H -- McGirk

Hunter Dee Mina -- Flag Spring Church

Hunter George -- New Salem

Hunter James Albert -- Flag Spring Church

Hunter John W -- Old Salem

Hunter John W -- New Salem

Hunter Joseph W -- California Masonic

Hunter Lucinda Adeline -- McGirk

Hunter Luticia A -- New Salem

Hunter Margaret E -- California Masonic

Hunter Martha Kuhl -- California Masonic

Hunter Minnie Roberts -- California City

Hunter Paul L -- McGirk

Hunter Sarah -- Old Salem


Hunziker Benjamin -- California City

Hunziker Bertha L -- California City

Hunziker James E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hunziker John -- California City

Hunziker Mary K -- California City

Hunziker Norman W -- California City

Hunziker Truman P -- California City

Hunziker Virginia J -- California City

Hunziker William -- California City


Hursey Martha Miller -- Shiloh


Hurt Emmette Clayton -- California City

Hurt Evelyn June -- California City

Hurt Joel V -- California City

Hurt Mary V -- California City


Hurtado Manuela -- Annunciation Catholic


Hutchinson Angeline -- McGirk

Hutchinson Fredrick Augustus -- McGirk

Hutchinson George Washington -- McGirk

Hutchinson Lula -- McGirk

Hutchinson William A -- McGirk

Hutchison Alfred H -- California City

Hutchison Alie May -- Old California City

Hutchison Alpha G -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Benjamin Thomas -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Clarissa Angeline -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Cora Mae -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Daniel M -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison David Henry -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison David Douglas -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Elizabeth -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Elizabeth Evelyn -- California City

Hutchison Elmer E -- California City

Hutchison Emmett Floyd -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Eula A -- California City

Hutchison Floyd L -- California City

Hutchison George Washington -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison George W -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison George Washington -- Old Lebanon

Hutchison Infant -- s/o B T & S I Hutchison -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison James Roland -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison James Edgar -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hutchison Jerry R -- California City

Hutchison John Stephen -- California City

Hutchison John M -- Hill Family

Hutchison Katie Mae -- California City

Hutchison Lena A -- California City

Hutchison Lillie J -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Louisa -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Lydia -- Hutchison/Houchin

Hutchison M Gertrude -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Maria -- Hill Family

Hutchison Martha -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Nellie B -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Rosalee -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Roy S -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Ruby Maxine -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Ruth C -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Sallie M -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Sarah C -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Sarah Ann -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Susan Ann -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Susan Isabelle -- Flag Spring Church

Hutchison Thomas -- Hutchison/Houchin

Hutchison Thomas -- Old Salem

Hutchison Virgie James -- Burke/Crown Hill

Hutchison William Harvey -- Hill Family

Hutchison William Harvey -- Flag Spring Church


Hutsell LuVon -- California City

Hutsell Michael Von -- California City


Hyatt Ann Lee -- Burke/Crown Hill


Hyrne Teresa M -- Potter's Field




Ikard Faye Milburn -- California City

Ikard Samuel Byron -- California City


Iliff Bertha Elizabeth -- California City

Iliff Elmer Rev D -- California City

Iliff Pearl E -- California City


Imhoff Alice Fuller -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Alvin W -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Amelia L -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Anna Marie -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Beverly Jean -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Dorothy Hartman -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Dorothy M -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Fontella L -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Helen M -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Jane -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Jerome N -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Margaret E -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Maude Helen -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Minnie -- New Salem

Imhoff Paul P -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Robert E -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Ruth E -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Sallie G -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Terrence Lee -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Thomas W -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Thomas Lynn -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Urban Robert -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff Vincent P -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff William V -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff William Anthony -- Annunciation Catholic

Imhoff William Mark -- Annunciation Catholic


Ingersoll Milley Annella -- California Masonic


Inglish Abram A -- Shiloh

Inglish Alex B -- Shiloh

Inglish Arna M -- Shiloh

Inglish Bertha Margaret -- Shiloh

Inglish Bessie L -- Shiloh

Inglish Boyd -- Shiloh

Inglish Cecil -- Shiloh

Inglish Claude R -- Shiloh

Inglish Cleo N -- Shiloh

Inglish Clyde -- Shiloh

Inglish George Longan -- Shiloh

Inglish Harley Alexander -- Shiloh

Inglish Hazel Lucille -- Shiloh

Inglish Henrietta Akers -- Sweetwater

Inglish Henry -- Sweetwater

Inglish Hester J -- Shiloh

Inglish Hugh J -- Shiloh

Inglish Infant -- s/o John Inglish -- Sweetwater

Inglish James -- Sweetwater

Inglish James B -- Sweetwater

Inglish Jane -- Shiloh

Inglish Joe -- Shiloh

Inglish Joe -- Shiloh

Inglish John -- Shiloh

Inglish John (Capt) -- Sweetwater

Inglish John W -- Shiloh

Inglish John Dr E -- Shiloh

Inglish Jonathan M (Dr) -- Sweetwater

Inglish Joseph P -- Shiloh

Inglish Judy -- Shiloh

Inglish Martha Crum -- Sweetwater

Inglish Mary -- Sweetwater

Inglish Mary Jane Harmon -- Sweetwater

Inglish Mary E -- Shiloh

Inglish Mary Margaret -- Shiloh

Inglish Milton A V -- Shiloh

Inglish Milton Anderson -- Shiloh

Inglish Missoura F Martin -- Sweetwater

Inglish Nero J -- Shiloh

Inglish Phoebe -- Potter's Field

Inglish Sarah Jane -- Shiloh

Inglish William Y (Buffalo Bill) -- Sweetwater


Inman Albert -- Old California City

Inman Albert L -- Burke/Crown Hill

Inman Amanda -- Sweetwater

Inman Andrew J -- Burke/Crown Hill

Inman Belle -- Old Salem

Inman Benjamin M C Sr -- Burke/Crown Hill

Inman Benjamin L -- California City

Inman Catherine Caroline -- Burke/Crown Hill

Inman Charles J -- Old California City

Inman Delia M -- Burke/Crown Hill

Inman Eliza -- Old California City

Inman Elizabeth -- Burke/Crown Hill

Inman Flora -- Old California City

Inman Florence -- California City

Inman Frank -- Old California City

Inman George -- Burke/Crown Hill

Inman Hazel R -- California City

Inman James -- Old California City

Inman Jessie Mae -- Old California City

Inman John L -- California City

Inman John Sr -- Burke/Crown Hill

Inman Larry F -- Burke/Crown Hill

Inman Lee J -- California City

Inman Leota -- Old California City

Inman Lottie E -- California City

Inman Louise -- Burke/Crown Hill

Inman Lucinda A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Inman Lucy -- Old California City

Inman Mary R -- Burke/Crown Hill

Inman May -- Old California City

Inman Melvina A -- California Masonic

Inman Richard William -- Burke/Crown Hill

Inman Robert -- Burke/Crown Hill

Inman Roy M -- Burke/Crown Hill

Inman Stella Roberta -- Old California City

Inman Sylvester -- Old California City

Inman William Franklin -- Burke/Crown Hill


Irwin Mary Louise -- Rohrbach

Irwin Ruth Ann -- California Masonic

Irwin Wilford F -- Rohrbach


Isenschmid Edward J -- California City

Isenschmid Frederick William -- Rohrbach

Isenschmid John -- Rohrbach

Isenschmid Justina Thelma -- California City

Isenschmid Maria  -- Rohrbach

Isenschmid Rudolf -- Rohrbach

Isenschmid Sophia -- Rohrbach


Iserhart Wilhelmina -- Annunciation Catholic




Jackson Anna B -- California City

Jackson Benjamin R -- Flag Spring Church

Jackson Cephas H -- California City

Jackson Clarence E -- California City

Jackson Dennis Ray -- California City

Jackson Dora M -- Potter's Field

Jackson Eliza T -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jackson Elizabeth -- Old Lebanon

Jackson Emma R -- California City

Jackson Florence E -- California City

Jackson Florence M -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jackson Francis -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jackson Helen N -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jackson Henry Cornelius -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jackson Henry -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jackson Ida Mae -- California City

Jackson Margaret L -- California City

Jackson Marie K -- St Paul's Lutheran

Jackson Pearl -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jackson Pearlie -- Old California City

Jackson Robert D -- St Paul's Lutheran

Jackson Roger C -- California City

Jackson Sidney -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jackson Walter -- California City

Jackson Wilber Russell -- California City

Jackson William B -- Burke/Crown Hill


Jacobs Adeline E -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jacobs Charles B -- Annunciation Catholic

Jacobs Charles J Jr -- Annunciation Catholic

Jacobs Eugene A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jacobs Evelyn Lynn -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jacobs Henry A -- California Masonic

Jacobs Rosa M -- Annunciation Catholic

Jacobs Virginia Lou -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jacobs William F -- Burke/Crown Hill


Jahn Agnes -- Salem E & R

Jahn Alma -- California UCC

Jahn Amelia -- Salem E & R

Jahn Anna Pauline -- California City

Jahn Frank H -- California City

Jahn Gus Friedrich Wilhelm -- Salem E & R

Jahn Louis -- California UCC

Jahn Lula -- California UCC

Jahn Mellie Meta -- California City

Jahn Sophia -- California UCC

Jahn William G -- California City


James Agnes -- Potter's Field

James Dora Alice -- Salem E & R

James Edgar T -- St Paul's Lutheran

James Furnace -- County Farm

James John F -- Salem E & R

James Treacy Pearl -- St Paul's Lutheran

James William -- St Paul's Lutheran


Jandon Jesse Howard -- California Masonic


Jefferson Esther F -- California City


Jenkins Diana Miller -- New Salem

Jenkins Eunice I -- California City

Jenkins George W -- California City

Jenkins Harold L -- California City

Jenkins John Franklin -- California City

Jenkins Lily I -- California City

Jenkins Marian Earlene -- California City

Jenkins Michael A -- California City

Jenkins Nona -- McGirk

Jenkins Robert Eugene -- McGirk


Jennison Denver -- California City

Jennison Stella -- California City


Jensen Bruce C -- Rohrbach

Jensen Linda P -- Rohrbach


Jerentrup Hanna Louise -- Salem E & R


Jobe Abraham -- Old Salem

Jobe Abraham -- Jobe/Birdsong

Jobe Amanda -- Old Salem

Jobe Ann -- Old California City

Jobe B Yeoman -- Old Salem

Jobe Bartholomew -- Old California City

Jobe Bartholomew Reson -- Old Salem

Jobe Belle -- California City

Jobe Blanche O -- California City

Jobe Buckner R C -- Flag Spring Church

Jobe Charlzey Elmer -- California City

Jobe Clarinda -- Jobe/Birdsong

Jobe Clay -- Flag Spring Church

Jobe Della D -- Old Jobe

Jobe Dora L -- California City

Jobe Doretta -- California Masonic

Jobe Earl L -- Flag Spring Church

Jobe Edward Leonard -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jobe Edward N -- California City

Jobe Edward L -- California City

Jobe Elizabeth B -- Annunciation Catholic

Jobe Elizabeth M -- Old California City

Jobe Elizabeth (Maggie) -- Old Salem

Jobe Emmet N -- Flag Spring Church

Jobe Ernest V -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jobe Guy W -- Jobe/Birdsong

Jobe Harry B -- California City

Jobe Herschel L -- California City

Jobe Hollan E -- Flag Spring Church

Jobe Icle A -- California City

Jobe Ida Blanch -- Flag Spring Church

Jobe Infant -- d/o B R C & S G Jobe -- Old Jobe

Jobe Infant -- d/o B R C & S G Jobe -- Old Jobe

Jobe Infant -- s/o B R C & S G Jobe -- Old Jobe

Jobe Infant -- d/o B R C & S G Jobe -- Old Jobe

Jobe Infant -- d/o B R C & S G Jobe -- Old Jobe

Jobe Infant -- s/o B R C & S G Jobe -- Old Jobe

Jobe Irene -- California City

Jobe J Edward -- California City

Jobe Jacob -- Old Salem

Jobe Jacob C -- Old Jobe

Jobe Jakie -- Old Salem

Jobe Jeanie -- Flag Spring Church

Jobe Jerry Albert -- Annunciation Catholic

Jobe John Burke -- Annunciation Catholic

Jobe John P -- Flag Spring Church

Jobe John W (Sgt) -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jobe John L -- Old Salem

Jobe Joseph A -- California City

Jobe Julia Ann -- California City

Jobe Laura Stella -- California City

Jobe Lee Roy -- Flag Spring Church

Jobe Lloyd Kenneth -- California City

Jobe Logan -- Old Salem

Jobe Lola M -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jobe Lucille Loretta -- California City

Jobe Luther M -- California City

Jobe M Mildred -- California City

Jobe Mada J E -- Old Salem

Jobe Malinda Ellen -- James Williams

Jobe Margaret M -- Flag Spring Church

Jobe Martha A -- Old Salem

Jobe Mary A -- Old Salem

Jobe Mary E -- Old Salem

Jobe Mary W -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jobe Mary Ann -- Jobe/Birdsong

Jobe Necia -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jobe Paul Gerald -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jobe Polly -- Flag Spring Church

Jobe Presley A -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jobe Rebecca A -- Old Salem

Jobe Reuben -- Flag Spring Church

Jobe Rosa Ann -- Old Salem

Jobe Ruth Ann -- Annunciation Catholic

Jobe Sallie -- Flag Spring Church

Jobe Sarah A -- Old Salem

Jobe Susan -- Flag Spring Church

Jobe Susan -- Old Salem

Jobe Susan L -- Flag Spring Church

Jobe Sylvia L -- California City

Jobe William F -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jobe William T -- Old Jobe

Jobe William Wallace -- California City

Jobe William L -- Jobe/Birdsong


Johnson Addie B -- California Masonic

Johnson Alice -- Burke/Crown Hill

Johnson Amanda Josephine -- Old Lebanon

Johnson Augusta -- McGirk

Johnson Bessie F -- New Salem

Johnson Carl P -- California Masonic

Johnson Carl E Sr -- California City

Johnson Clayton Henry -- Annunciation Catholic

Johnson Colleen Teresa -- California City

Johnson Doris J -- Shiloh

Johnson E Walker -- California City

Johnson Edwin -- Old Lebanon

Johnson Eleanor Jane -- Annunciation Catholic

Johnson Ella M -- New Salem

Johnson Ernest -- Burke/Crown Hill

Johnson Ferdiller C -- California Masonic

Johnson Floyd -- Burke/Crown Hill

Johnson Francis M -- California Masonic

Johnson Fred O -- Burke/Crown Hill

Johnson Harry E -- California Masonic

Johnson Harry P -- McGirk

Johnson Harry -- Burke/Crown Hill

Johnson James R -- New Salem

Johnson Jane M -- California Masonic

Johnson Jennie L -- Burke/Crown Hill

Johnson John R -- Old Lebanon

Johnson John M -- New Salem

Johnson John M -- California City

Johnson Josephine -- Old Lebanon

Johnson Leon R -- California City

Johnson Mary -- California City

Johnson Maude B -- California City

Johnson Mildred O -- California Masonic

Johnson Otto R -- McGirk

Johnson Robert -- Salem E & R

Johnson Roy L -- New Salem

Johnson Sarah -- Salem E & R

Johnson Sheila D -- California City

Johnson Sidney James -- Burke/Crown Hill

Johnson Sylvester Leon -- Potter's Field

Johnson Timothy W -- California City

Johnson Ward -- California City

Johnson William H -- McGirk


Johnston Molissa -- New Salem


Jones Alice -- McGirk

Jones Amanda -- Flag Spring Church

Jones Annie Bell -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jones Bernice B -- Shiloh

Jones Betty S -- Salem E & R

Jones Christina -- California UCC

Jones Dorothy May -- Potter's Field

Jones Eddie -- Old California City

Jones Edgar B -- Annunciation Catholic

Jones Edward -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jones Elizabeth A -- Salem E & R

Jones Frank -- California UCC

Jones Hadley Linden -- Potter's Field

Jones Infant -- Infant of P W & S Jones -- Old California City

Jones Jesse Lee -- Flag Spring Church

Jones Johnie H -- Old Lebanon

Jones Laura H -- Annunciation Catholic

Jones Leon -- Shiloh

Jones Luly -- Flag Spring Church

Jones M Hazel Bell -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jones Martha A -- Old Lebanon

Jones Millard F -- Flag Spring Church

Jones Nancy L -- California Cit

Jones Newton -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jones Orville V -- Salem E & R

Jones Otto -- Flag Spring Church

Jones Phineas W -- California UCC

Jones Rees -- Old Lebanon

Jones Samuel -- Old California City

Jones Shirley M -- Salem E & R

Jones Thomas E -- McGirk

Jones Toft Coleman -- Potter's Field

Jones William -- California City

Jones William Newton -- Burke/Crown Hill

Jones Winston R -- California City


Joplin John -- Flag Spring Church


Jordan Christisanna -- Burke/Crown Hill


Joseph Gabriel -- Annunciation Catholic

Joseph Louise -- Annunciation Catholic


Judd Emma L -- California City


June Dollie J -- Burke/Crown Hill


Jungmeyer Cordelia -- St Paul's Lutheran

Jungmeyer Eda K -- St Paul's Lutheran

Jungmeyer Edgar -- St Paul's Lutheran

Jungmeyer Elena St Paul's Lutheran

Jungmeyer Francis M -- St Paul's Lutheran

Jungmeyer Gustav F -- St Paul's Lutheran

Jungmeyer Irene -- St Paul's Lutheran

Jungmeyer John G -- St Paul's Lutheran

Jungmeyer Larry -- St Paul's Lutheran

Jungmeyer Robert O -- St Paul's Lutheran




Kaiser Anna Elizabeth -- Old Salem

Kaiser August J -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kaiser August F -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kaiser Charles H -- California UCC

Kaiser Charlie E -- Old Salem

Kaiser Edward Charles -- California UCC

Kaiser Elizabeth -- California UCC

Kaiser Elizabeth -- Old Salem

Kaiser Fred -- Old Salem

Kaiser Gerhardt -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kaiser Henry -- Burke/Crown Hill

Kaiser Irene Elisabeth -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kaiser John Samuel -- Old Salem

Kaiser John William -- California City

Kaiser Karl Ludwig -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kaiser Laura L -- California City

Kaiser Lena -- California UCC

Kaiser Mary -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kaiser Regina M -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kaiser Sarah Elizabeth -- Old Salem


Kamp Anna Marie Charlotte -- Salem E & R

Kamp Anna Christinna -- Salem E & R

Kamp Frederick -- Salem E & R

Kamp Jobst Heinrich -- Salem E & R

Kamp Philippiene -- Salem E & R

Kamp Wilhelmina -- Salem E & R


Karstetter J Fred -- Flag Spring Church

Karstetter Matilda -- Flag Spring Church


Kaserman Catharine -- Chapel/New Hope

Kaserman John S -- Flag Spring Church

Kaserman Mary E -- Flag Spring Church

Kaserman Mellvina -- Old Salem

Kaserman Samuel -- Chapel/New Hope

Kaserman Walter E -- Chapel/New Hope


Kasper Anna -- Bethel Mennonite

Kasper Cornelius E -- Bethel Mennonite

Kasper Henry -- Bethel Mennonite

Kasper Susan -- Bethel Mennonite


Kasserman Mildred A -- California City


Katchman Karl Henry -- Salem E & R


Katschman Anna Emilie -- Salem E & R

Katschman Emma R -- Salem E & R

Katschman Forrest Dean -- California City

Katschman Forrest L -- California City

Katschman Henry -- Salem E & R

Katschman Hershel F -- Salem E & R

Katschman Karl Hugo -- Salem E & R

Katschman Mary Iloine -- California City

Katschman Rudolph -- Salem E & R

Katschman Wilhelmina -- Salem E & R


Katschmann Infant -- Salem E & R


Kay Alonzo B -- New Salem

Kay Andrew Jackson -- New Salem

Kay Anna Michelle -- New Salem

Kay Carl W -- California Masonic

Kay Cornelia -- New Salem

Kay Deborah -- California Masonic

Kay Eugene A -- California Masonic

Kay Eugene Virgil -- California Masonic

Kay Flossie M -- California City

Kay Hannah Elizabeth -- New Salem

Kay Hazel M -- New Salem

Kay John Patrick -- California City

Kay Norris D -- California Masonic

Kay Paul A -- New Salem

Kay Roy L -- California Masonic

Kay Stella M -- California Masonic

Kay Steven Paul -- New Salem


Kaylor A Hugh -- Flag Spring Church

Kaylor Infant -- Flag Spring Church

Kaylor John -- Flag Spring Church

Kaylor Minnie M -- Flag Spring Church

Kaylor Ollie P -- Flag Spring Church


Keck Ephraim -- California City

Keck Fannie Atkinson -- California City


Keeran Donna Joan -- California City

Keeran Gerald David -- Shiloh

Keeran James E -- Shiloh

Keeran Louisa Jeanette -- Shiloh

Keeran Lucille R -- Shiloh

Keeran Mary V -- California City

Keeran Mildred Ann -- Shiloh

Keeran Pyrelle N -- Shiloh

Keeran Richard Kenneth -- Shiloh

Keeran Robert Walter -- Shiloh

Keeran Walter W -- California City


Keil Anna -- California UCC

Keil Ethel A -- California UCC

Keil Frank U -- California Masonic

Keil Harold -- California Masonic

Keil Henry -- California UCC

Keil James E -- California Masonic

Keil Margaret M -- Annunciation Catholic

Keil Marvin O -- Annunciation Catholic

Keil Opal Geraldine -- California Masonic

Keil Otto Charles -- California UCC

Keil Rachel E -- California Masonic

Keil Terry Joe -- California Masonic


Keller Barbara Ann -- California City

Keller Emma E -- Burke/Crown Hill


Kelling Flora R -- California UCC

Kelling Tine A -- California UCC


Kellogg Chever M -- California Masonic

Kellogg Virginia L -- California Masonic


Kelly Alcindia -- Old California City

Kelly Henry Charles -- Potter's Field

Kelly James -- California City

Kelly John F -- California Masonic

Kelly Lloyd Lee -- Burke/Crown Hill

Kelly Matt -- Potter's Field

Kelly Nancy -- Annunciation Catholic

Kelly Nancy Agnes -- California City

Kelly Patrick James -- California City

Kelly Permelia Taylor -- California Masonic


Kempe Bobby Lee -- Burke/Crown Hill

Kempe Celesta E -- Burke/Crown Hill


Kempfer Anna E -- California City

Kempfer John J -- California City


Kendrick Anna E -- California UCC


Kennedy Andrew -- Burke/Crown Hill

Kennedy Cynthia Maria -- Burke/Crown Hill

Kennedy Elizabeth -- Burke/Crown Hill

Kennedy James -- Sweetwater

Kennedy Sophia -- Burke/Crown Hill

Kennedy Wilbur I -- Burke/Crown Hill


Kenney John M -- Old Lebanon

Kenney Margaret -- Old Salem

Kenney Mary Ellen -- Annunciation Catholic

Kenney Mary Maloney -- Annunciation Catholic

Kenney Nessiah -- Chapel/New Hope

Kenney Patrick -- Annunciation Catholic

Kenney Peter -- Annunciation Catholic

Kenney William -- Chapel/New Hope


Kent Albert K -- Burke/Crown Hill

Kent Annie -- Burke/Crown Hill

Kent Catherine -- Burke/Crown Hill

Kent Joseph M -- Burke/Crown Hill


Kerperin Margaret -- Annunciation Catholic


Kerr Hannah M -- California City

Kerr John H -- California City


Kersten A Elizabeth -- California UCC

Kersten William Herman -- California UCC


Keusen Godfrey -- California UCC

Keusen Mary -- California UCC

Keusen Walter E -- California UCC


Key Millie Ethel -- California City


Kibbe Bess C -- California Masonic

Kibbe David Allen -- California Masonic

Kibbe Edgar A -- California Masonic

Kibbe John Carter -- California Masonic

Kibbe Martin K -- California Masonic

Kibbe Pauline E -- California Masonic


Kiefer Joseph -- Annunciation Catholic


Kiely Annie C -- Annunciation Catholic

Kiely Cornelius -- Burke/Crown Hill

Kiely Elenora  -- Burke/Crown Hill

Kiely Elizabeth -- Annunciation Catholic

Kiely Florence H -- Annunciation Catholic

Kiely James -- Burke/Crown Hill

Kiely James Leo -- California Masonic

Kiely John Michael -- Annunciation Catholic

Kiely Lula Mae -- Annunciation Catholic

Kiely Michael -- Annunciation Catholic

Kiely Mina S -- Burke/Crown Hill

Kiely Richard -- Annunciation Catholic

Kiely Sidney J -- Annunciation Catholic

Kiely Sidney Blakely -- Burke/Crown Hill


Kiesling Albert Sebastian -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiesling Anna -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiesling Barbara -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiesling Cathy Lou -- Annunciation Catholic

Kiesling David Lee -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiesling Edward T -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiesling Eliza Jane -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiesling Elmer -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiesling F William -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiesling Florence K -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiesling Gottlieb Theodore -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiesling Henriette St Paul's Lutheran

Kiesling Henry Thomas -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiesling Johann Wolfgang -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiesling John Gottlieb -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiesling John Frank -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiesling Karl Henry -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiesling Laurence John -- Annunciation Catholic

Kiesling Luesa A -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiesling Matilda -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiesling Mildred W H -- St Paul's Lutheran


Kiessig Frederick Herman -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiessig Gideon R -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiessig Johanna Agnes Ruth -- St Paul's Lutheran

Kiessig Laura A -- St Paul's Lutheran


Kilgore Eugene H -- California City

Kilgore Gary A -- California City

Kilgore Veatrice S -- California City


Kilpatrick Anna -- New Salem


Kimball Charles Albert -- Potter's Field


Kinder Byron W -- California City

Kinder Ellen L -- California City


King Cecil L -- California City

King Columbus E -- Sweetwater

King Debra Cheryl -- California City

King Elvira H -- Old Salem

King Lealy -- Sweetwater

King Velma J -- California City


Kingery Elvena Hader -- Flag Spring Church

Kingery Everett C -- Flag Spring Church


Kirchhoff Amanda -- California City

Kirchhoff Anna Margarette -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Anna Friedricka -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Augusta F -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Carl W -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Chester T -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Daniel Heinrich -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Eduard Wilhelm -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Edward Friedrich -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Fred -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Fred -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Friedrich -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Henry Edward -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Herman -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Hilda H -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Jean Roosevelt -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Johann F -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Johann Heinrich -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Johanna Wilhelmine -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Johanna Friedericke -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff John Henry -- California City

Kirchhoff John F -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Laura Anna -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Laura Martha -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Lewis Kay -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Lloyd -- California City

Kirchhoff Louis Friedrich -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Louise -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Mae Ella -- California City

Kirchhoff Marie Karoline -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Matilda -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Minnie A -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Pearl C -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Virginia L -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff Wilhelmine -- Salem E & R

Kirchhoff William Frederick -- Salem E & R


Kirchner Daniel E -- St Paul's Lutheran