Moniteau County Missouri

List of Names in Willow Fork Township Cemeteries


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Willow Fork Township has approximately 5,400 burials in 21 cemeteries.


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Cemeteries in Willow Fork Township (# of burials):

Brooking (12)

Christian Family (17)

Dorner Family (1)

Gallagher Family (13)

Gilbert Family (7)

Huff Family (10)

Liberty Baptist (106)

McPherson Family (2)

Moreau (597)

Newkirk (412)

Peter Newkirk Family (13)

Prairie Grove (229)

Snorgrass Family (33)

Soldiers (25)

St Andrews (1,700)

Thixton Family (26)

Tipton Masonic (1,254)

Tipton Odd Fellows (897)

Woods Family (4)

Last Name - First Name - Middle - Cemetery


? ? 1881 -- Liberty Baptist Church -- Cem rec states: A cement base around a lot. Cedar trees planted at the head & dates marked in the cement:
? ? 1861 -- Liberty Baptist Church -- Cem rec states: A cement base around a lot. Cedar trees planted at the head & dates marked in the cement:
? ? 1871 -- Liberty Baptist Church -- Cem rec states: A cement base around a lot. Cedar trees planted at the head & dates marked in the cement:

Cemetery book explanation: The following are first names of a family. A concrete base is around these markers. There was a time when people came and decorated these graves.
? August -- Soldiers -- Refer to explanation in Cem book
? Augusta -- Soldiers -- Refer to explanation in Cem book
? F S -- Soldiers -- Refer to explanation in Cem book
? Julia -- Soldiers -- Refer to explanation in Cem book
? Julius -- Soldiers -- Refer to explanation in Cem book

? Eva -- St Andrews

? Joseph -- St Andrews

? Melvin -- 1859 Jan 31 - 1860 Feb 23 -- Moreau -- Cem rec states this name illegible; Stone broken & on ground w/no death date visible in Oct 2000


? Melvin E -- Soldiers -- 2nd Illinois Co A


C V S -- Soldiers

E J -- Soldiers

L W -- Soldiers

N D H -- Soldiers -- 26th Indiana

S J M -- Soldiers




Adair Alfred A -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair Cynthia Louise -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair Furnace -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair Furnace -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair Ida -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair Infant -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair Jane -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair John -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair Lucinda Lee -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair Lucy -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair Luella -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair Lutherian -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair Lydia -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair M J -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair Mary A -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair Mary Ann -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair Nancy -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair Parthena -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair Rachael E -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair Stephen -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair Stephen Phillip -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair William -- Liberty Baptist Church

Adair Willie J -- Liberty Baptist Church


Adams Arthur Tompkins -- Tipton Masonic

Adams Emma -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Adams Esther Louise -- Tipton Masonic

Adams Harrison -- Prairie Grove

Adams Laura Clarinda -- Tipton Masonic

Adams Laura O -- Tipton Masonic

Adams Mary Olena -- Tipton Masonic


Aikin Lora E -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Akin Nancy J -- Liberty Baptist Church


Albertin Sue Ellen -- St Andrews


Albin Deborah Jean -- Tipton Masonic

Albin Harold Francis Sr -- Tipton Masonic

Albin Irene -- Tipton Masonic

Albin John W -- Tipton Masonic

Albin Richard Lee -- Tipton Masonic

Albin Selma M -- Tipton Masonic

Albin Walter Rolla -- Tipton Masonic


Aldredge George Earnest -- Tipton Masonic

Aldredge Kellie Virginia -- Tipton Masonic


Alexander Alfred A -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander Alfred B -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander Alfred Briscoe -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander Alfred Kenney -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander Alpha  -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander Alpha T -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander Clara Belle -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander Claude S -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander Claude Stuart Jr -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander Dorothy Lucille -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander Emma  -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander Frazier M Jr -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander Frazier McVean -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander James  -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander James B -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander James R -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander Kate H -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander Larenzo -- Moreau

Alexander Laura B -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander Martha Madelyn -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander Mayme Edith -- Tipton Masonic

Alexander Nellie P -- Tipton Masonic


Allee Cecile -- Moreau

Allee Erma -- Moreau

Allee Gene -- Moreau

Allee Mary Tillie -- Moreau


Allison Alice F -- Christian Family

Allison Mary L -- Christian Family

Allison Robert -- Christian Family

Allison Susan B -- Christian Family


Amos Dellie  -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Amos Emma  -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Amos George -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Andresen Angela Kay -- Tipton Masonic

Andresen Terry Lee -- Tipton Masonic


Annig Lorance -- St Andrews


Apel James Everett -- Tipton Masonic


Arbuckle A H -- Tipton Masonic

Arbuckle Martha A -- Tipton Masonic


Arnold Alpha A -- Tipton Masonic

Arnold Amanda -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Arnold Brett Andrew -- St Andrews

Arnold Cecil M -- Tipton Masonic

Arnold Dorris G -- St Andrews

Arnold Everett  -- Tipton Masonic

Arnold Forest Porter -- St Andrews

Arnold John A -- Tipton Masonic

Arnold Julia M -- St Andrews

Arnold Lillian G -- Tipton Masonic

Arnold Linnie M -- Tipton Masonic

Arnold Melva D -- St Andrews

Arnold Orville  -- Tipton Masonic

Arnold Richard D -- Tipton Masonic

Arnold William P -- St Andrews


Asdale Martha Lawrence -- Tipton Masonic

Asdale Wilson -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Ashbrook Charity -- Prairie Grove


Ashcraft Amos -- Moreau

Ashcraft H F -- Moreau

Ashcraft J A -- Moreau

Ashcraft J R -- Moreau

Ashcraft P W -- Moreau

Ashcraft T A -- Moreau


Ashurst Olive  -- Tipton Masonic


Atkeson ?  -- Tipton Masonic

Atkeson Alpha L -- Tipton Masonic

Atkeson Andrew -- Liberty Baptist Church

Atkeson Artela A -- Tipton Masonic

Atkeson Arthur J -- Tipton Masonic

Atkeson Elizabeth -- Liberty Baptist Church

Atkeson Frances Young -- Liberty Baptist Church

Atkeson Frank -- Liberty Baptist Church

Atkeson G Floyd -- Tipton Masonic

Atkeson George M -- Liberty Baptist Church

Atkeson Ida Mae -- Tipton Masonic

Atkeson Jane -- Liberty Baptist Church

Atkeson John Young -- Liberty Baptist Church

Atkeson Mary -- Liberty Baptist Church

Atkeson Mattie -- Liberty Baptist Church

Atkeson Nancy Ann -- Liberty Baptist Church

Atkeson Oliver L -- Tipton Masonic

Atkeson Rosa M -- Tipton Masonic

Atkeson Thomas -- Liberty Baptist Church

Atkeson Walter Gray -- Tipton Masonic

Atkeson William J -- Tipton Masonic

Atkeson William Nation -- Liberty Baptist Church


Auld Lavina  -- Tipton Masonic


Austin   -- Tipton Masonic

Austin Ardella -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Austin Mrs S J -- Tipton Masonic

Austin Susan J -- Tipton Masonic


Ayres Mary Ruby -- Newkirk




Babb Joshua Lee -- Tipton Masonic


Backes Megan Jo -- St Andrews


Bailey Alice C -- Tipton Masonic

Bailey Bertha  -- Tipton Masonic

Bailey Cleta M -- St Andrews

Bailey John N -- Tipton Masonic

Bailey Lorattia Ellen -- St Andrews

Bailey Ralph R -- St Andrews


Baker Clara -- Moreau

Baker Clara Livinia -- Tipton Masonic

Baker Ethel Mae -- Moreau

Baker Florence Rebecca -- Tipton Masonic

Baker Herbert Joseph -- Tipton Masonic

Baker James Hiram -- Moreau

Baker Joe John -- Moreau

Baker Lewis -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Baker Louis -- Liberty Baptist Church

Baker Mary F -- Liberty Baptist Church

Baker Mattie E -- Moreau

Baker Rosa -- Moreau

Baker Virgil T -- Tipton Masonic

Baker William E -- Liberty Baptist Church


Ball James Melvin [Fuzzy] -- Newkirk

Ball Rosa Mae -- Newkirk


Bane Annie R -- Tipton Masonic

Bane C C -- Tipton Masonic

Bane David R -- Tipton Masonic

Bane David Rush -- Tipton Masonic

Bane Frank  -- Tipton Masonic

Bane Frank -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Bane Frank A -- Tipton Masonic

Bane James C -- Tipton Masonic

Bane Lavina Aula -- Tipton Masonic

Bane Medora -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Bane Susie A -- Tipton Masonic


Barbee Carrie  -- Tipton Masonic

Barbee Robert  -- Tipton Masonic


Bardwell Bobbie M -- Tipton Masonic

Bardwell Frank -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Bardwell Gorander -- Liberty Baptist Church

Bardwell Susanna -- Liberty Baptist Church

Bardwell Toda -- Liberty Baptist Church


Barger Nancy  -- Tipton Masonic


Barlow Fred  -- St Andrews


Barnard Martha Norma -- Tipton Masonic


Barnett Beryl  -- Tipton Masonic

Barnett Edgar  -- Tipton Masonic

Barnett Edward  -- Tipton Masonic

Barnett Emily M -- Tipton Masonic

Barnett Emma  -- Tipton Masonic

Barnett Harry  -- Tipton Masonic

Barnett John A -- Tipton Masonic

Barnett Joseph  -- Tipton Masonic

Barnett Marian  -- Tipton Masonic

Barnett Martha Ann -- Tipton Masonic

Barnett Sarah -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Barnett Sarah Jane -- Tipton Masonic

Barnett Tedd  -- Tipton Masonic


Barnhardt Willie -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Barrick Annie W -- Tipton Masonic

Barrick Harry L -- Tipton Masonic

Barrick Henry L -- Tipton Masonic

Barrick Mary E -- Tipton Masonic

Barrick Oscar Floyd -- Tipton Masonic

Barrick Roy -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Barrick William S -- Tipton Masonic


Bass Henry G -- Tipton Masonic

Bass Ruth A -- Tipton Masonic


Battles Alma C -- St Andrews

Battles Clara C -- St Andrews

Battles Dorothy  -- St Andrews

Battles Jefferson -- St Andrews

Battles Julia Ann -- St Andrews

Battles Martin J -- St Andrews

Battles Martin S -- St Andrews

Battles Michael  -- St Andrews

Battles Pearl  -- St Andrews


Bauer Minnie Lee -- Newkirk


Baughman Andrew Jackson -- Newkirk

Baughman Benjamin F -- Liberty Baptist Church

Baughman George B -- Newkirk

Baughman Ida -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Baughman Infant  -- Newkirk

Baughman Isabelle K -- Newkirk

Baughman Lucinda -- Liberty Baptist Church

Baughman Sadie Ellen -- Newkirk


Baxter Guy -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Baxter Sid  -- Tipton Masonic


Bealer Liz -- Moreau

Bealer Russell Allen "Russ" Moreau


Beamon John -- Liberty Baptist Church


Bear Dessie -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Bear Hugh M -- Tipton Masonic

Bear Mary Louise -- Tipton Masonic


Beard Charles -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Bechtle Dora L -- Newkirk

Bechtle James  -- Newkirk

Bechtle Louisa V -- Newkirk

Bechtle Sylva Blanch -- Newkirk


Becker John Henry -- St Andrews

Becker Lucy  -- St Andrews

Becker Margaret -- St Andrews

Becker William  -- St Andrews


Beeden Ferd  -- St Andrews


Beeman Maynard Lee -- Tipton Masonic


Beeten Mary  -- St Andrews


Bell Amanda Ardeana -- Tipton Masonic

Bell Downing  -- Tipton Masonic

Bell John H -- Tipton Masonic

Bell Mary Monroe -- Tipton Masonic

Bell Stanley  -- Tipton Masonic


Berkenbile Laura Opal -- Tipton Masonic

Berkenbile Lee Roy -- Tipton Masonic


Berkey infant  -- Newkirk

Berkey Susanna Belle -- Newkirk

Berkey Warren D -- Newkirk

Berkey Warren Wilson -- Newkirk


Berkstresser Richard -- Moreau


Bestgen Adelia R -- St Andrews

Bestgen Alice Marie -- St Andrews

Bestgen Alma A -- St Andrews

Bestgen Andreas  -- St Andrews

Bestgen Andrew  -- St Andrews

Bestgen Andrew Martin -- St Andrews

Bestgen Andy  -- St Andrews

Bestgen Anna  -- St Andrews

Bestgen Anna  -- St Andrews

Bestgen Anna  -- St Andrews

Bestgen Anna  -- St Andrews

Bestgen Anna Albertine -- St Andrews

Bestgen Anna Margretha -- St Andrews

Bestgen Arnold John -- St Andrews

Bestgen Bernard  -- St Andrews

Bestgen Boneface B -- St Andrews

Bestgen Cecil J -- St Andrews

Bestgen Clara  -- St Andrews

Bestgen Colette  -- St Andrews

Bestgen Cornelius -- St Andrews

Bestgen Debra Lynn -- St Andrews

Bestgen Dorothy L -- St Andrews

Bestgen Edward  -- St Andrews

Bestgen Elizabeth -- St Andrews

Bestgen Ella M -- St Andrews

Bestgen Eugene J -- St Andrews

Bestgen Eva  -- St Andrews

Bestgen George J -- St Andrews

Bestgen George Leo -- St Andrews

Bestgen Gertrude -- St Andrews

Bestgen Gertrude E -- St Andrews

Bestgen Harold J -- St Andrews

Bestgen Helen E -- St Andrews

Bestgen Henry  -- St Andrews

Bestgen J A -- St Andrews

Bestgen Jerome F -- St Andrews

Bestgen John Andrew -- St Andrews

Bestgen John P -- St Andrews

Bestgen John Peter -- St Andrews

Bestgen Joseph  -- St Andrews

Bestgen Karlene  -- St Andrews

Bestgen Katherina -- St Andrews

Bestgen Leo  -- St Andrews

Bestgen Louis A -- St Andrews

Bestgen Lucille C -- St Andrews

Bestgen Mark D -- St Andrews

Bestgen Martin Louis -- St Andrews

Bestgen Mary B -- St Andrews

Bestgen Mary C -- St Andrews

Bestgen Mary Lou -- St Andrews

Bestgen Patricia -- St Andrews

Bestgen Peter Edward -- St Andrews

Bestgen Peter J -- St Andrews

Bestgen Robert Eugene -- St Andrews

Bestgen Seward J -- St Andrews

Bestgen Sophia C -- St Andrews

Bestgen Steven Lee -- St Andrews

Bestgen Urban J -- St Andrews

Bestgen William P -- St Andrews


Bettendorf Helen J -- St Andrews


Beutler Catherine  -- Newkirk

Beutler Christina  -- Newkirk


Bigley Daniel  -- St Andrews

Bigley John  -- St Andrews


Billingsley E L -- Tipton Masonic

Billingsley Gladys L -- Tipton Masonic

Billingsley Lowell W -- Tipton Masonic


Bird Peter  -- Tipton Masonic


Birge Elsie Maxine -- Tipton Masonic


Bishop Mary Martha -- Tipton Masonic


Bixler Aubrey David -- Tipton Masonic

Bixler Daniel C -- Tipton Masonic

Bixler Elizabeth  -- Tipton Masonic

Bixler Mary Alice -- Tipton Masonic

Bixler Wilson S -- Tipton Masonic


Blain James R -- Tipton Masonic

Blain Linda L -- Tipton Masonic


Blair Celia D -- Tipton Masonic

Blair G Arthur -- Tipton Masonic


Blankenship Bertha -- Moreau

Blankenship Carl M -- Moreau

Blankenship Virginia Scott -- Moreau


Block Ira D -- Tipton Masonic


Boggs Annie -- Moreau

Boggs Delmar Roland -- Tipton Masonic

Boggs Edwin A -- Moreau

Boggs Luburn -- Moreau

Boggs Milton B -- Moreau

Boggs Mollie -- Moreau

Boggs Roland C -- Tipton Masonic

Boggs Roland H -- Tipton Masonic

Boggs Sarah F -- Tipton Masonic

Boggs William -- Moreau


Boles Arley  -- Newkirk


Bond David H -- Tipton Masonic

Bond Henry Jasper -- Tipton Masonic

Bond J Bartley -- Tipton Masonic

Bond James W -- Tipton Masonic

Bond John S -- Tipton Masonic

Bond Oscar -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Bond Rebecca A -- Tipton Masonic

Bond Sarah A -- Tipton Masonic

Bond Susan E -- Tipton Masonic


Bonen Malinda L -- St Andrews


Bookout Billy Clinton -- St Andrews

Bookout Charles E -- Tipton Masonic

Bookout Donald L -- Tipton Masonic

Bookout Florence M -- Moreau

Bookout Gary Clinton -- St Andrews

Bookout James O -- Moreau

Bookout Marilee  -- Tipton Masonic

Bookout Mary Martha -- St Andrews

Bookout Merrilyn M -- Tipton Masonic

Bookout Ollie M -- Moreau

Bookout Raymond T -- Moreau

Bookout Roy F -- Moreau


Bornkessell Olive M -- Tipton Masonic

Bornkessell Theo C -- Tipton Masonic


Boschert Emily Elizabeth -- St Andrews

Boschert J Ludlow -- St Andrews

Boschert William J -- St Andrews


Boston Harry -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Boston Nancy Elizabeth -- Tipton Masonic


Boulware Betty A -- St Andrews

Boulware James R -- St Andrews


Bowen Cynthia  -- Newkirk

Bowen Delilah  -- Newkirk

Bowen Drake N -- Newkirk

Bowen Elisha J -- Newkirk

Bowen Henry C -- Newkirk

Bowen Martha D -- Newkirk

Bowen Sarah A -- Newkirk

Bowen Taylor H -- Newkirk


Bowles Andy -- Prairie Grove

Bowles Cleo Redmon -- Prairie Grove

Bowles Enoch -- Prairie Grove

Bowles George -- Prairie Grove

Bowles Herbert L Jr -- Prairie Grove

Bowles Infant -- Prairie Grove

Bowles Irving -- Prairie Grove

Bowles J Denzil -- Tipton Masonic

Bowles Joe  -- Prairie Grove

Bowles Leo Marsh -- Prairie Grove

Bowles Mary Frances -- Prairie Grove

Bowles Nora F -- Tipton Masonic

Bowles William Arthur -- Prairie Grove

Bowles William Denzil -- Tipton Masonic


Boxley Clara F -- Newkirk

Boxley John B -- Newkirk

Boxley Rosie A -- Newkirk

Boxley William E -- Newkirk


Boyce Mary Wilhelmine Thoss -- Moreau


Boyd Floyd K -- Tipton Masonic

Boyd Fred B -- Tipton Masonic

Boyd Judson McCombs -- Tipton Masonic

Boyd Madelyn -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Boyle Martha  -- St Andrews

Boyle William Parrish -- St Andrews


Bradley Margaret J -- Tipton Masonic


Branch Edward -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Branch Eula Lee -- Tipton Masonic


Brandis Oscar J -- St Andrews


Brandl Eula  -- Tipton Masonic

Brandl Oliver  -- Tipton Masonic


Brant Edward W -- St Andrews

Brant Henry Charles -- St Andrews

Brant Henry Charles -- St Andrews

Brant Jerome  -- St Andrews

Brant Jerry J -- St Andrews

Brant Louise M -- St Andrews

Brant Margaret M -- St Andrews

Brant Margaret P -- St Andrews

Brant Susan  -- St Andrews


Bratten Dora Lee -- Moreau


Brauer Dorothy (Phillips) -- Tipton Masonic


Bray George Harold -- Tipton Masonic


Brenneisen Anthony G -- Tipton Masonic

Brenneisen Joseph -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Brenneisen Susan M -- Tipton Masonic


Brent Ella -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Brent John Wellington -- Tipton Masonic

Brent Sallie -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Brent Willie -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Brenton Alvy A -- Tipton Masonic

Brenton Euphrasia  -- Newkirk

Brenton Hugh W -- Newkirk

Brenton Lena M -- Tipton Masonic

Brenton Minnie F -- Tipton Masonic

Brenton Russell T -- Tipton Masonic


Bret Clarence E -- St Andrews

Bret Martha M -- St Andrews


Brierly William  -- St Andrews


Briggs Anna M -- Tipton Masonic

Briggs Donley Melvin -- Tipton Masonic


Brinton Edgar P -- Tipton Masonic

Brinton Juanita  -- Tipton Masonic


Briscoe Andrew W -- Tipton Masonic

Briscoe Della Grace -- Tipton Masonic

Briscoe Florence -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Briscoe Florence D -- Tipton Masonic

Briscoe George Vest -- Tipton Masonic

Briscoe James D -- Tipton Masonic

Briscoe Maude Eunice -- Tipton Masonic

Briscoe Max Thomas -- Tipton Masonic

Briscoe Ray Palmer -- Tipton Masonic

Briscoe Thomas David -- Tipton Masonic

Briscoe Tom Collins -- Tipton Masonic


Britt Mildred Lucille -- St Andrews


Broaddus Ella I -- Tipton Masonic

Broaddus Orville C -- Tipton Masonic

Broaddus Thelma Idell -- Tipton Masonic

Broaddus William C -- Tipton Masonic


Brock Ira D -- Tipton Masonic


Brodhacker Penny  -- St Andrews


Brondel Autumn N -- Tipton Masonic

Brondel Brenda L -- Tipton Masonic

Brondel Charles M -- Tipton Masonic


Brooking Ann C -- Brooking

Brooking Charles -- Brooking

Brooking Charles E -- Brooking

Brooking Edna M -- Brooking

Brooking Francis A -- Brooking

Brooking Kate -- Brooking


Brown Alva L -- Tipton Masonic

Brown Catherine Rogers -- St Andrews

Brown Charles -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Brown Daniel Weeks -- Tipton Masonic

Brown Dora  -- Prairie Grove

Brown Hampton -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Brown Henry -- Prairie Grove

Brown Hiram -- Moreau

Brown Jane A -- Tipton Masonic

Brown J L -- Soldiers -- 14th Regiment Co D

Brown John W -- Newkirk

Brown Louisa Ellen -- Tipton Masonic

Brown Mary E -- Tipton Masonic

Brown Mary E -- Tipton Masonic

Brown Melville -- Moreau

Brown Nelson -- Moreau

Brown Pernecia W -- Tipton Masonic

Brown Rebecca -- Moreau

Brown Robert M -- St Andrews

Brown Rowena D -- Tipton Masonic

Brown Silas -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Brown Theresa V -- St Andrews

Brown William Clyde -- Moreau

Brown William F -- Tipton Masonic


Bruce Katherine Viletta -- Prairie Grove


Brummett II James Carl -- Newkirk


Brunjes Martha  -- St Andrews

Brunjes William  -- St Andrews


Bryant A Clementine -- Tipton Masonic

Bryant Henry  -- Tipton Masonic

Bryant John O -- Tipton Masonic


Bull Albertina -- St Andrews

Bull Elizabeth -- St Andrews

Bull Elmina  -- St Andrews

Bull Francis  -- St Andrews

Bull Frank -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Bull George J -- St Andrews

Bull James  -- St Andrews

Bull John  -- St Andrews

Bull John Sr -- St Andrews

Bull John William -- St Andrews

Bull Mary  -- St Andrews

Bull Rosa Jane -- St Andrews

Bull Sallie A -- St Andrews

Bull Sara Louise -- St Andrews

Bull Sarah E -- St Andrews

Bull Sue -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Bull Theresa  -- St Andrews

Bull Thomas James -- St Andrews


Burger A E -- Gilbert Family


Burke Beverly Kay -- Tipton Masonic


Burlingame Charles Ray -- Tipton Masonic


Burnette Mary  -- Tipton Masonic

Burnette Mary Belle -- Tipton Masonic


Burris Alma Dean -- Tipton Masonic

Burris Alma M -- Tipton Masonic

Burris Anna B -- Prairie Grove

Burris Aubrey Fred -- Tipton Masonic

Burris Beal  -- Prairie Grove

Burris Billy Russell -- Prairie Grove

Burris Ernest Hanson -- Tipton Masonic

Burris Harold Earnest -- Tipton Masonic

Burris Hattie -- Prairie Grove

Burris Infant -- Prairie Grove

Burris Lee Manuel -- Prairie Grove

Burris Lillian H -- Prairie Grove

Burris Louisa -- Prairie Grove

Burris Margaret Roberta -- Tipton Masonic


Burriss Lloyd V -- Tipton Masonic


Buss Donald Merle -- Tipton Masonic

Buss Naomi  -- Tipton Masonic


Buzan Anna Lee -- Moreau

Buzan Billy  -- Newkirk

Buzan Earl R -- Moreau

Buzan Elizabeth Jane -- Moreau

Buzan Fred A -- Newkirk

Buzan Ina M -- Moreau

Buzan Jacob A -- Newkirk

Buzan James D -- Moreau

Buzan Jesse Drake -- Tipton Masonic

Buzan John C -- Newkirk

Buzan Liza  -- Newkirk

Buzan Mayme Louise -- Moreau

Buzan Nancy Jane -- Newkirk

Buzan Paririe  -- Tipton Masonic

Buzan Robert Lee -- Moreau

Buzan Susan Jane -- Newkirk

Buzan William P -- Newkirk


Byrd ? -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Byrd Alvin -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Byrd Calvin -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Byrd Martha Elizabeth -- Tipton Masonic

Byrd Nancy -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Byrd Virgil R -- Tipton Masonic




Cain Infant  -- Newkirk

Cain John Henry -- Newkirk

Cain Joseph B -- Newkirk

Cain Sarah Elizabeth -- Newkirk

Cain Walter B -- Newkirk


Caldwell Amanda Ellen -- Tipton Masonic

Caldwell Bertha -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Caldwell Cecil -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Caldwell Charles M -- Tipton Masonic

Caldwell Delia -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Caldwell Dora Gladys -- Tipton Masonic

Caldwell Elmer -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Caldwell Gladys -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Caldwell James Talbert -- Tipton Masonic

Caldwell John B -- Tipton Masonic

Caldwell Lydia Mae -- Tipton Masonic

Caldwell Oscar B -- Tipton Masonic

Caldwell Peter Brent -- Tipton Masonic

Caldwell Robert -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Caldwell Theresa Caroline -- Tipton Masonic


Calhoun Charlotte M -- Moreau

Calhoun David L -- Moreau

Calhoun Emily T -- Moreau

Calhoun Herbert -- Moreau

Calhoun Jane M -- Tipton Masonic

Calhoun Lillie -- Moreau

Calhoun Robert -- Moreau

Calhoun Robert E -- Moreau

Calhoun Thomas W -- Tipton Masonic

Calhoun William Albert -- Moreau


Callison George Harold Bray -- Tipton Masonic

Callison Mary C -- Tipton Masonic

Callison Thomas Lancaster -- Tipton Masonic

Callison William  -- Tipton Masonic


Calvert M M -- Newkirk

Calvert P T -- Newkirk


Calvin John  -- Prairie Grove


Camp Cora  -- Prairie Grove


Campbell Lavonia (Ferguson) -- Tipton Masonic

Campbell William R -- Tipton Masonic


Capestro Nancy D -- St Andrews

Capestro Richard M -- St Andrews


Carey Addie L -- Tipton Masonic

Carey Delphia -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Carey Dora Belle -- Tipton Masonic

Carey Gussie M -- Tipton Masonic

Carey Infant -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Carey Jerome King -- Tipton Masonic

Carey Lon H -- Tipton Masonic

Carey Marvin E -- Tipton Masonic


Carlisle Lela M -- Tipton Masonic

Carlisle Oliver Edwin -- Tipton Masonic


Carmody Stanley M -- Tipton Masonic


Carpenter Albert M -- Tipton Masonic

Carpenter Alice C -- Tipton Masonic

Carpenter Charles B -- Tipton Masonic

Carpenter Dollie O -- Tipton Masonic

Carpenter Edgar M -- Tipton Masonic

Carpenter Fern W -- Tipton Masonic

Carpenter Fred O -- Tipton Masonic

Carpenter James D -- Tipton Masonic

Carpenter James D Jr -- Tipton Masonic

Carpenter James J -- Tipton Masonic

Carpenter Joseph  -- Tipton Masonic

Carpenter Mary L -- Tipton Masonic

Carpenter Mattie D -- Tipton Masonic

Carpenter Maude M -- Tipton Masonic

Carpenter Nancy -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Carpenter Pauline -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Carpenter Perry H -- Tipton Masonic

Carpenter Sara  -- St Andrews

Carpenter Taylor -- Snorgrass Family

Carpenter Thomas J -- Tipton Masonic

Carpenter Thomas P -- Liberty Baptist Church

Carpenter Thomas P -- Tipton Masonic

Carpenter Willie J -- Snorgrass Family


Carter Addie J -- Tipton Masonic

Carter Beulah M -- Tipton Masonic

Carter Edna Adaline -- Tipton Masonic

Carter John N -- Newkirk

Carter Minnie Lee -- Newkirk

Carter Oliver W -- Tipton Masonic

Carter Rosa May -- Tipton Masonic

Carter Ruth O -- Tipton Masonic

Carter Sarah J -- Newkirk

Carter Virgil Oliver -- Tipton Masonic

Carter William N -- Newkirk


Cashat Ann E -- Tipton Masonic

Cashat Dora Geneva -- Tipton Masonic

Cashat Mandie May -- Tipton Masonic

Cashat Robert Laughlin -- Tipton Masonic


Cerran Dennis  -- St Andrews

Cerran Julia  -- St Andrews


Chamberlin Elizabeth  -- Tipton Masonic

Chamberlin James  -- Tipton Masonic

Chamberlin Mary  -- Tipton Masonic


Chambers Bessie L -- Newkirk

Chambers Charles E -- Peter Newkirk Family

Chambers Charles Smith -- Tipton Masonic

Chambers Della S -- Peter Newkirk Family

Chambers John Madison -- Tipton Masonic

Chambers Mary J -- Peter Newkirk Family

Chambers Truman V -- Moreau


Chaney Hilliard R -- Tipton Masonic

Chaney Maggie L -- Tipton Masonic


Chapman Bonnie Lee -- Tipton Masonic

Chapman Cindia R -- Newkirk

Chapman Edward F -- Tipton Masonic

Chapman Hannah Burns -- Newkirk

Chapman Jacob  -- Newkirk

Chapman Lora Florence -- Tipton Masonic

Chapman William Henry -- Newkirk


Charles Alpha Nadine -- Tipton Masonic

Charles Don D -- Tipton Masonic

Charles Faye  -- Tipton Masonic

Charles Mary  -- Tipton Masonic

Charles Norman  -- Newkirk

Charles Samuel W -- Tipton Masonic

Charles Samuel Zora -- Tipton Masonic


Childers Allen Leonard -- Tipton Masonic


Childres John R -- Tipton Masonic


Chiles Hilda  -- St Andrews

Chiles Sylvester -- St Andrews

Chiles Winifred -- St Andrews


Chism Dorothy May -- Liberty Baptist Church


Christian Columbus W -- Christian Family

Christian Elizabeth C -- Christian Family

Christian Joseph -- Christian Family

Christian Mary C -- Christian Family

Christian Samuel M -- Christian Family

Christian Samuel M -- Christian Family

Christian Wade W -- Christian Family

Christian William -- Christian Family


Christopher Emma P -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Christopher Mary -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Christopher W H -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Christopher William H -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Claas Agnes Bestgen -- St Andrews

Claas Anna  -- St Andrews

Claas Annie G -- St Andrews

Claas Arthur P -- St Andrews

Claas Catherine -- St Andrews

Claas David Paul -- St Andrews

Claas Delores R -- St Andrews

Claas Edith  -- St Andrews

Claas Edward W -- Moreau

Claas Elizabeth -- St Andrews

Claas Elizabeth P -- St Andrews

Claas George  -- St Andrews

Claas Gordon David -- St Andrews

Claas Harold J -- St Andrews

Claas Herman Kline -- St Andrews

Claas J Wilhelm -- St Andrews

Claas John  -- St Andrews

Claas John  -- St Andrews

Claas John  -- St Andrews

Claas Joseph  -- St Andrews

Claas Joseph  -- St Andrews

Claas Joseph P -- St Andrews

Claas Margaret -- St Andrews

Claas Mary  -- St Andrews

Claas Mary Theresa -- St Andrews

Claas Olivia E -- St Andrews

Claas Peter J -- St Andrews

Claas Richard F -- St Andrews

Claas Wilhelm  -- St Andrews


Clark Alice Ann -- Moreau

Clark Amelia A -- Tipton Masonic

Clark Annie Marie -- Tipton Masonic

Clark Archia M Sr -- Tipton Masonic

Clark Archia Marshall -- Tipton Masonic

Clark Barney F -- Tipton Masonic

Clark Francis  -- Tipton Masonic

Clark Frank  -- Tipton Masonic

Clark Harold Eugene -- St Andrews

Clark Henry Carl -- Moreau

Clark Henry Harrison -- Tipton Masonic

Clark Henry Leeper -- Moreau

Clark Hiram -- Moreau

Clark Ida M -- Moreau

Clark Ida May -- Tipton Masonic

Clark James -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Clark Jennie  -- Tipton Masonic

Clark Kelly K -- St Andrews

Clark Laura -- Moreau

Clark Lillie  -- Tipton Masonic

Clark Margaret -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Clark Mary -- Moreau

Clark Mary -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Clark Mary Eleanor -- Tipton Masonic

Clark Mary Jane -- Tipton Masonic

Clark May  -- Tipton Masonic

Clark Michael  -- Tipton Masonic

Clark Pearl G -- Moreau

Clark Speedy  -- Tipton Masonic

Clark Stuart -- Moreau

Clark Wilber -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Clark William -- Moreau

Clark William  -- Tipton Masonic

Clark William Arthur -- Moreau

Clark William Michael -- Tipton Masonic


Clarke Alma  -- Tipton Masonic

Clarke Nora Catherine -- St Andrews


Clarkson Jane  -- Tipton Masonic


Clemente Myrta -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Clifford Mary  -- St Andrews

Clifford Patrick  -- St Andrews


Cobb Ada A -- Tipton Masonic

Cobb Clifford Everett -- Moreau

Cobb Harold M -- Tipton Masonic

Cobb Melva D -- Moreau

Cobb Nona H -- Moreau

Cobb Rachel A -- Moreau

Cobb Rachel F -- Tipton Masonic

Cobb Rufus -- Moreau

Cobb Sidney E -- Tipton Masonic


Cochel Charlotte -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Cochel Infant -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Cochel Nora J -- Tipton Masonic

Cochel Robert Calvin -- Tipton Masonic

Cochel Robert J -- Tipton Masonic

Cochel William Henry -- Tipton Masonic


Cole Annie M -- Tipton Masonic

Cole Augustus Mills -- Tipton Masonic

Cole Edgar  -- Tipton Masonic

Cole Frank -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Cole J W -- Tipton Masonic

Cole Jennie  -- Tipton Masonic

Cole Lou A -- Tipton Masonic

Cole Lula M -- Tipton Masonic

Cole Sarah F -- Moreau

Cole Terry Alison -- St Andrews


Coley Claude A -- Tipton Masonic

Coley Josephine  -- Tipton Masonic


Collier Archie Leonard -- Tipton Masonic

Collier Dan  -- Tipton Masonic

Collier Emma -- Liberty Baptist Church

Collier Eva  -- Tipton Masonic

Collier Lucy J -- Tipton Masonic

Collier Mary E -- Tipton Masonic

Collier Roscoe L -- Tipton Masonic


Collinsworth Pearl (Bardwell) -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Collyott Opal M -- Tipton Masonic

Collyott William D -- Tipton Masonic


Comer Allen G -- Newkirk

Comer Burk E -- Newkirk

Comer Francis E -- Tipton Masonic

Comer Gordon Harry -- Newkirk

Comer Jean Ellen -- Tipton Masonic

Comer John H -- Newkirk

Comer Joseph A -- Tipton Masonic

Comer Sallie  -- Newkirk


Conn Dorothy Emilie -- Tipton Masonic

Conn Jay A -- Tipton Masonic

Conn Ruth S -- Tipton Masonic

Conn Susan Kathryn -- Tipton Masonic

Conn William Edgar -- Tipton Masonic

Conn William Joseph -- Tipton Masonic


Connors Mary V -- St Andrews

Connors Patrick J -- St Andrews


Cook Annie N -- Newkirk

Cook Don C -- Newkirk

Cook Ferdinand P -- Newkirk

Cook Helen  -- Newkirk

Cook Henry N -- Newkirk

Cook Martha Ellen -- Newkirk

Cook Mary F -- Newkirk

Cook Nancy M -- Newkirk

Cook Nancy M -- Newkirk

Cook Walter S -- Newkirk


Cooper Bertha M -- Tipton Masonic

Cooper Lawrence  -- Tipton Masonic

Cooper Lloyd W -- Tipton Masonic

Cooper Tina  -- Tipton Masonic


Copeland Corine A -- Tipton Masonic

Copeland Grover  -- Tipton Masonic


Couch Charles Edmund -- Tipton Masonic


Courtney Orville W -- Tipton Masonic


Cox A B -- Moreau

Cox Albert Leon -- Moreau

Cox Bennie -- Moreau

Cox J Benjamin -- Moreau

Cox Joan -- Moreau

Cox John E -- Moreau

Cox Mary Lynne -- St Andrews

Cox Pat  -- St Andrews

Cox Ralpha A -- Newkirk

Cox Robert Lee -- St Andrews

Cox Sarah Atkeson -- Liberty Baptist Church


Craig Clara -- Prairie Grove

Craig Cora A -- Prairie Grove

Craig John  -- Prairie Grove

Craig Sam  -- Prairie Grove

Craig William -- Prairie Grove


Crane Luke John -- St Andrews


Crawford Aiddes -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Crawford Bert  -- Tipton Masonic

Crawford Estil G -- Tipton Masonic

Crawford Lora E -- Tipton Masonic

Crawford Martha Ellen -- Tipton Masonic

Crawford Martin H -- Tipton Masonic

Crawford Mary  -- Tipton Masonic

Crawford Maurine H -- Tipton Masonic

Crawford Ward Elmo -- Tipton Masonic


Crews Ezekial Paul -- St Andrews

Crews James Frank -- St Andrews

Crews Merrilyn Dale -- St Andrews


Crider Armstrong Bethel -- Tipton Masonic

Crider Carolyn  -- Tipton Masonic

Crider Louise  -- Tipton Masonic


Crone Charlie Washington -- Tipton Masonic

Crone Jacob -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Crone John -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Crone Mariah -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Crone Myrtle -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Crone Rebecca Jane -- Tipton Masonic


Crossman Rosa Matilda -- Tipton Masonic


Crowe Sarah Martha -- Tipton Masonic


Crowley Vinta F -- Tipton Masonic


Croy Gloria Jean -- St Andrews


Cruickshank David  -- Tipton Masonic


Culler Alice C -- Tipton Masonic

Culler Edgar L -- Tipton Masonic

Culler Elizabeth  -- Tipton Masonic

Culler Ellen  -- Tipton Masonic

Culler Elmer Ellsworth -- Tipton Masonic

Culler Lettie -- Moreau

Culler Luther M -- Tipton Masonic

Culler M C Rev -- Tipton Masonic

Culler Mary I -- Tipton Masonic

Cullers Charles Keyser -- Tipton Masonic

Cullers Margaret S -- Tipton Masonic


Cunningham Mavis Ann -- Tipton Masonic


Curran Julia  -- St Andrews


Curts Michel A -- Newkirk

Curts Rebecca  -- Newkirk




Dace Catherine -- St Andrews


Dahl Fred  -- Tipton Masonic

Dahl Glen W  -- Tipton Masonic

Dahl Herman F -- Tipton Masonic

Dahl Katherina  -- Tipton Masonic

Dahl Maude  -- Tipton Masonic

Dahl William Carl -- Tipton Masonic


Dahlstein William F -- St Andrews


Daley Father Patrick -- St Andrews


Dalstein Dorothy J -- St Andrews


Darby Albertine -- St Andrews


Davis Calvin -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Davis Charles Calvin -- Prairie Grove

Davis Francis V -- Tipton Masonic

Davis Joan  -- Tipton Masonic

Davis Laura E -- Tipton Masonic

Davis Marsh -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Davis Mary Emeline -- Tipton Masonic

Davis Nathaniel -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Davis Paul  -- Tipton Masonic

Davis Porter E -- Tipton Masonic

Davis Rosa  -- Prairie Grove

Davis William -- Tipton Odd Fellows


De Arment Infant -- Tipton Odd Fellows

De Arment Lena -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Devine Clara Myrtle -- Newkirk

Devine Earl J -- Tipton Masonic

Devine Irene M -- Tipton Masonic

Devine James W -- Tipton Masonic

Devine John B -- Tipton Masonic

Devine William Emmett -- Newkirk


Dick Adolph  -- St Andrews

Dick Adolph  -- St Andrews

Dick Adolph  -- St Andrews

Dick Amanda Jane -- Tipton Masonic

Dick Andrew J -- St Andrews

Dick Anna Elizabeth -- Tipton Masonic

Dick Anna Katherine -- St Andrews

Dick August  -- St Andrews

Dick August  -- St Andrews

Dick Carrie K -- St Andrews

Dick Catherine -- St Andrews

Dick Christian -- St Andrews

Dick Christian Jr -- St Andrews

Dick Corine M -- St Andrews

Dick Daisy  -- Tipton Masonic

Dick E Louise -- Moreau

Dick Elva W -- Tipton Masonic

Dick Everett O -- Tipton Masonic

Dick Frank  -- St Andrews

Dick Fred W -- Tipton Masonic

Dick Georgia M -- Tipton Masonic

Dick Gertrude -- St Andrews

Dick Gertrude A -- St Andrews

Dick Helena  -- St Andrews

Dick Helena  -- St Andrews

Dick Herman Adolph -- Tipton Masonic

Dick Hilary H -- Newkirk

Dick Jerry  -- Tipton Masonic

Dick Jerry Allen -- Tipton Masonic

Dick Joe  -- Tipton Masonic

Dick John A -- Tipton Masonic

Dick John W -- St Andrews

Dick Joseph  -- St Andrews

Dick Joseph W -- St Andrews

Dick Katherine -- St Andrews

Dick Leslie E -- Tipton Masonic

Dick Lewis W -- Tipton Masonic

Dick Lillian A -- Moreau

Dick Louise  -- St Andrews

Dick Mary  -- St Andrews

Dick Mary  -- Tipton Masonic

Dick Norma June -- Moreau

Dick Peter  -- St Andrews

Dick Peter  -- Tipton Masonic

Dick Raymond -- Moreau

Dick Roy A -- Moreau

Dick Sarah E -- St Andrews

Dick Virgil L -- St Andrews

Dick William Adolph -- Moreau

Dick William T -- Moreau

Dick Wilma I -- Newkirk


Diedrich Andreas  -- St Andrews


Diehl Alfred Joseph -- St Andrews

Diehl Anna M -- St Andrews

Diehl Blanche A -- St Andrews

Diehl George E -- St Andrews

Diehl Georgiann -- St Andrews

Diehl Ida Mabel -- St Andrews

Diehl Jerry L -- St Andrews

Diehl Joseph Louis -- St Andrews

Diehl Margaret -- St Andrews

Diehl Margaret M -- St Andrews

Diehl Margaretha -- St Andrews

Diehl Marie A -- St Andrews

Diehl Paul Louis -- St Andrews

Diehl Veronica -- St Andrews

Diehl William  -- St Andrews


Dietrich Ida  -- St Andrews

Dietrich Lena  -- St Andrews


Dietrick Phillip  -- St Andrews


Diggs Robert -- Prairie Grove


Dilthey Charles  -- Tipton Masonic

Dilthey Lou Etta -- Tipton Masonic


Dinwiddie Jo Ann -- Tipton Masonic

Dinwiddie William H -- Tipton Masonic


Distler Kenneth Victor -- St Andrews

Distler Mary Dolores -- St Andrews


Dix Albert W -- Moreau

Dix Flavian  -- St Andrews

Dix Lewis E Jody -- St Andrews

Dix Lidie Mae -- Tipton Masonic

Dix Robert Thomas -- Tipton Masonic

Dix Robert Woodrow -- Tipton Masonic


Dobson Elbert A -- Tipton Masonic

Dobson Florence V -- Moreau

Dobson Infant -- Moreau

Dobson Maude Gish -- Moreau

Dobson Orpha Ann -- Tipton Masonic


Doelfelder George  -- Tipton Masonic

Doelfelder Katherine -- St Andrews

Doelfelder William  -- St Andrews


Doerner August -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Doerner Elizabeth -- St Andrews

Doerner Henry -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Doerner Joseph W -- St Andrews

Doerner Josephine Elizabeth -- St Andrews

Doerner Louise B -- St Andrews

Doerner Minnie -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Doerner Nellie -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Doerner William -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Donley Andrew J -- Tipton Masonic

Donley Arthur M -- Tipton Masonic

Donley Henry S -- Tipton Masonic

Donley Isabelle -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Donley Jacob -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Donley John -- Moreau

Donley Mary Eliza -- Tipton Masonic

Donley Sarah Elizabeth -- Moreau

Donley Susan -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Donnelly Gladys -- Prairie Grove


Donoghue Florance -- St Andrews

Donoghue Julia  -- St Andrews

Donoghue Patrick  -- St Andrews


Donohue Michael  -- St Andrews


Dorn Eva Marie -- St Andrews

Dorn Frank C -- St Andrews


Dorner John -- Dorner Family


Dorris Henry -- Prairie Grove

Dorris Mary  -- Prairie Grove


Douglas Agnes E -- Tipton Masonic

Douglas Ann -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Douglas R E -- Tipton Masonic


Dowell Alfred  -- Newkirk

Dowell Catherine  -- Newkirk

Dowell David G -- Newkirk

Dowell Eddie  -- Newkirk

Dowell Elizabeth  -- Newkirk

Dowell Elizabeth  -- Newkirk

Dowell Jeremiah  -- Newkirk

Dowell Laton Edward -- Newkirk

Dowell Leonard  -- Newkirk

Dowell Mary Ann -- Newkirk

Dowell Nancy M -- Newkirk

Dowell Walter R -- Newkirk

Dowell William  -- Newkirk


Dowler Susie A -- Tipton Masonic


Doyle Glenn W -- Tipton Masonic

Doyle Marian A -- Tipton Masonic

Doyle Mary B Bernie -- Tipton Masonic


Drackert Louis I -- St Andrews

Drackert Margaret G -- St Andrews


Draffen Alma M -- Tipton Masonic

Draffen Bessie L -- Tipton Masonic

Draffen Cathy  -- Tipton Masonic

Draffen Donna J -- Tipton Masonic

Draffen George S Sr -- St Andrews

Draffen Lillian F -- St Andrews

Draffen Nannie Edith -- Tipton Masonic

Draffen Ray Freeman -- Tipton Masonic

Draffen Stonewall -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Draffen William F -- Tipton Masonic

Draffen William Francis -- Tipton Masonic


Drake Abraham M -- Newkirk

Drake Arletta Beatrice -- Moreau

Drake Arnold Glenn -- Tipton Masonic

Drake Asa R -- Newkirk

Drake Asa S -- Newkirk

Drake Byron D -- Tipton Masonic

Drake Charles Lee -- Newkirk

Drake Cinderella  -- Newkirk

Drake Edgar T -- Moreau

Drake Emily Kitturah -- Newkirk

Drake Estell  -- Newkirk

Drake Frederick J -- Tipton Masonic

Drake Frederick J Jr -- Tipton Masonic

Drake infant  -- Newkirk

Drake Isa May -- Moreau

Drake James R -- Newkirk

Drake John C -- Newkirk

Drake Lelia Mae -- Tipton Masonic

Drake Marion Marie -- Tipton Masonic

Drake Mildred M -- Moreau

Drake Quentin S -- Moreau

Drake Sallie A -- Newkirk

Drake Sarah A -- Newkirk

Drake Vent Thomas "Tom" -- Moreau

Drake Walter  -- Newkirk

Drake William H -- Newkirk


Drech Andreas  -- St Andrews


Dritt Annie -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Dritt John B -- Tipton Masonic

Dritt Sarah -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Drumm Infant -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Drumn Madison -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Dubbert Martha Angela -- St Andrews

Dubbert Otto  -- St Andrews


Dubbs Henry  -- Tipton Masonic


Dudley N Jane -- Newkirk

Dudley Samuel J -- Newkirk


Dueber Adelia Henrietta -- St Andrews

Dueber Alverta  -- St Andrews

Dueber Alwina  -- St Andrews

Dueber Andrew  -- St Andrews

Dueber Anna Mae -- St Andrews

Dueber Arnold A -- St Andrews

Dueber Blanche C -- St Andrews

Dueber Charles  -- St Andrews

Dueber Charles F -- St Andrews

Dueber Charles G -- St Andrews

Dueber Charley  -- St Andrews

Dueber Clara Henrietta -- St Andrews

Dueber Edward  -- St Andrews

Dueber Edward A -- St Andrews

Dueber Edward Henry -- St Andrews

Dueber Elma L -- St Andrews

Dueber George C -- St Andrews

Dueber Gussie G -- St Andrews

Dueber Gustav  -- St Andrews

Dueber Gustav J -- St Andrews

Dueber John  -- St Andrews

Dueber Joseph  -- St Andrews

Dueber Joseph  -- St Andrews

Dueber Joseph  -- St Andrews

Dueber Laura  -- St Andrews

Dueber Lawrence J -- St Andrews

Dueber Leo G -- St Andrews

Dueber Louis H -- St Andrews

Dueber Martha A -- St Andrews

Dueber Martin  -- St Andrews

Dueber Mary  -- St Andrews

Dueber Mary  -- St Andrews

Dueber Mary  -- St Andrews

Dueber Olivia  -- St Andrews

Dueber Oscar  -- St Andrews

Dueber Regina  -- St Andrews

Dueber Winifred -- St Andrews


Dunham Clyde -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Dunham Leola M -- Tipton Masonic

Dunham Steven Ray -- Tipton Masonic

Dunham Winifred Belle -- Tipton Masonic


Duvall Louisa K -- Tipton Masonic

Duvall William Lewis -- Tipton Masonic


Dwyre Margarit Sullivan -- St Andrews

Dwyre Timothy  -- St Andrews




Early William C -- Tipton Masonic


Edwards Archibald C -- Tipton Masonic

Edwards Nellie  -- Tipton Masonic


Ehrhart Grace E -- Tipton Masonic


Eichelberger Clayton  -- Tipton Masonic

Eichelberger Genevieve E -- St Andrews

Eichelberger James Leonard -- St Andrews

Eichelberger Virginia Lee -- Tipton Masonic


Elley Carl  -- Newkirk

Elley Jim E -- Newkirk

Elley Kay  -- Newkirk

Elley Margaret O -- Newkirk

Elley Ralph C -- Newkirk


Ellison Alberta M -- St Andrews

Ellison Emmett Douglas -- Tipton Masonic

Ellison Eugene M -- St Andrews

Ellison James E -- Tipton Masonic

Ellison Lolita B -- Tipton Masonic


Elmlinger Charles J -- St Andrews

Elmlinger David Charles -- St Andrews

Elmlinger Henrietta -- St Andrews

Elmlinger infant  -- St Andrews

Elmlinger Louis Edward -- St Andrews

Elmlinger Victor C -- St Andrews

Elmlinger Virginia -- St Andrews


Ely Asher F -- Tipton Masonic

Ely Caroline  -- Tipton Masonic

Ely Rebecca  -- Tipton Masonic

Ely Simeon P -- Tipton Masonic


Embry Aetna A -- Tipton Masonic

Embry Andrew Allen -- Tipton Masonic

Embry Blanch L -- Tipton Masonic

Embry Catherine J -- Brooking

Embry Ethel -- Moreau

Embry Helen D -- Tipton Masonic

Embry Iva A -- Tipton Masonic

Embry Jonnie E -- Tipton Masonic

Embry Joseph Scott -- Tipton Masonic

Embry Lacy -- Moreau

Embry Maria -- Prairie Grove

Embry Martha A -- Tipton Masonic

Embry Mildred L -- Moreau

Embry Minnie  -- Tipton Masonic

Embry Nora Catherine -- St Andrews

Embry Norman D -- Tipton Masonic

Embry Okal G -- Moreau

Embry Raymond Talton -- St Andrews

Embry Richard L -- Tipton Masonic

Embry Rosa Lee -- Tipton Masonic

Embry Sarah Elizabeth -- Tipton Masonic

Embry Sidney Estill -- Tipton Masonic

Embry Virgil  -- Tipton Masonic

Embry Virgil Ivan -- Tipton Masonic

Embry Wallace -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Embry William -- Prairie Grove

Embry William R -- Tipton Masonic


Emerich Margaretha -- St Andrews

Emerich Mary  -- St Andrews


Emory Axie Augusta -- Moreau


Engelbreght Clarence L -- Moreau

Engelbreght Ethel Jessie -- Moreau

Engelbreght Galen -- Moreau


Engelby Dena  -- Tipton Masonic

Engelby Eugene  -- Tipton Masonic


English John  -- Newkirk


Estill Frances A -- Tipton Masonic

Estill Isaac V -- Tipton Masonic

Estill Lela J -- Tipton Masonic


Evans Eula Louise -- Tipton Masonic

Evans Joseph -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Evans Susie  -- Tipton Masonic




Faehndrich Theodore -- St Andrews


Faherty Anthony  -- St Andrews

Faherty Gregory Justin -- St Andrews

Faherty Helena  -- St Andrews

Faherty James Edward -- St Andrews

Faherty Martha  -- St Andrews

Faherty Oscar Theodore -- St Andrews

Faherty Ralph P -- St Andrews

Faherty Rose M -- St Andrews


Fairfax H L Jr -- Tipton Masonic

Fairfax Jackie -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Fancler Joe Morris -- St Andrews

Fancler Winifred Ann -- St Andrews


Farmer J -- Thixton Family


Farrel Ola  -- Tipton Masonic


Farris Edmond J -- Moreau

Farris Lloyd  -- Newkirk

Farris Mary Lou -- Moreau

Farris Stella  -- Newkirk

Farris Tilden J -- Newkirk


Fassler Charles Edward -- St Andrews

Fassler Dora  -- St Andrews

Fassler Elisabeth -- St Andrews

Fassler Fannie  -- St Andrews

Fassler John Louis -- St Andrews

Fassler Katharina -- St Andrews

Fassler Louis  -- St Andrews

Fassler Melchior -- St Andrews


Faulkner Laurence L -- Tipton Masonic

Faulkner Mary L -- Tipton Masonic


Feldott Clara  -- Tipton Masonic


Fenton Billie P -- Tipton Masonic

Fenton David Wilbur -- Tipton Masonic

Fenton George Frederick -- Tipton Masonic


Ferguson Alpha Ann -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Anna Belle -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Annie -- Moreau

Ferguson Annie F -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Arthur -- Moreau

Ferguson Asahel A -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Bertha Lee -- Moreau

Ferguson Carl Shelby -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Catherine -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Ferguson Claire  -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Claude M -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Cleola F -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Cyrus -- Moreau

Ferguson Cyrus Delmar -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Daisy Lee -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Edward Charles -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Edwin L -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Emily -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Ferguson Emma L -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Frank A -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Isaac S -- Moreau

Ferguson Isaac Shelby -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Isaac Shelby Jr -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Jesse Levi -- Moreau

Ferguson Lero -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Ferguson Lillie Armina -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Lucy -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Ferguson Margaret  -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Maria -- Moreau

Ferguson Mary F -- Moreau

Ferguson Mary Frances -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Mesvina Ruth -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Roda -- Moreau

Ferguson Rosa Irene -- Moreau

Ferguson Ruth C -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Sallie R -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Stanley R -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson Thelma  -- Tipton Masonic

Ferguson William Milton -- Tipton Masonic


Fewel H C J Capt -- Liberty Baptist Church


Fible Henry C -- Tipton Masonic

Fible Minnie M -- Tipton Masonic


Findley Reuben  -- Newkirk


Finlay D W -- Tipton Masonic

Finlay Grace  -- Tipton Masonic

Finlay Will H -- Tipton Masonic


Finley Alfred L -- Tipton Masonic

Finley Annie -- Moreau

Finley Benjamin Chism -- Tipton Masonic

Finley Benjamin Weyland II -- Tipton Masonic

Finley Eliza -- Moreau

Finley Elizabeth A -- Tipton Masonic

Finley Elmer -- Moreau

Finley Ernest R -- Moreau

Finley Ettie -- Moreau

Finley Florence P -- Tipton Masonic

Finley Gertrude V -- Tipton Masonic

Finley Gladys -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Finley Howard A -- Tipton Masonic

Finley Jesse  -- Newkirk

Finley John T -- Moreau

Finley John T -- Tipton Masonic

Finley Johny O -- Newkirk

Finley Letha L -- Tipton Masonic

Finley Marion -- Moreau

Finley Roy J -- Tipton Masonic

Finley Sallie E -- Tipton Masonic

Finley Sallie M -- Newkirk

Finley Stella  -- Newkirk

Finley William J -- Tipton Masonic

Finley William W -- Moreau


Finn Frank  -- St Andrews

Finn Ida  -- St Andrews

Finn Infant  -- St Andrews


Fischer Anna  -- St Andrews

Fischer Bernard August -- St Andrews

Fischer Catharine -- St Andrews

Fischer Edward John -- St Andrews

Fischer Elizabeth -- St Andrews

Fischer Eva  -- St Andrews

Fischer Eva K -- St Andrews

Fischer Ewald  -- St Andrews

Fischer Geneva E -- St Andrews

Fischer Hattie F -- St Andrews

Fischer Henry V -- St Andrews

Fischer John  -- St Andrews

Fischer John H -- St Andrews

Fischer John J -- St Andrews

Fischer John P -- St Andrews

Fischer Joseph  -- St Andrews

Fischer Joseph N -- St Andrews

Fischer Julia Lelia -- St Andrews

Fischer Laura E -- St Andrews

Fischer Lea  -- St Andrews

Fischer Louis  -- St Andrews

Fischer Margaret R -- St Andrews

Fischer Margareta -- St Andrews

Fischer Marie  -- St Andrews

Fischer Mary L -- St Andrews

Fischer Oscar Andrew -- St Andrews

Fischer Oscar P -- St Andrews

Fischer P Joseph -- St Andrews

Fischer Roger  -- St Andrews


Fisher Catherine -- Liberty Baptist Church

Fisher Edward L -- Liberty Baptist Church

Fisher Eli  -- Prairie Grove

Fisher Elizabeth -- Liberty Baptist Church

Fisher Ella  -- Tipton Masonic

Fisher Farrie B -- Tipton Masonic

Fisher Hanner -- Liberty Baptist Church

Fisher John B -- Liberty Baptist Church

Fisher Mary  -- Tipton Masonic

Fisher Rosetta A -- Liberty Baptist Church

Fisher Stephen H -- Tipton Masonic

Fisher Thomas  -- Tipton Masonic

Fisher Thurston -- Liberty Baptist Church


Fitschen Amandus Philip -- Tipton Masonic

Fitschen America  -- Tipton Masonic

Fitschen Edith Louise -- Tipton Masonic


Flewellen Edgar Poe -- Tipton Masonic

Flewellen Harriett Myrtle -- Tipton Masonic


Flood Catherine -- St Andrews

Flood Elizabeth -- St Andrews

Flood Margaret Mary -- St Andrews

Flood Mary  -- St Andrews

Flood Patrick  -- St Andrews

Flood Patrick  -- St Andrews


Foley Amandus P -- Newkirk

Foley Edgar  -- Newkirk

Foley Elias  -- Newkirk

Foley Elizabeth  -- Newkirk

Foley James M -- Newkirk

Foley Jennie  -- Newkirk

Foley Lavonia M -- Newkirk

Foley Minnie C -- Newkirk

Foley Sallie F -- Newkirk


Foppiano John Stephen -- Tipton Masonic

Foppiano Mary Lucille -- Tipton Masonic


Ford Alford T -- Tipton Masonic

Ford Sarah A -- Newkirk

Ford Susan Ella -- Moreau

Ford William H -- Newkirk


Foster Alma May -- Newkirk

Foster Jackson  -- Newkirk

Foster Matilda Jane -- Newkirk


Fowler Ernesteen L -- Tipton Masonic

Fowler Phill A -- Tipton Masonic


Fox Mary J -- Tipton Masonic

Fox Samuel Wallace -- Tipton Masonic


Franken Alan Ray -- St Andrews

Franken Anna M -- St Andrews

Franken Edward  -- St Andrews

Franken Edward J -- St Andrews

Franken Edward J Jr -- St Andrews

Franken Elizabeth -- St Andrews

Franken Fred L -- St Andrews

Franken Helena  -- St Andrews

Franken Henry  -- St Andrews

Franken Johanna  -- St Andrews

Franken Leo J -- St Andrews

Franken Leo Stephen -- St Andrews

Franken Louis P -- St Andrews

Franken Mary Anna -- St Andrews

Franken Norma Lea -- St Andrews

Franken Peter J -- St Andrews

Franken Raymond E -- St Andrews

Franken Sibilla  -- St Andrews

Franken Timothy Scott -- St Andrews

Franken Tony W -- St Andrews

Franken W Edward -- St Andrews


Frederiksen Mary Allice -- St Andrews


Frerking Herbert W -- Tipton Masonic

Frerking Sarah  -- Tipton Masonic


Fricke Dina  -- St Andrews

Fricke Helen Elizabeth Kuttenkuler -- St Andrews

Fricke Irine  -- St Andrews

Fricke John E -- St Andrews

Fricke Julius  -- St Andrews


Fry Alfred M -- St Andrews

Fry Alma M -- St Andrews

Fry Charles E -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Charles G -- St Andrews

Fry Clifford -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Fry Cora E -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Dorcas C -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Effie M -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Emmett Lee -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Francis M -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Francis Marion -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Frank M -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Gary  -- St Andrews

Fry Gerald E -- St Andrews

Fry James T -- St Andrews

Fry Jane E -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Jimmie Kay -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Joseph Augustus -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Joseph V -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Lawrence  -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Leslie M -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Lewis H -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Lila M -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Mabel H -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Maggie M -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Maggie W -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Margaret -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Fry Mary E -- St Andrews

Fry Mary E -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Mary Elizabeth -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Noah Washington -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Norbert A -- St Andrews

Fry Ollie Mae -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Ora Ada -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Ora May -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Otus Chew -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Phoebe Asmerella -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Rebecca J -- Tipton Masonic

Fry Sarah -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Fry Thos G -- Tipton Masonic

Fry William B -- Tipton Masonic

Fry William M -- Tipton Masonic

Fry William Melvin -- Tipton Masonic


Fuel Elizabeth L -- Tipton Masonic

Fuel John Frank -- Tipton Masonic


Fulks Harry B -- Tipton Masonic

Fulks Robert D -- Tipton Masonic

Fulks Thelma P -- Tipton Masonic


Fulton Robert L -- St Andrews

Fulton Samuel -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Fulton Sharon R -- St Andrews


Furman John F -- Tipton Masonic

Furman Thelma M -- Tipton Masonic




Gaba George M -- Newkirk

Gaba Lillie M -- Newkirk


Gabert Broox  -- Tipton Masonic

Gabert Paul H -- Tipton Masonic


Gage Pearl M -- Tipton Masonic

Gage Volney V -- Tipton Masonic


Gagnon Colby Jerome -- St Andrews


Gahardt Meistitalen -- St Andrews


Gallager Mary L -- Tipton Masonic

Gallager Peyton C -- Tipton Masonic


Gallagher Alta B -- Tipton Masonic

Gallagher Charles H -- Gallagher Family

Gallagher Charles Henry -- Gallagher Family

Gallagher Floyd Vest -- Gallagher Family

Gallagher James H -- Gallagher Family

Gallagher Kate P -- Gallagher Family

Gallagher Kathryn M -- Tipton Masonic

Gallagher Mary C -- Gallagher Family

Gallagher Milton Barton -- Tipton Masonic

Gallagher Milton P -- Gallagher Family

Gallagher Norman B -- Gallagher Family

Gallagher Sarah -- Gallagher Family

Gallagher Sarah P -- Tipton Masonic

Gallagher Thyrza Rebecca -- Gallagher Family

Gallagher William -- Gallagher Family


Gallrich Arrilda  -- Newkirk

Gallrich Frank  -- Newkirk


Gant Virgil  -- Tipton Masonic

Gant William Richard -- St Andrews

Gant Wilma  -- Tipton Masonic


Ganzer Lena Ethel -- Tipton Masonic


Gardenhire T F -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Garrett Omar S -- St Andrews


Gates Elizabeth  -- Newkirk

Gates Stephenson  -- Newkirk


Gayle Madeline  -- Prairie Grove


Geeps Elizabeth  -- St Andrews


Geiger Hazel Viola -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Geiger Roy -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Geiser   -- St Andrews

Geiser Arnold  -- St Andrews

Geiser Azella R -- St Andrews

Geiser Catherine A -- St Andrews

Geiser Catherine C -- St Andrews

Geiser Christ  -- St Andrews

Geiser Christenia  -- Liberty Baptist Church

Geiser Christian  -- Liberty Baptist Church

Geiser Corine  -- St Andrews

Geiser Edward  -- St Andrews

Geiser Edward F -- St Andrews

Geiser Ella M -- Tipton Masonic

Geiser Helen Mary -- St Andrews

Geiser Joseph P -- St Andrews

Geiser Lawrence C -- St Andrews

Geiser Leonard A -- Tipton Masonic

Geiser Louis V -- St Andrews

Geiser Lucy  -- St Andrews

Geiser Margaret Amelia -- St Andrews

Geiser Mary C -- St Andrews

Geiser Otto F -- St Andrews

Geiser Ozella Rose -- St Andrews

Geiser Pauline Catherine -- St Andrews

Geiser Walter E -- St Andrews


Gelven Agnes  -- St Andrews

Gelven Charles  -- St Andrews


Gentry   -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Gentry John H -- Tipton Odd Fellows


George Alpheus Lee -- Tipton Odd Fellows

George Myrtle C -- Tipton Odd Fellows

George Stella  -- Tipton Masonic

George Wallace  -- Tipton Masonic


Gerber Elizabeth  -- Newkirk


Gerhardt Emil  -- St Andrews

Gerhardt Gertrude  -- St Andrews

Gerhardt John  -- St Andrews


Gerhart Anna S -- St Andrews

Gerhart William  -- St Andrews


Gerke Evelyn  -- St Andrews

Gerke Gary John -- St Andrews

Gerke H Emil -- St Andrews


Gibson Mary Emma -- Tipton Masonic

Gibson Roscoe Ray -- Tipton Masonic


Gigas Artie B -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Gigas August C -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Gigas Charles W -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Gigas Charlotte  -- Tipton Masonic

Gigas Eda -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Gigas John -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Gigas Nannie  -- Tipton Masonic


Gilbert Andrew E -- Tipton Masonic

Gilbert Angeline  -- Prairie Grove

Gilbert Ann -- Gilbert Family

Gilbert Anna -- Moreau

Gilbert Benjamin -- Gilbert Family

Gilbert Benjamin Franklin -- Moreau

Gilbert Charles -- Gilbert Family

Gilbert Charles T -- Tipton Masonic

Gilbert Eleanor Eliza -- Moreau

Gilbert Elizabeth Jane -- Tipton Masonic

Gilbert Frank W -- St Andrews

Gilbert Green W -- Gilbert Family

Gilbert Hester A -- Tipton Masonic

Gilbert Julia  -- Prairie Grove

Gilbert Leo Jacob Charles -- St Andrews

Gilbert Lillian V -- Tipton Masonic

Gilbert Luther  -- St Andrews

Gilbert Martha L -- Tipton Masonic

Gilbert Patience  -- Prairie Grove

Gilbert Samuel  -- Prairie Grove

Gilbert Sophia  -- St Andrews

Gilbert Thomas  -- Prairie Grove


Giles Family  -- Prairie Grove


Gilford Denis  -- St Andrews


Gish Alfred Alander -- Tipton Masonic

Gish Amanda -- Moreau

Gish Arthur -- Moreau

Gish Bertha Ellen -- Newkirk

Gish Bonnie C -- Moreau

Gish Caroline -- Moreau

Gish Charles F -- Moreau

Gish David -- Moreau

Gish Ella May -- Moreau

Gish Elmer F -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Gish Esther Irene -- Tipton Masonic

Gish Fred -- Moreau

Gish George -- Moreau

Gish J Ethel -- Moreau

Gish John L -- Moreau

Gish Joseph H -- Moreau

Gish Leta F -- Moreau

Gish Mahala -- Moreau

Gish Mandy -- Moreau

Gish Newton E -- Tipton Masonic

Gish Oliver -- Moreau

Gish Oliver P -- Moreau

Gish Peter -- Moreau

Gish Phebe E -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Gish Shirley Faye -- Moreau

Gish Stella -- Moreau

Gish Stella M -- Tipton Masonic

Gish Ursie M -- Tipton Masonic

Gish Willie Ben -- Moreau

Gist Alfred -- Moreau

Gist Calvin -- Moreau

Gist Catherine -- Moreau

Gist Frankie -- Moreau

Gist Raymond -- Moreau

Gist Sarah Ann -- Gilbert Family


Glaser L Craig -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Glasnapp Franklin E -- Tipton Masonic

Glasnapp Minnie  -- Tipton Masonic


Glass Dorothy B -- Tipton Masonic

Glass George W -- Tipton Masonic

Glass Linda Lou -- Tipton Masonic

Glass Mary E -- Tipton Masonic


Gleim Frailey  -- Tipton Masonic

Gleim Harrison  -- Tipton Masonic

Gleim John H -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Goddard Clara B -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Goddard Hugh Henritz -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Goddard Joe H -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Gosar Cyril P -- St Andrews


Grace C W -- Moreau

Grace Herman Lee -- Moreau

Grace Ronald Gene -- Moreau

Grace Rosie L -- Moreau


Graham A J -- Moreau

Graham Don J -- St Andrews

Graham Elizabeth -- Moreau

Graham Elsie B -- Tipton Masonic

Graham Emma F -- Tipton Masonic

Graham George William -- Tipton Masonic

Graham Johnny -- Moreau

Graham Marilynn T -- St Andrews

Graham Marion  -- Tipton Masonic

Graham Sarah A -- Moreau

Graham Warren  -- Tipton Masonic

Graham Wayne W -- Tipton Masonic

Graham Willia H -- Tipton Masonic

Graham William Burleson -- Tipton Masonic


Grant Maria  -- Tipton Masonic


Gray Dicy Evaline -- Moreau

Gray Harriet Isabel -- Moreau

Gray Jesse -- Moreau

Gray John -- Moreau

Gray John T -- Moreau

Gray John W -- Moreau

Gray Lutisha -- Moreau

Gray Mary Jane -- Moreau

Gray Ruff  -- Prairie Grove

Gray Sylvanus M -- Moreau


Grazier Elnora  -- Tipton Masonic

Grazier Joseph S -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Grazier Louise  -- Tipton Masonic

Grazier Martha Young -- Tipton Masonic

Grazier Ruth Ann -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Grazier Sarah F -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Grazier Sherman  -- Tipton Masonic


Grecker Mary  -- St Andrews


Green Charlotte E -- Tipton Masonic

Green Ivy Eugene -- Tipton Masonic


Greer   -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Greer   -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Greer Bertha  -- Tipton Masonic

Greer Henry Clay -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Greer Lawrence  -- St Andrews

Greer Leonard R -- St Andrews

Greer Mabel  -- Tipton Masonic

Greer Nancy G -- Liberty Baptist Church

Greer Nora E -- St Andrews

Greer Thomas V Rev -- Liberty Baptist Church


Grevillot Charles Jr -- St Andrews

Grevillot Charles Sr -- St Andrews

Grevillot Mary K -- St Andrews

Grevillot Rosa  -- St Andrews


Grier H C -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Griffen   -- St Andrews


Griffin Bridget  -- St Andrews

Griffin Eliza J -- Moreau

Griffin Elizabeth -- Moreau

Griffin Infant -- Moreau

Griffin James H -- Moreau

Griffin John G -- Moreau

Griffin Margaret  -- St Andrews

Griffin Mary -- Moreau

Griffin Moses S -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Griffin Susan -- Moreau

Griffin Thomas J -- Moreau


Grinstead Binard F -- Newkirk

Grinstead Caroline -- Thixton Family

Grinstead Mayme H -- Newkirk

Grinstead William H -- Newkirk


Gross Denver R -- Tipton Masonic

Gross Willeta L -- Tipton Masonic


Grosvenor Henry Leslie -- St Andrews

Grosvenor William Henry -- St Andrews


Groves Anna Frances -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Groves Annie E -- Tipton Masonic

Groves James O -- Tipton Masonic

Groves John R -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Groves Laura M -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Groves Minnie J -- Tipton Masonic

Groves S Hobert -- Tipton Masonic


Gumpenberger Edward H -- St Andrews

Gumpenberger Nellie Florence -- St Andrews


Gwinner Ard M -- Tipton Masonic

Gwinner David Dinwiddie -- Tipton Masonic

Gwinner David Jr -- Tipton Masonic

Gwinner Elizabeth  -- Tipton Masonic

Gwinner Francis S -- Tipton Masonic

Gwinner George A -- Tipton Masonic

Gwinner George C -- Tipton Masonic

Gwinner Gertrude McKean -- Tipton Masonic

Gwinner John H C -- Tipton Masonic




Habicht Christopher  -- Tipton Masonic

Habicht Fredericka  -- Tipton Masonic


Hagen Louis  -- Tipton Masonic


Haggarty George H -- Moreau


Hahn Laura -- St Andrews


Hainen Andrew J -- St Andrews

Hainen Bernard Anthony -- St Andrews

Hainen Bertha A -- St Andrews

Hainen Edward Charles -- St Andrews

Hainen Elizabeth C -- St Andrews

Hainen Elizabeth F -- St Andrews

Hainen Elizabeth M -- St Andrews

Hainen Freida Ellen -- St Andrews

Hainen Geneva Elizabeth -- St Andrews

Hainen Harold  -- St Andrews

Hainen Helen  -- Tipton Masonic

Hainen Helen Ida -- St Andrews

Hainen Herman Joseph -- St Andrews

Hainen Jacob  -- St Andrews

Hainen John E -- St Andrews

Hainen Joseph  -- St Andrews

Hainen Josephine H -- St Andrews

Hainen Leo William -- St Andrews

Hainen Louise M -- St Andrews

Hainen Mary  -- St Andrews

Hainen Mary Ellen -- St Andrews

Hainen Norman  -- St Andrews

Hainen Norman J -- St Andrews

Hainen Olla  -- St Andrews

Hainen Peter J -- St Andrews

Hainen Peter J -- St Andrews

Hainen Sylvester  -- Tipton Masonic

Hainen Teddy  -- St Andrews

Hainen W E -- St Andrews

Hainen William  -- St Andrews


Hale Clarence O -- Tipton Masonic

Hale Claudia J -- Tipton Masonic

Hale Inga G -- Tipton Masonic

Hale Joseph  -- Prairie Grove

Hale Kenneth G -- Tipton Masonic


Hall Clara E -- Newkirk

Hall Dawn Renee -- Moreau

Hall Donald M -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hall Emma F -- Newkirk

Hall Fern Elizabeth -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hall Henry -- Liberty Baptist Church

Hall Jane -- Prairie Grove

Hall John Fountain -- Newkirk

Hall Mary A -- Tipton Masonic

Hall Robert  -- Prairie Grove

Hall Ruth -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hall Vessie  -- Tipton Masonic

Hall W Robert -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Halphin Loretta Isabel -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Hamilton Alta  -- Newkirk

Hamilton Frederick  -- Soldiers

Hamilton John P -- Newkirk


Hammer Arnold  -- Tipton Masonic

Hammer Frances Emmaline -- Tipton Masonic

Hammer Matilda  -- Tipton Masonic

Hammer Peter M -- Tipton Masonic


Hampson Calvin  -- Tipton Masonic


Hampton Minnie  -- Prairie Grove


Hanawalt Zell  -- Tipton Masonic


Hanby Effie Grace -- Newkirk

Hanby Elvin N -- Newkirk

Hanby Elvina N -- Newkirk

Hanby Jasper N -- Newkirk

Hanby Jewell H -- Newkirk


Hann Ola  -- Newkirk


Hanna Rose Irene -- Moreau


Hardin Charles W -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Hare Clara May -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hare Herschel E -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hare Leslie W -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Harker James  -- Tipton Masonic

Harker Mary Ann -- Tipton Masonic


Harm Ruth W -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Harper Rhoda -- Moreau


Harris Archie  -- Tipton Masonic

Harris Burnley  -- Tipton Masonic

Harris Charles "Bud" -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Harris Evalina  -- Tipton Masonic

Harris Maggie A -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Harris Steven Arthur -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Harris Van Edward -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Harris William B -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Harris Zachariah  -- Tipton Masonic


Harrison Nancy J -- Liberty Baptist Church


Harrolle G W -- St Andrews

Harrolle Sara Keevil -- St Andrews


Hartman Adam  -- St Andrews

Hartman Anna M -- St Andrews

Hartman Anna R -- St Andrews

Hartman Bernadette E -- St Andrews

Hartman Caroline  -- St Andrews

Hartman Caroline  -- St Andrews

Hartman Catherine  -- St Andrews

Hartman Elizabeth  -- St Andrews

Hartman Elizabeth  -- St Andrews

Hartman Francis John -- St Andrews

Hartman Geneva C -- St Andrews

Hartman Gertrude C -- St Andrews

Hartman Helen  -- St Andrews

Hartman Helen E -- St Andrews

Hartman Henry  -- St Andrews

Hartman Henry F -- St Andrews

Hartman Herman Joseph -- St Andrews

Hartman Ida E -- St Andrews

Hartman J H -- St Andrews

Hartman Joe J -- St Andrews

Hartman John  -- St Andrews

Hartman John E -- St Andrews

Hartman Josephine  -- St Andrews

Hartman Josephine  -- St Andrews

Hartman Leo A -- St Andrews

Hartman Mary E -- St Andrews

Hartman Minnie K -- St Andrews

Hartman Nora E -- St Andrews

Hartman Sylvester  -- St Andrews

Hartman Thomas F -- St Andrews

Hartman Thresa H -- St Andrews

Hartman Victor W -- St Andrews

Hartman Virginia K -- St Andrews


Haun Marcus Paul -- Tipton Masonic

Haun Mary Edith -- Tipton Masonic


Hawes Alfred E -- Tipton Masonic

Hawes Carrie L -- Tipton Masonic

Hawes Mattie A -- Tipton Masonic


Haynes Anna Belle -- Tipton Masonic

Haynes Isaac Shelby -- Tipton Masonic

Haynes Rosa May -- Tipton Masonic


Hays Ada Elizabeth -- Newkirk

Hays Ada L -- Newkirk

Hays Alice J -- Tipton Masonic

Hays Amanda D -- Newkirk

Hays Amanda F -- Newkirk

Hays Arnim Douglas -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hays Athel Stanley -- Tipton Masonic

Hays Austin E -- Newkirk

Hays Belle -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hays Ben F -- Newkirk

Hays Ben Franklin -- Newkirk

Hays Catharine  -- Newkirk

Hays Charley P -- Newkirk

Hays David P -- Newkirk

Hays Earl -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hays Emily E -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hays Ercell Hunter -- Newkirk

Hays Ethel Faye -- Newkirk

Hays Ethel S -- Tipton Masonic

Hays Eula P -- Newkirk

Hays Evelyn C -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hays Flora  -- Newkirk

Hays Frances Jane -- Newkirk

Hays George M -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hays George W -- Newkirk

Hays Henry Douglas -- Tipton Masonic

Hays Howard W -- Tipton Masonic

Hays James Fountain -- Tipton Masonic

Hays Jemima J -- Newkirk

Hays Jennie M -- Newkirk

Hays Jennie T -- Tipton Masonic

Hays John Douglas -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hays Joseph Payton -- Newkirk

Hays Josiah Vincil -- Newkirk

Hays Judy Kay -- Tipton Masonic

Hays Katie  -- Tipton Masonic

Hays Lola Edna -- Newkirk

Hays Lola Mae -- Newkirk

Hays Louisa  -- Tipton Masonic

Hays Lucy C -- Tipton Masonic

Hays Lura Maude -- Tipton Masonic

Hays Margaret Elizabeth -- Tipton Masonic

Hays Melva M -- Tipton Masonic

Hays Merlyn Denzil -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hays Mildred L -- Tipton Masonic

Hays Mollie F -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hays Oscar Redmon -- Tipton Masonic

Hays Perrin  -- Tipton Masonic

Hays Peter  -- Newkirk

Hays Preston Ford -- Tipton Masonic

Hays Rose Ann -- Newkirk

Hays Sarah Opal -- Tipton Masonic

Hays Steve -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hays Thomas A -- Newkirk

Hays Wallace  -- Tipton Masonic

Hays William  -- Tipton Masonic

Hays William Stanley -- Tipton Masonic

Hays Willis H -- Tipton Masonic

Hays Zella M -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Hayworth Clarence E -- Tipton Masonic

Hayworth Eva L -- Tipton Masonic

Hayworth Sybil  -- Tipton Masonic

Hayworth William L -- Tipton Masonic


Hazell James E -- Tipton Masonic

Hazell Lucy Ella -- Tipton Masonic

Hazell Mary A -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hazell Missouri Ann -- Tipton Masonic

Hazell Nancy A -- Tipton Masonic

Hazell Sebern Graham -- Tipton Masonic


Heather Donald K -- Moreau

Heather Donald N -- Moreau

Heather Leo Herman -- Moreau

Heather Terri D -- Moreau

Heather Una Florence -- Moreau


Hecht Barbara  -- St Andrews

Hecht Catherine  -- St Andrews

Hecht Edward  -- St Andrews

Hecht Elizabeth  -- St Andrews

Hecht Elizabeth  -- St Andrews

Hecht Frank J -- St Andrews

Hecht John -- St Andrews

Hecht Mary June -- St Andrews

Hecht Mary K -- St Andrews

Hecht Mary Olivia -- St Andrews

Hecht Paul -- St Andrews

Hecht Peter  -- St Andrews

Hecht Vincent P -- St Andrews

Hecht William A -- St Andrews


Heider M Chloe -- St Andrews


Heinen Ella  -- St Andrews

Heinen Jacob Jr -- St Andrews


Helper Catherine  -- Tipton Masonic

Helper H J -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Helt Sophia M -- Tipton Masonic

Helt William Hoehn -- Tipton Masonic


Hendershot Charles Edwin -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Henritz Earl William -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Henritz Pearl Louise -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Henritz Sarah Elizabeth -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Henritz William Henry -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Henry Asa G -- Moreau

Henry Blanche -- Moreau

Henry Calvin -- Moreau

Henry Cozy -- Moreau

Henry David F -- Tipton Masonic

Henry Elizabeth -- Moreau

Henry Elizabeth  -- Tipton Masonic

Henry Ella E -- Tipton Masonic

Henry Elsie -- Moreau

Henry Esther Jane -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Henry Evelyn Rose -- Moreau

Henry Homer P -- Tipton Masonic

Henry James  -- Tipton Masonic

Henry James Monroe -- Moreau

Henry Joel C -- Moreau

Henry John -- Moreau

Henry Joseph  -- St Andrews

Henry Joseph F -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Henry Marvin H -- Moreau

Henry Mary B -- Moreau

Henry Mary Ellen -- Moreau

Henry Melvin T -- Moreau

Henry Nettie -- Moreau

Henry Rebecca A -- Tipton Masonic

Henry Rosa Lee -- Moreau

Henry Sarah H -- Tipton Masonic

Henry Susan Ann -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Henry William  -- Tipton Masonic


Hepler George Harned -- Tipton Masonic


Herman John  -- St Andrews


Herrnleben Mary  -- St Andrews


Hess Dennis Albert -- St Andrews

Hess Mary Jane -- St Andrews


Hickam Sallie  -- Tipton Masonic


Hickman Alpha Leona -- Moreau

Hickman Anna -- Moreau

Hickman Anthony -- Moreau

Hickman Anthony G -- Moreau

Hickman Bertha -- Moreau

Hickman Beulah F -- Moreau

Hickman Charles N -- Moreau

Hickman Charles S -- Peter Newkirk Family

Hickman Emily -- Moreau

Hickman Everett E -- Moreau

Hickman Frederick Smith -- Tipton Masonic

Hickman George -- Moreau

Hickman Harriet -- Moreau

Hickman Isabella -- Moreau

Hickman Jesse Hugh -- Tipton Masonic

Hickman Joe W -- Moreau

Hickman John -- Moreau

Hickman John M -- Moreau

Hickman Joseph -- Moreau

Hickman Joseph William -- Moreau

Hickman Lillian -- Moreau

Hickman Martha O -- Moreau

Hickman Matilda -- Moreau

Hickman Matilda -- Moreau

Hickman Matilda A -- Moreau

Hickman Maude E -- Moreau

Hickman Melissa  -- Tipton Masonic

Hickman Rhoda J -- Moreau

Hickman Susan -- Moreau

Hickman W Walter -- Moreau

Hickman William -- Moreau


Higgins Mary J -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Hilgert Anna Catherine -- St Andrews

Hilgert Elizabeth  -- St Andrews

Hilgert John J -- St Andrews

Hilgert Joseph  -- St Andrews

Hilgert Mary Louisa -- St Andrews

Hilgert Peter Joseph -- St Andrews

Hilgert W Mina -- St Andrews


Hill Charles Edwin -- Moreau

Hill Dora Vickers -- Newkirk

Hill Gloria Newkirk -- Moreau


Hirst Albert Augustine -- Tipton Masonic

Hirst Albert Harness -- Tipton Masonic

Hirst Albert Marion -- Tipton Masonic

Hirst Anna Maria -- Tipton Masonic

Hirst Annie  -- Tipton Masonic

Hirst Caroline  -- Tipton Masonic

Hirst Charles Albert -- Tipton Masonic

Hirst Della E -- Tipton Masonic

Hirst Edgar Latour -- Tipton Masonic

Hirst Fern Lucille -- Tipton Masonic

Hirst John R -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hirst John Thompson -- Tipton Masonic

Hirst John Thompson -- Tipton Masonic

Hirst Lucy E -- Tipton Masonic

Hirst Lydia Marie -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hirst Myrta Viven -- Tipton Masonic

Hirst Rhoda E -- Tipton Masonic

Hirst Robert Vest Sr -- Tipton Masonic

Hirst Sallie R -- Tipton Masonic

Hirst Sallie (Sarah) Elizabeth -- Tipton Masonic

Hirst Truman Mason -- Tipton Masonic

Hirst W M M H -- Brooking

Hirst William M -- Tipton Masonic


Hodges Ada G -- Prairie Grove

Hodges Darnell E -- Prairie Grove

Hodges James Russell -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hodges Julia K -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hodges Lloyd I -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hodges Mabel M -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hodges Thomas J -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Hoehn Anna -- St Andrews

Hoehn Anna C -- St Andrews

Hoehn Anna Catherine -- St Andrews

Hoehn Cora B -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hoehn George  -- St Andrews

Hoehn Henry A Jr -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hoehn Henry Albert Sr -- St Andrews

Hoehn John G -- St Andrews

Hoehn Leonard S -- St Andrews


Hoer Jane  -- Tipton Masonic


Hoff Donald J -- St Andrews

Hoff Judy S -- St Andrews

Hoff Russell W -- St Andrews


Hofstetter Arleen -- Moreau

Hofstetter Ivan J -- Moreau

Hofstetter Lester E -- Tipton Masonic

Hofstetter Nadine E -- Tipton Masonic

Hofstetter Roy V -- Newkirk


Hogan Sadie E -- Prairie Grove


Hoheimer Bertha Lee -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Hollaway Elisha R -- Moreau

Hollaway George -- Moreau

Hollaway Infant -- Moreau

Hollaway Martha A -- Moreau

Hollaway S M -- Moreau

Hollaway Sarah J -- Moreau


Holtschneider Agnes  -- St Andrews

Holtschneider B W -- St Andrews

Holtschneider Henry  -- St Andrews


Homan Ernest Edward -- Tipton Masonic

Homan Evelyn M -- Tipton Masonic


Homfeldt Alma A -- Tipton Masonic

Homfeldt Ethel V -- Moreau

Homfeldt Frank E -- Moreau

Homfeldt John Henry -- Tipton Masonic

Homfeldt Mary E -- Tipton Masonic


Hood Clara S -- St Andrews

Hood Clarence J -- St Andrews

Hood Cornelia C -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hood Ila -- St Andrews

Hood John -- Brooking

Hood Joseph R -- St Andrews

Hood Josephine Louise -- St Andrews

Hood Luke Andrew -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hood Mary -- St Andrews

Hood Matt Embry -- Brooking

Hood Teddy -- St Andrews

Hood Wallace W -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Hopper Sallie A -- Snorgrass Family


Hornbeck Albert Capt -- Tipton Masonic

Hornbeck Jennie  -- Tipton Masonic

Hornbeck Jessie Lee -- Tipton Masonic


Houck Mary O -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Houck Thomas Jefferson -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Hough Daniel  -- Tipton Masonic


Howard Alice G -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Arthur E -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Benjamin H -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Cecil W -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Claud R -- St Andrews

Howard Cora B -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Earl  -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Edward Lee -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Elizabeth  -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Ella B -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Emma  -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Emma M -- St Andrews

Howard Emmett W -- Moreau

Howard Ethel E -- Moreau

Howard Gregory  -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Infant  -- Newkirk

Howard Infant Son -- Tipton Masonic

Howard J Thompson -- Tipton Masonic

Howard J Thompson -- Tipton Masonic

Howard James B -- Tipton Masonic

Howard James S -- Tipton Masonic

Howard James T -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Jessie P -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Jo Alice -- Tipton Masonic

Howard John G -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Lace W -- Moreau

Howard Lola Frances -- Moreau

Howard Lott D -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Louise J -- Tipton Masonic

Howard M E -- Moreau

Howard Martha J -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Mary E -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Mattie -- Moreau

Howard Nancy Jane -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Nanny F -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Ollie -- Moreau

Howard Rhay  -- Prairie Grove

Howard Rose Ann -- Newkirk

Howard S Ella -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Stevy Washington -- Tipton Masonic

Howard Susan J -- Newkirk

Howard Wade -- Moreau

Howard Wallace  -- Tipton Masonic

Howard William E -- Tipton Masonic

Howard William E -- Tipton Masonic

Howard William S -- Tipton Masonic

Howard William S -- Tipton Masonic


Hoyt Ruby D -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Hubbard Norman O -- Prairie Grove


Huddleston Harold Dale Sr -- Tipton Masonic

Huddleston Kenneth Allen -- Tipton Masonic

Huddleston Phyllis Fern -- Tipton Masonic

Huddleston Tana Jean -- St Andrews


Hudson Betty  -- Tipton Masonic

Hudson Beulah M -- Tipton Masonic

Hudson Effie L -- Tipton Masonic

Hudson Frank  -- Tipton Masonic

Hudson Fred Stafford -- Tipton Masonic

Hudson Gary David -- Tipton Masonic

Hudson Homer H -- Tipton Masonic

Hudson Mary Edna -- Tipton Masonic

Hudson Maude L -- Tipton Masonic

Hudson Nell  -- Tipton Masonic

Hudson Robert Morgan -- Tipton Masonic

Hudson Thomas R -- Tipton Masonic

Hudson William R -- Tipton Masonic


Huff Alma Dora -- Huff Family

Huff Bettie Lee -- Tipton Masonic

Huff Birtle L -- Tipton Masonic

Huff Charles H -- Moreau

Huff Della F -- Tipton Masonic

Huff Edna Roberta -- Tipton Masonic

Huff James Earnest -- Tipton Masonic

Huff James Johnson -- Tipton Masonic

Huff Jennie -- Huff Family

Huff John T -- Huff Family

Huff Johnathan -- Huff Family

Huff Jonathan T -- Tipton Masonic

Huff Lillian -- Moreau

Huff Lily -- Moreau

Huff Lovie Irene -- Tipton Masonic

Huff Marcus -- Huff Family

Huff Patsy -- Huff Family

Huff Sandy J -- Huff Family

Huff Thornton E -- Tipton Masonic

Huff Wanda -- Moreau

Huff Will E -- Huff Family


Hug Joyce Lynn -- Tipton Masonic


Hughes Ann B -- Tipton Masonic

Hughes Henry  -- Tipton Masonic

Hughes John W -- Moreau


Huhman Barbara A -- St Andrews

Huhman George F -- St Andrews

Huhman James G -- St Andrews

Huhman Judith Ann -- St Andrews

Huhman Steven Lee -- St Andrews


Huhmann Doak Andrew -- St Andrews

Huhmann Edna F -- St Andrews


Hull G Marie -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Hull H Leon -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Hundhausen Gerhardt  -- St Andrews

Hundhausen Gerhart  -- St Andrews

Hundhausen John Matthew -- St Andrews

Hundhausen Mary Ann -- St Andrews


Hunt Lillian H -- Moreau


Hunter Aubrey H -- Snorgrass Family

Hunter Eva -- Prairie Grove

Hunter Fannie  -- Liberty Baptist Church

Hunter Isaac L -- Prairie Grove

Hunter John B -- Liberty Baptist Church

Hunter Lewis T -- Prairie Grove

Hunter Louella  -- Prairie Grove

Hunter Mary Louise -- Prairie Grove

Hunter Sallie Ann -- Liberty Baptist Church

Hunter Samuel  -- Prairie Grove


Hunthausen Jerome W -- St Andrews

Hunthausen Philepina  -- St Andrews


Hurst Mary Elizabeth -- Tipton Masonic


Hurt Bertha Leona -- Tipton Masonic

Hurt E M -- Brooking


Hutchison Brother James -- Liberty Baptist Church

Hutchison Derrill  -- Tipton Masonic

Hutchison Donald Albert -- Newkirk

Hutchison Edgar Elbert -- Newkirk

Hutchison Frank  -- Tipton Masonic

Hutchison John Elbert -- Newkirk

Hutchison Joseph  -- Liberty Baptist Church

Hutchison Joseph Jr -- Liberty Baptist Church

Hutchison Josephine  -- Newkirk

Hutchison Margaret  -- Liberty Baptist Church

Hutchison Mary M -- Newkirk

Hutchison Melva Fern -- Tipton Masonic

Hutchison Neva U -- Tipton Masonic

Hutchison W D -- Newkirk

Hutchison W E -- Liberty Baptist Church

Hutchison Walter L -- Christian Family

Hutchison William J -- Tipton Masonic




Imhoff Anna  -- St Andrews

Imhoff Clarine  -- St Andrews

Imhoff Edward  -- St Andrews

Imhoff Emma  -- St Andrews

Imhoff Fred G -- St Andrews

Imhoff George A -- St Andrews

Imhoff Jacob  -- St Andrews

Imhoff Jeanette -- St Andrews

Imhoff Juanita  -- St Andrews

Imhoff Katherine -- St Andrews

Imhoff Louis Gustav -- St Andrews

Imhoff Louise R -- St Andrews

Imhoff Mary  -- St Andrews

Imhoff Mary  -- St Andrews

Imhoff Oscar Joseph -- St Andrews

Imhoff Phillip  -- St Andrews

Imhoff Phillip W -- St Andrews

Imhoff Richard A -- St Andrews

Imhoff Rose Mary -- St Andrews

Imhoff William L -- St Andrews


Ingersoll Daniel F -- Tipton Masonic

Ingersoll Minnie B -- Tipton Masonic


Inglish Amy C -- Tipton Masonic

Inglish James D -- Tipton Masonic

Inglish Nero A -- Tipton Masonic

Inglish Raymond C -- Tipton Masonic

Inglish Wilber J -- Tipton Masonic


Ireland Dennis Clifford -- St Andrews


Irish Bert E -- Tipton Masonic


Ivy Charles Kenneth -- Tipton Masonic

Ivy Infant -- Moreau




Jackson Henry Clay -- Tipton Masonic

Jackson John Thomas -- Tipton Masonic

Jackson LaVern M -- St Andrews

Jackson Robert A -- St Andrews


Jacobson Harold Clifford -- St Andrews

Jacobson Lola M -- St Andrews


Jahn Benjamin Franklin -- Tipton Masonic

Jahn Christopher Willis -- Tipton Masonic

Jahn Judida Smith -- Tipton Masonic

Jahn Lillie Jane -- Tipton Masonic

Jahn William Frederick -- Tipton Masonic


James Abraham -- Moreau

James Nannie  -- Tipton Masonic

James Sterling Price -- Tipton Masonic


Jarowitz Lois E -- Tipton Masonic

Jarowitz Raymond F -- Tipton Masonic


Jiles May Jane -- Prairie Grove


Johns Bennett H -- Newkirk

Johns Isabel -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Johnson Bertha  -- Tipton Masonic

Johnson Charles M -- Tipton Masonic

Johnson Daniel Lee Sr -- Tipton Masonic

Johnson Erma Lee -- Tipton Masonic

Johnson George -- Prairie Grove

Johnson George Russell -- Prairie Grove

Johnson J C -- Soldiers -- 26th Indiana Co C

Johnson James C -- Tipton Masonic

Johnson James W -- Tipton Masonic

Johnson Jessie B -- Prairie Grove

Johnson Johanna B -- Prairie Grove

Johnson Laura -- Prairie Grove

Johnson Leander M -- Newkirk

Johnson Leroy  -- Newkirk

Johnson Lila -- Huff Family

Johnson Lucille  -- Tipton Masonic

Johnson Luella -- Prairie Grove

Johnson Mrs Ward -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Johnson Sarah A -- Tipton Masonic

Johnson W P -- Tipton Masonic

Johnson William Henry -- Prairie Grove

Johnson William Russell -- Prairie Grove


Jones -- Moreau

Jones Allen Roy -- Tipton Masonic

Jones Cecil V -- St Andrews

Jones Izola Elizabeth -- Newkirk

Jones James A -- Moreau

Jones John S -- Tipton Masonic

Jones John Wilbur -- Tipton Masonic

Jones Jonathan -- Huff Family

Jones Lenora Geneveria -- Tipton Masonic

Jones Liza -- Moreau

Jones Martha M -- Newkirk

Jones Merlyn -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Jones Nettie -- Liberty Baptist Church


Jorgensen Ina F -- Tipton Masonic

Jorgensen Thomas P -- Tipton Masonic


Joslyn Frank M -- Tipton Masonic

Joslyn Ida L -- Tipton Masonic

Joslyn John W -- Tipton Masonic

Joslyn Richard B -- Tipton Masonic




Kaiser Bertha M -- Tipton Masonic

Kaiser Ida Lee -- Prairie Grove

Kaiser W T Bill -- Tipton Masonic


Kamerick Anna  -- Tipton Masonic

Kamerick Joseph  -- Tipton Masonic

Kamerick Minnie  -- Tipton Masonic


Kammerich Andrew  -- St Andrews

Kammerich Andrew S -- St Andrews

Kammerich Anna  -- St Andrews

Kammerich Anna G -- St Andrews

Kammerich Catharine -- St Andrews

Kammerich Dorothy  -- St Andrews

Kammerich Elmer  -- St Andrews

Kammerich George  -- St Andrews

Kammerich George H -- St Andrews

Kammerich Henry August -- St Andrews

Kammerich Jerome W -- St Andrews

Kammerich John  -- St Andrews

Kammerich Katherine -- St Andrews

Kammerich Laura  -- St Andrews

Kammerich Lawrence L -- St Andrews

Kammerich Louise U -- St Andrews

Kammerich Mary T -- St Andrews

Kammerich Paul Lee -- St Andrews

Kammerich Peter  -- St Andrews

Kammerich Rosa M -- St Andrews

Kammerich Tony  -- St Andrews

Kammerich Victor  -- St Andrews

Kammerich Vincent G -- St Andrews


Kania Henry Casimir -- St Andrews

Kania Loretta C -- St Andrews


Kasper Bessie Lee -- Newkirk

Kasper Dean Edward -- Tipton Masonic

Kasper Edward F -- Newkirk


Kavanaugh Bridget  -- St Andrews

Kavanaugh Daniel S -- St Andrews

Kavanaugh Dennis  -- St Andrews

Kavanaugh Eleanor  -- St Andrews

Kavanaugh Elizabeth W -- Liberty Baptist Church

Kavanaugh John Bartholame -- St Andrews

Kavanaugh Katherine -- St Andrews


Keefer Samuel -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Keefer Sarah -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Keevil H M -- St Andrews

Keevil Mara Thomas -- St Andrews

Keevil Mary H -- St Andrews


Keichen Emma  -- St Andrews


Keiser Christina -- Liberty Baptist Church


Kelby Albert -- Prairie Grove

Kelby Francis -- Prairie Grove

Kelby Laura -- Prairie Grove

Kelby Mattie -- Prairie Grove

Kelby Wilbur -- Prairie Grove

Kelby William -- Prairie Grove


Keller Lela -- Moreau


Kelly Cohn M -- Tipton Masonic

Kelly George M -- Newkirk

Kelly George Martin -- Newkirk

Kelly John A -- Tipton Masonic

Kelly John P -- Tipton Masonic

Kelly Mary C -- Newkirk

Kelly Sallie L -- Newkirk


Kemper Laura Ann -- Tipton Masonic


Kempf Edna Marie -- St Andrews

Kempf Ernest  -- St Andrews


Kennedy Christina Ann -- St Andrews

Kennedy Joan L -- St Andrews


Kenney Cynthia Belle -- Tipton Masonic

Kenney Sally  -- Tipton Masonic


Kenny Infant -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Kenny Theodore -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Keppler Anna M -- St Andrews

Keppler Gertrude -- St Andrews

Keppler William  -- St Andrews


Kerr Edward Warren -- St Andrews

Kerr Eula R -- Tipton Masonic

Kerr John A -- Tipton Masonic

Kerr Rosa  -- St Andrews


Kerschen Ray John -- St Andrews

Kerschen Virginia -- St Andrews


Kessenick Elizabeth -- St Andrews


Ketterlin Anne  -- St Andrews

Ketterlin Barbara T -- St Andrews

Ketterlin Dorothy M -- Moreau

Ketterlin Francis J -- Moreau

Ketterlin Infant  -- St Andrews

Ketterlin Joseph  -- St Andrews

Ketterlin Mary  -- St Andrews

Ketterlin Pauline W -- St Andrews

Ketterlin Rosa  -- St Andrews

Ketterlin William H -- St Andrews

Ketterlin William S -- St Andrews


Kile Emma S -- Tipton Masonic


King Benjamin -- Moreau

King Benjamin A -- Moreau

King George S -- Moreau

King Lula -- Moreau

King Sallie -- Prairie Grove


Kiser Flossie M -- Tipton Masonic

Kiser Mary Frances -- Tipton Masonic

Kiser Sherman J -- Tipton Masonic

Kiser Sherman M -- Tipton Masonic

Kiser William D -- Tipton Masonic


Kithcart Nathan  -- Tipton Masonic


Klass Cecilia  -- St Andrews

Klass Edwin Luke -- St Andrews

Klass John Edward -- St Andrews


Klein Alice F -- Tipton Masonic

Klein Elmer F -- St Andrews

Klein Ervin L -- Tipton Masonic

Klein Raymond Jacob -- St Andrews

Klein Susanna  -- St Andrews


Kliethermes Mary Ann -- St Andrews

Kliethermes Mary Lee -- St Andrews

Kliethermes Virgil F -- St Andrews


Kline Alfred  -- St Andrews

Kline Angela M -- St Andrews

Kline Anna  -- St Andrews

Kline Aquin H -- St Andrews

Kline Augusta  -- St Andrews

Kline Blanch  -- St Andrews

Kline Bobby Gene -- St Andrews

Kline Clara  -- St Andrews

Kline Elizabeth -- St Andrews

Kline Emma  -- St Andrews

Kline Henry  -- St Andrews

Kline Henry J -- St Andrews

Kline James Oscar -- St Andrews

Kline James W -- St Andrews

Kline John  -- St Andrews

Kline John Charles -- St Andrews

Kline Katherine -- St Andrews

Kline Martha M -- St Andrews

Kline Oscar W -- St Andrews

Kline Theodore -- St Andrews

Kline Ursula  -- St Andrews

Kline William  -- St Andrews

Kline William  -- St Andrews

Kline William Theodore -- St Andrews


Knife Infant -- Peter Newkirk Family


Knipp Albert J Jr -- St Andrews

Knipp Alice E -- St Andrews

Knipp Alma G -- St Andrews

Knipp Alma L -- St Andrews

Knipp Andrew J -- St Andrews

Knipp Andrew J -- St Andrews

Knipp Anne Louise -- St Andrews

Knipp Anthony L -- St Andrews

Knipp Arnold F -- St Andrews

Knipp Arthur G Sr -- St Andrews

Knipp Arthur George -- St Andrews

Knipp Basil Frank -- St Andrews

Knipp Bernadine C -- St Andrews

Knipp Bernadine G -- St Andrews

Knipp Betty J -- St Andrews

Knipp Betty J -- St Andrews

Knipp Blanche Kathryn -- St Andrews

Knipp Carl H -- St Andrews

Knipp Carmelita L -- St Andrews

Knipp Charles  -- St Andrews

Knipp Charles Joseph -- St Andrews

Knipp Charles Sr -- St Andrews

Knipp Clara Ann -- St Andrews

Knipp Clara B "Tooter" -- St Andrews

Knipp Corine  -- St Andrews

Knipp Dennis R -- St Andrews

Knipp Dorothy  -- St Andrews

Knipp Douglas Scott -- St Andrews

Knipp Edith L -- St Andrews

Knipp Edward J -- St Andrews

Knipp Eleanor M -- St Andrews

Knipp Elizabeth -- St Andrews

Knipp Elizabeth A -- St Andrews

Knipp Emma R -- St Andrews

Knipp Ernest G -- St Andrews

Knipp Eugene  -- St Andrews

Knipp Eva  -- St Andrews

Knipp Gary F -- St Andrews

Knipp Gene  -- St Andrews

Knipp George Sr -- St Andrews

Knipp Gertrude -- St Andrews

Knipp Goerge H Jr -- St Andrews

Knipp Harold S -- St Andrews

Knipp Helen Elizabeth -- St Andrews

Knipp Helen M -- St Andrews

Knipp Helen Ruth -- St Andrews

Knipp Henry  -- St Andrews

Knipp Henry J -- St Andrews

Knipp Henry W -- St Andrews

Knipp Herman W -- St Andrews

Knipp Infant  -- St Andrews

Knipp Infant  -- St Andrews

Knipp Jean Ann -- St Andrews

Knipp Jerry Lee -- St Andrews

Knipp Johann  -- St Andrews

Knipp John  -- St Andrews

Knipp John Andrew -- St Andrews

Knipp John H -- St Andrews

Knipp Joseph  -- St Andrews

Knipp Joseph A -- St Andrews

Knipp Joyce M -- St Andrews

Knipp Kenneth Andrew -- St Andrews

Knipp Lena  -- St Andrews

Knipp Leo J -- St Andrews

Knipp Leoba G -- St Andrews

Knipp Louis "L L" -- St Andrews

Knipp Louis J Sr -- St Andrews

Knipp Louis O Jr -- St Andrews

Knipp Lucinda Kay -- St Andrews

Knipp Margaret J -- St Andrews

Knipp Margaret Julia -- St Andrews

Knipp Mary Lucille -- St Andrews

Knipp Mary Theresa -- St Andrews

Knipp Matilda A -- St Andrews

Knipp Mildred F -- St Andrews

Knipp Naomi  -- St Andrews

Knipp Nicholas -- St Andrews

Knipp Nora Catherine -- St Andrews

Knipp Norbert Henry -- St Andrews

Knipp Oscar W -- St Andrews

Knipp Peter  -- St Andrews

Knipp Peter J IV -- St Andrews

Knipp Peter J Jr -- St Andrews

Knipp Peter Joseph -- St Andrews

Knipp Peter Joseph -- St Andrews

Knipp Rhoda  -- St Andrews

Knipp Robbie Wayne -- St Andrews

Knipp Robert W -- St Andrews

Knipp Ronald  -- St Andrews

Knipp Rose E -- St Andrews

Knipp Ruth Helen -- St Andrews

Knipp Stella Marie -- St Andrews

Knipp Ted H -- St Andrews

Knipp William  -- St Andrews

Knipp William  -- St Andrews

Knipp William C -- St Andrews

Knipp Yvonne S -- St Andrews


Knorp Dorsey L -- Tipton Masonic


Koechner Adolph  -- St Andrews

Koechner Agnes Rose -- St Andrews

Koechner Andrew  -- St Andrews

Koechner Anna Maria -- St Andrews

Koechner Annetta Mary -- St Andrews

Koechner Anthony Henry -- St Andrews

Koechner Arnold Jacob -- St Andrews

Koechner Arthur H -- St Andrews

Koechner Augusta M -- St Andrews

Koechner Cecil S -- St Andrews

Koechner Charles J -- St Andrews

Koechner Elizabeth -- St Andrews

Koechner Ella Clara -- St Andrews

Koechner Francis  -- St Andrews

Koechner Fred William -- St Andrews

Koechner Frederick -- Moreau

Koechner Geneva C -- St Andrews

Koechner Geraldine Evelyn -- St Andrews

Koechner Gertrude Margaret -- St Andrews

Koechner Hellen  -- St Andrews

Koechner Henry Joseph -- St Andrews

Koechner Henry T -- St Andrews

Koechner Irene R -- St Andrews

Koechner John A -- St Andrews

Koechner John Adolph -- St Andrews

Koechner Joseph Frank -- St Andrews

Koechner Joseph P -- St Andrews

Koechner Katherine -- St Andrews

Koechner Larry G -- St Andrews

Koechner Laura A -- St Andrews

Koechner Laura T -- St Andrews

Koechner Lela Gertrude -- St Andrews

Koechner Leo J -- St Andrews

Koechner Leo J -- St Andrews

Koechner Margaret -- St Andrews

Koechner Margaret Ann -- St Andrews

Koechner Nora  -- St Andrews

Koechner Norine M -- St Andrews

Koechner Oscar Vincent -- St Andrews

Koechner Pauline A -- St Andrews

Koechner Peter  -- St Andrews

Koechner Peter  -- St Andrews

Koechner Peter Edward -- St Andrews

Koechner Peter Joe -- St Andrews

Koechner Peter Joe -- St Andrews

Koechner Peter William -- St Andrews

Koechner Phillip  -- St Andrews

Koechner Verna  -- St Andrews


Koerkenmeier Betty Lee -- St Andrews

Koerkenmeier Diana Marie -- St Andrews

Koerkenmeier Elmer G -- St Andrews

Koerkenmeier Henry J -- St Andrews

Koerkenmeier James Norman -- St Andrews

Koerkenmeier Marian G -- St Andrews

Koerkenmeier Philip Joseph -- St Andrews

Koerkenmeier Regina C -- St Andrews


Koetting George J -- St Andrews

Koetting Julius  -- St Andrews

Koetting Mary R -- St Andrews


Kopp Oscar H -- Newkirk

Kopp Ruby J -- Newkirk


Kramer Augustina -- St Andrews

Kramer C I -- St Andrews

Kramer Elizabeth -- St Andrews

Kramer Flora L -- Tipton Masonic

Kramer Frances  -- St Andrews

Kramer Henry J -- Tipton Masonic

Kramer Henry Joseph -- St Andrews

Kramer John  -- St Andrews

Kramer Joseph  -- St Andrews

Kramer Laura M -- St Andrews

Kramer Michael  -- St Andrews

Kramer W A -- St Andrews

Kramer William M -- St Andrews


Kreiling Minnie M -- Tipton Masonic


Kruse Blanche Ellen -- Tipton Masonic

Kruse Kenneth L -- Tipton Masonic


Kuchem Emma C -- St Andrews


Kueper Francis F -- St Andrews


Kuhl Catharine -- Moreau


Kulschbach Anna G -- St Andrews


Kuper Augusta  -- St Andrews


Kuttenkueler Peter Bernard -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Alice MaryAnn -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Andrew -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Anna M -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Anna Mary -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Bertha -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Cecilia Ann -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Charles John -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Cyril John -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Dorothy L -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Ethel Gertrude -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Frank V -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler George H -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Helen -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Helena -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Herman -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Ida -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Jessie G -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler John -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler John G -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler John Henry -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Joseph Gerhart -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Joseph John -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Kathleen C -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Katie -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Leo J -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Lorena J -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Margie L -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Mary E -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Mary Evelyn -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler P Tony -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Peter A -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Quentin David -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Raymond P -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Rose G -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Theresa L -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler Thomas Leo -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler William L -- St Andrews

Kuttenkuler William Paul -- St Andrews




Lachner Artha Lee -- Moreau

Lachner Henry Ray -- Tipton Masonic

Lachner Lela M -- Tipton Masonic

Lachner Tom Ray -- Moreau

Lachner Velma Pearl -- Tipton Masonic

Lachner Wilbur G -- Tipton Masonic


Laffar Frank  -- Tipton Masonic


Lake Joyce Elaine -- Newkirk


Lakins Annie M -- Tipton Masonic

Lakins John  -- Tipton Masonic

Lakins Maria  -- Tipton Masonic


Lambert John  -- St Andrews


Lamm Alisha Sheerie -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Lamm Bessie I -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Lamm Maggie A -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Lamm Mary Elizabeth -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Lamm Nancy Myrtle  -- Tipton Masonic

Lamm Percy T -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Lamm Roger Lloyd -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Lamm Vernus Harold -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Lamora Jerrold Dewey -- St Andrews


Lancaster Aubra W -- Newkirk

Lancaster Marcelias Adison -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Lancaster Sarah Jane -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Landrum Neva H -- Tipton Masonic


Lane Mary -- St Andrews

Lane Nora  -- Tipton Masonic

Lane Patrick  -- St Andrews


Lang Frank L -- St Andrews

Lang Louise M -- St Andrews


Langlotz Eloise Irene -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Langlotz Hubert A -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Langlotz Hubert A Jr -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Langlotz Tara Dawn -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Lappat John J -- St Andrews

Lappat Mollie J -- St Andrews


Larimer Infant Daughter -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Larimore Lula (Artis) -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Larimore Maude A -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Larimore Nicholas Cole -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Larimore T Irene -- Tipton Masonic

Larimore William Cecil -- Tipton Masonic

Larimore William H -- Tipton Masonic


Lavery Michael Joseph -- St Andrews


Lawson Allie May -- Moreau

Lawson Annie B -- Moreau

Lawson Billie Tom -- Moreau

Lawson Charles T -- Moreau

Lawson Estill Clinton -- Moreau

Lawson Gladys I -- Moreau

Lawson Margaret C -- Moreau

Lawson Mary E -- Moreau

Lawson Roy -- Moreau

Lawson Roy S -- Moreau

Lawson Sallie -- Moreau

Lawson William P -- Moreau


Leabo Maggie  -- Tipton Masonic

Leabo Mardie  -- Tipton Masonic

Leabo Sarah  -- Tipton Masonic


Leach Ann Eliza -- Tipton Masonic

Leach Phillip H -- Tipton Masonic


Lee Frederick  -- Soldiers

Lee John -- Moreau


Lehman Anna C -- Newkirk

Lehman Elvin R -- Tipton Masonic

Lehman Harvey William -- Newkirk

Lehman Helen C -- Tipton Masonic

Lehman Sara L -- Tipton Masonic

Lehman Stella W -- Tipton Masonic

Lehman Vernon Estil -- Tipton Masonic


Lewis Ada P -- Prairie Grove

Lewis Charles W -- Liberty Baptist Church

Lewis Ernie Edward -- Prairie Grove

Lewis George T -- Prairie Grove

Lewis James R -- Liberty Baptist Church

Lewis Julia A -- Liberty Baptist Church

Lewis Lillie Bell -- Tipton Masonic

Lewis Lillie L -- Prairie Grove

Lewis Lucille  -- Tipton Masonic

Lewis Malinda J -- Newkirk

Lewis Rose Oneita -- Prairie Grove

Lewis T Bent -- Tipton Masonic

Lewis Virginia F -- Tipton Masonic

Lewis William Hayes -- Tipton Masonic

Lewis William M -- Prairie Grove


Lindsey Elizabeth  -- St Andrews

Lindsey Thomas  -- St Andrews


Linn   -- St Andrews


Linnebur Edward F -- St Andrews

Linnebur Joseph  -- St Andrews

Linnebur Leona A -- St Andrews


Livingston Irene Alyce -- Newkirk

Livingston Malcom L -- Newkirk


Lix Anna K -- St Andrews

Lix Augusta  -- St Andrews

Lix Frank G -- St Andrews

Lix Frankie J -- St Andrews

Lix Lena -- St Andrews

Lix Margaret  -- St Andrews

Lix Mike -- St Andrews

Lix Rose Marguanet -- St Andrews


Locke Edwin Bray -- Tipton Masonic

Locke Flora B -- Tipton Masonic


Loflin Harris L -- Tipton Masonic

Loflin Mary A -- Tipton Masonic


Logan John E -- Tipton Masonic


Logan Martha A -- Tipton Masonic

Long Alice Virginia -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Long Aubrey Lee -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Longan Charles Thomas -- Tipton Masonic

Longan Jack A -- Tipton Masonic

Longan John E -- Tipton Masonic

Longan Martha A -- Tipton Masonic

Longan Virginia Lee -- Tipton Masonic

Longan Virginia W -- Tipton Masonic


Loppat John  -- St Andrews


Loveall Thelma F -- Tipton Masonic


Love John A -- 45th Missouri Co A -- Soldiers


Lowe Agnes  -- Tipton Masonic

Lowe Gentry W -- Tipton Masonic

Lowe George W -- Tipton Masonic

Lowe Harold L -- Newkirk

Lowe Lucie  -- Tipton Masonic

Lowe Margaret  -- Tipton Masonic

Lowe Virginia R -- Newkirk


Luebbering Anthony S -- St Andrews

Luebbering Eleanor L -- St Andrews


Luebbert Charles F -- St Andrews

Luebbert Viola T -- St Andrews


Luna Elsie L -- Tipton Masonic

Luna Fred Thomas -- Tipton Masonic


Lutes George W -- Tipton Masonic

Lutes Lucy A -- Tipton Masonic


Lutman Gilberta  -- Newkirk


Lutz   -- St Andrews

Lutz Alice H -- St Andrews

Lutz Annie M -- St Andrews

Lutz Anthony  -- St Andrews

Lutz Anthony  -- St Andrews

Lutz Anthony F -- St Andrews

Lutz Anthony G -- St Andrews

Lutz Anthony L -- St Andrews

Lutz Anthony W -- St Andrews

Lutz Anton -- St Andrews

Lutz Bessie Mae -- St Andrews

Lutz Brian Wayne -- St Andrews

Lutz C Vincent -- St Andrews

Lutz Edward W -- St Andrews

Lutz Elizabeth G -- St Andrews

Lutz Fred William -- St Andrews

Lutz Frederick  -- St Andrews

Lutz Gerald N -- St Andrews

Lutz Gertrude  -- St Andrews

Lutz Gertrude E -- St Andrews

Lutz Gladys Earlene -- St Andrews

Lutz Harry James -- St Andrews

Lutz Henry J -- St Andrews

Lutz Herman J -- St Andrews

Lutz Jacqueline G -- St Andrews

Lutz Jeannine G -- St Andrews

Lutz Joe J -- St Andrews

Lutz Johanna  -- St Andrews

Lutz Johanna Gertrude -- St Andrews

Lutz John -- St Andrews

Lutz John A -- St Andrews

Lutz John Henry -- St Andrews

Lutz Josephine  -- St Andrews

Lutz Katherine  -- St Andrews

Lutz Katherine A -- St Andrews

Lutz Kenneth F -- St Andrews

Lutz L Louis -- St Andrews

Lutz Leo B -- St Andrews

Lutz Linda L -- St Andrews

Lutz Louis -- St Andrews

Lutz Mary -- St Andrews

Lutz Mary A -- St Andrews

Lutz Mildred E -- St Andrews

Lutz Paul John -- St Andrews

Lutz Peter -- St Andrews

Lutz Regina  -- St Andrews

Lutz Robert A -- St Andrews

Lutz Travis Michael -- St Andrews

Lutz Virginia A -- St Andrews

Lutz William  -- St Andrews

Lutz William H -- St Andrews

Lyle Mary Louise -- Tipton Masonic

Lynch Ellen  -- St Andrews


Lynch Michael  -- St Andrews




Mackey   -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Maclay Cyrus Culbertson -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Maclay Eleanor Adele -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Maclay Eleanor Reed -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Maclay Elizabeth Lawrence -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Maclay Laura Isabel -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Maclay Laura Miller -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Maclay William Harrison -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Maclay William Harrison Jr -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Madden Anna  -- St Andrews

Madden Michael  -- St Andrews


Madison Jacob  -- Newkirk


Magler Tom -- St Andrews


Mara Anna B -- St Andrews

Mara Thomas  -- St Andrews

Mara Zodie Marie -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Marcum Brent A -- St Andrews


Marcy Abel -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Marcy Beverly W -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Marcy Justin  -- Tipton Masonic


Marsh Harry MD -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Marsh John W MD -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Marsh Louis Talbot -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Marsh Minnie S -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Marshall   -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Marshall Alice  -- Tipton Masonic

Marshall Ellen M -- Liberty Baptist Church

Marshall John William -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Marshall Leonora  -- Tipton Masonic

Marshall Mary M -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Marshall Robert  -- Liberty Baptist Church


Marti Lula N -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Marti Will -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Martin Alfred F -- Tipton Masonic

Martin Alpheus  -- Tipton Masonic

Martin Beryl D -- Tipton Masonic

Martin Charlotte  -- Tipton Masonic

Martin E S -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Martin Ezra Monroe -- Tipton Masonic

Martin James H -- Newkirk

Martin Lyda May -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Martin Mary L -- Moreau

Martin Maude E -- Tipton Masonic

Martin Mildred  -- St Andrews

Martin Missouri Annie -- Tipton Masonic

Martin Raymond J -- St Andrews

Martin Rowena D -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Martin Soloman Columbus -- Tipton Masonic

Martin Stephen  -- Tipton Masonic

Martin Thelma C -- Tipton Masonic

Martin Velma L -- Tipton Masonic

Martin Warren Tilden -- Tipton Masonic

Martin William  -- Tipton Masonic

Martin William Green -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Mathews Eileen  -- St Andrews

Matthews Carol J -- Tipton Masonic

Matthews Joe B -- Tipton Masonic

Matthews Lizzie P -- Tipton Masonic


Maupin Frances Lorena -- Newkirk

Maupin Hilda L -- Newkirk

Maupin Infant  -- Newkirk

Maupin Ivan O -- Newkirk

Maupin James D -- Newkirk

Maupin L Elizabeth -- Newkirk

Maupin Raymond L -- Newkirk

Maupin Vivian F -- Newkirk


Maupins Albert  -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Albert Webster -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Anna L -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Annie  -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Bertha I -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Bessie  -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Clara Belle -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Delphia  -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Edison Edward -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Elizabeth  -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Elizabeth Mary Reed -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Emily  -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Garfield  -- Prairie Grove

Maupins George Albert -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Harold Lloyd -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Henry  -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Ira O -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Jackson Miller -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Laura Martha -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Leo H -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Lewis J -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Lillie  -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Marilyn  -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Mary Belle -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Norman  -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Russell  -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Ruth L -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Sam  -- Prairie Grove

Maupins Wesley J -- Prairie Grove


Maxwell Amy  -- Tipton Masonic

Maxwell Edgar B -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Mayhew Anna V -- Moreau

Mayhew Arthur -- Moreau

Mayhew Dixie Price -- Tipton Masonic

Mayhew Dulcie F -- Tipton Masonic

Mayhew Infant -- Moreau

Mayhew James  -- Tipton Masonic

Mayhew James A -- Moreau

Mayhew James William -- Tipton Masonic

Mayhew Virginia E -- Moreau


McBroom Hattie H -- Tipton Odd Fellows


McCaib T -- Soldiers


McClain Effie  -- Tipton Masonic

McClain John  -- Tipton Masonic

McClain William Albert -- Tipton Odd Fellows


McClanahan Andrew D -- Tipton Masonic

McClanahan Dicie Gray -- Tipton Masonic

McClanahan Dicy -- Moreau

McClanahan Finis MD -- Tipton Masonic

McClanahan George W MD -- Tipton Masonic

McClanahan Jennie  -- Newkirk

McClanahan Martha A -- Tipton Masonic

McClanahan Mary J -- Moreau

McClanahan Sarah E -- Moreau


McClymonds Mildred  -- Tipton Masonic


McDaniel Audria E -- Liberty Baptist Church

McDaniel Betty Scott -- Moreau

McDaniel Calvin S -- Tipton Odd Fellows

McDaniel Carol Diane -- Tipton Masonic

McDaniel George  -- Liberty Baptist Church

McDaniel George W -- Liberty Baptist Church

McDaniel Infant  -- Liberty Baptist Church

McDaniel Infant  -- Tipton Masonic

McDaniel Jesse P -- Tipton Masonic

McDaniel John Fielding -- Tipton Odd Fellows

McDaniel John L -- Newkirk

McDaniel L P (Nellie) -- Liberty Baptist Church

McDaniel Lora W -- Tipton Masonic

McDaniel Mamie D -- Tipton Odd Fellows

McDaniel Marium Myrtle -- Newkirk

McDaniel Mary L -- Liberty Baptist Church

McDaniel Robert S -- Liberty Baptist Church

McDaniel Rosie  -- Tipton Masonic

McDaniel Wilbur R -- Tipton Odd Fellows

McDaniel William  -- Liberty Baptist Church

McDaniel William Milton -- Moreau


McDonald Jennie  -- Tipton Masonic

McDonald John  -- St Andrews

McDonald Tracy Ann -- Tipton Masonic


McDowell ? N -- Moreau

McDowell Eleanor -- Moreau

McDowell J W Rev -- Moreau

McDowell John A -- Moreau

McDowell Joseph T -- Moreau

McDowell L A -- Moreau

McDowell Mary -- Moreau

McDowell Mary E -- Moreau

McDowell Xenophen Rev -- Moreau


McFadden Amanda  -- St Andrews

McFadden James  -- St Andrews

McFadden Jane  -- St Andrews

McFadden Joseph  -- St Andrews

McFadden Sarah J -- St Andrews


McFaddon William  -- St Andrews


McFarland Charles E -- Gallagher Family

McFarland Katie N -- Tipton Masonic

McFarland Warner R -- Tipton Masonic


McGoff Sarah J -- Tipton Odd Fellows

McGoff Thomas O -- Tipton Odd Fellows


McGoodwin Elizabeth -- Moreau


McIntyre Audrey Esta -- Tipton Masonic

McIntyre James Edward -- Tipton Masonic


McKean Edwin R -- Tipton Masonic

McKean Mabel  -- Tipton Masonic


McKinney Alpha A -- Tipton Masonic

McKinney Thomas  -- Tipton Masonic


McLean Beatrice  -- St Andrews


McMillian Stanley  -- Tipton Masonic

McMillian Verna  -- Tipton Masonic


McMillin James R -- Tipton Odd Fellows


McNamara Patrick  -- St Andrews


McNeal James E -- Tipton Masonic

McNeal Josie I -- Tipton Masonic


McPherson Bertha  -- Tipton Masonic

McPherson Elizabeth -- Moreau

McPherson Elmer S -- Newkirk

McPherson Harland D -- Newkirk

McPherson Jennie M -- Newkirk

McPherson John -- McPherson Family

McPherson John G -- Gilbert Family

McPherson John N -- Tipton Masonic

McPherson Marvin  -- Newkirk

McPherson Mary  -- Tipton Masonic

McPherson Nora F -- Newkirk

McPherson Rose Ann -- Newkirk

McPherson Sallie Esther -- Newkirk

McPherson Sally -- McPherson Family


McQuinn Jean E -- Newkirk

McQuinn Maurice F -- Newkirk


McVay Hannah Elizabeth -- Tipton Odd Fellows

McVay Isaac Newton -- Tipton Odd Fellows


McVean Baby  -- Tipton Masonic

McVean Calpurnia  -- Tipton Masonic

McVean Dagrace  -- Tipton Masonic

McVean Frasier  -- Tipton Masonic

McVean Grace Lee -- Tipton Masonic

McVean John D -- Tipton Masonic

McVean John Frasier -- Tipton Masonic

McVean Laura May -- Tipton Masonic

McVean Lucy L -- Tipton Masonic

McVean Ruby Josephine -- Tipton Masonic

McVean William Alexander -- Tipton Masonic

McVean William P -- Tipton Masonic


McWilliams Mattie Alice -- Tipton Masonic


Meachum Beulah A -- Moreau

Meachum Laura Belle -- Prairie Grove

Meachum Samuel  -- Prairie Grove


Meagher William  -- St Andrews


Mehlenbacher Dylan J -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Menhennet Grace Leslie -- Tipton Masonic

Menhennet Morris Darrell -- Tipton Masonic


Meritt J L -- Newkirk

Meritt Roy E -- Newkirk

Meritt Sylvia F -- Newkirk

Meritt Vinnie F -- Newkirk


Metzdorf John Rev -- St Andrews

Metzdorf Margaret  -- St Andrews


Metzner Louise Mary -- St Andrews

Metzner Robert Bayne -- St Andrews


Meyer Albert J -- St Andrews

Meyer Anna M -- St Andrews

Meyer Gertrude Isabel -- St Andrews

Meyer Joseph G -- St Andrews

Meyer Richard L -- St Andrews

Meyer Viola F -- St Andrews


Milbeck Frederick John -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Milbeck Virginia Mae -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Miller Agnes B -- St Andrews

Miller Alwina M -- St Andrews

Miller Andy  -- St Andrews

Miller Anna M -- St Andrews

Miller Arble Weesen -- Tipton Masonic

Miller Bertha K -- St Andrews

Miller Bertie Lee -- Prairie Grove

Miller Charles Edward -- Tipton Masonic

Miller Charles Turner -- Tipton Masonic

Miller Daniel Leo -- St Andrews

Miller Dorothy L -- St Andrews

Miller Dudly  -- Prairie Grove

Miller Edward H -- St Andrews

Miller Effie H -- Tipton Masonic

Miller Elmer W -- St Andrews

Miller Ethel W -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Miller Eve -- St Andrews

Miller Flora H -- St Andrews

Miller Frank A -- St Andrews

Miller Frank W -- Tipton Masonic

Miller Genevieve  -- St Andrews

Miller George P Rev -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Miller Gladys W -- St Andrews

Miller Harvey P -- Soldiers

Miller Henry  -- St Andrews

Miller Jacob Reed -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Miller Jim -- Prairie Grove

Miller John  -- Tipton Masonic

Miller John A -- St Andrews

Miller Katherine  -- St Andrews

Miller Leo H -- St Andrews

Miller Louis J -- St Andrews

Miller Marie K -- St Andrews

Miller Martha Jane -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Miller Mary A -- Tipton Masonic

Miller Mary Jane -- Tipton Masonic

Miller Paul H -- St Andrews

Miller Peter A -- St Andrews

Miller Raymond A -- St Andrews

Miller Rosa L -- St Andrews

Miller Rosa M -- St Andrews

Miller Russell W -- Tipton Masonic

Miller S Ruth -- St Andrews

Miller Sadie C -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Miller Sara Louise -- St Andrews

Miller Savannah Desiree -- St Andrews

Miller Thomas Walter -- Tipton Masonic

Miller Urven F -- Tipton Masonic

Miller Vest Albert -- Tipton Masonic

Miller Victoria K -- St Andrews

Miller Walter G -- St Andrews

Miller William  -- Tipton Masonic

Miller William Perry -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Milligan Angela Marie -- St Andrews

Milligan Frances Mae -- St Andrews

Milligan Roy Glen -- St Andrews


Millis Earl Howard -- Moreau

Millis Harry F -- Moreau

Millis Laura C -- Moreau

Millis William -- Moreau


Mills Gary  -- Tipton Masonic

Mills Larry  -- Tipton Masonic

Mills Percy Thompson -- Tipton Masonic


Minor Bertha  -- Tipton Masonic

Minor Mace Lee -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Minor W Speed -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Minor William M -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Minor Zorada  -- Tipton Masonic


Mishak Alma C -- St Andrews

Mishak Mark J -- St Andrews


Monks Alexander  -- Tipton Masonic

Monks Harry Ashley -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Monks Harry Jr -- St Andrews

Monks Mary Ann -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Monks Mary Fidelia -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Monks Nell Lucile -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Monks Robert Ashley -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Monks Ruth E -- St Andrews

Monks Thomas Ashley -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Monks William Oscar -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Monks William Robert -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Monroe H Chandler -- Tipton Masonic

Monroe Kathryn B -- Tipton Masonic

Monroe Russell  -- Tipton Masonic

Monroe Ruth Chandler -- Tipton Masonic

Monroe Sallie Brooking -- Tipton Masonic

Monroe Walt M -- Tipton Masonic


Moody Carol Jean -- Moreau


Moon Iris Jean -- Tipton Masonic

Moon Leroy  -- Tipton Masonic


Moore Ada M -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Moore Billy J -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Moore Emily  -- Prairie Grove

Moore Grace  -- Tipton Masonic

Moore Helen L -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Moore James Allen -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Moore Jefferson  -- Prairie Grove

Moore John L -- Tipton Masonic

Moore John P -- Moreau

Moore Lucina  -- Tipton Masonic

Moore Maggie  -- Tipton Masonic

Moore Mary E -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Moore Mills  -- Prairie Grove

Moore Nora O -- Moreau

Moore Percy  -- Prairie Grove

Moore Rickey Lynn -- Tipton Masonic

Moore Roy H -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Moore Skylar Wade -- Tipton Masonic

Moore Thomas S -- Tipton Masonic

Moore Tom -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Moore Victoria Irene -- Moreau

Moore Villie  -- Tipton Masonic

Moore Virginia Lee -- Tipton Masonic

Moore Walker C -- Tipton Masonic

Moore William E -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Morgan Albert L -- Tipton Masonic

Morgan Audrey Rodner -- Newkirk

Morgan Edith L -- Newkirk

Morgan Herman S -- Newkirk

Morgan Samuel William -- Newkirk

Morgan Weaver  -- Newkirk


Morlock Adolph -- Moreau

Morlock Annie -- Moreau

Morlock Archie N -- St Andrews

Morlock August -- Moreau

Morlock Della M -- St Andrews

Morlock Eva B -- St Andrews

Morlock Katherine  -- St Andrews

Morlock Lena -- Moreau

Morlock Lewis  -- St Andrews

Morlock May Malinda -- Moreau

Morlock Olga -- Moreau

Morlock Robert L -- Moreau

Morlock Valentina  -- St Andrews


Morris Evelyn Faye -- Tipton Masonic

Morris John -- Moreau

Morris John H -- Tipton Masonic

Morris Joseph  -- St Andrews

Morris Lucindia -- Moreau

Morris Luther  -- Tipton Masonic

Morris Mildred F -- Tipton Masonic

Morris Nora -- Moreau


Mortenson Eleanor F -- Moreau

Mortenson Harold E -- Moreau


Morton James L -- Tipton Masonic

Morton Joseph Leroy -- Tipton Masonic

Morton Lillian L -- Tipton Masonic


Mosby Albert  -- Prairie Grove


Moser Lawrence H -- Tipton Masonic

Moser Mary Christie -- Tipton Masonic


Mosier Adam B -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Mosier Caleb  -- Tipton Masonic

Mosier Carlola V -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Mosier Emil  -- Tipton Masonic

Mosier infant  -- Tipton Masonic

Mosier Margaret J -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Mosier Martha  -- Tipton Masonic

Mosier Mary  -- Tipton Masonic

Mosier William H -- Tipton Masonic


Mudd Clarence  -- St Andrews

Mudd Ellen -- St Andrews

Mudd Ellen H -- St Andrews

Mudd Genevieve  -- St Andrews

Mudd Henry -- St Andrews

Mudd infant  -- St Andrews

Mudd Margaret A -- St Andrews

Mudd Margaret T -- St Andrews

Mudd William  -- St Andrews

Mudd William Alfred -- St Andrews


Muessic Ralph R -- St Andrews

Muessic Robert J -- St Andrews


Muessig Anna A -- St Andrews


Muir Goldie  -- Tipton Masonic

Muir Lula May -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Muir Ray -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Muller Frieda  -- St Andrews

Muller Peter  -- St Andrews


Mummert Amy F -- Moreau

Mummert Bertha May -- Moreau

Mummert Calvin R -- Moreau

Mummert Dora B -- Moreau

Mummert Elias Edward -- Moreau

Mummert Ermal A -- Moreau

Mummert Ethel Maud -- Moreau

Mummert Eulah Mabel -- Moreau

Mummert I L -- Moreau

Mummert Infant -- Moreau

Mummert Viola M -- Moreau

Mummert William Ernest -- Moreau


Musick Cora M -- Tipton Masonic

Musick Samuel P -- Tipton Masonic


Musslin Andrew A -- St Andrews

Musslin Bernice I -- St Andrews

Musslin Elizabeth  -- St Andrews

Musslin Gertrude  -- St Andrews

Musslin Theodore  -- St Andrews


Mutchler Alexander  -- St Andrews

Mutchler Elizabeth  -- St Andrews

Mutchler George Frederick -- St Andrews




Napier Elmer  -- Tipton Masonic

Napier Fred  -- Tipton Masonic

Napier Susan J -- Tipton Masonic


Nappier Arthur H -- Tipton Masonic

Nappier Frances  -- Tipton Masonic

Nappier Marjorie M -- Tipton Masonic

Nappier Robert B -- Tipton Masonic


Nau Dorothy V -- St Andrews

Nau Vernon F -- St Andrews


Neal Guffey M -- Tipton Masonic


Needy Alma Ruth -- Tipton Masonic

Needy Debra Jean -- Tipton Masonic

Needy Jack  -- Tipton Masonic


Neis Harry B -- Tipton Masonic

Neis Travis A Bradley -- Tipton Masonic


Nellis John  -- St Andrews

Nellis Maria  -- St Andrews


Nelson Armistead Mason -- Tipton Masonic

Nelson Bertha F -- Tipton Masonic

Nelson Elizabeth Anne -- Tipton Masonic

Nelson Enrico Decatur -- Tipton Masonic

Nelson F E -- Tipton Masonic

Nelson Ida -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Nelson Jesse G -- Tipton Masonic

Nelson Lillian J -- Tipton Masonic

Nelson Maria Louise -- Tipton Masonic

Nelson Minnie A -- Moreau

Nelson Minnie L -- Tipton Masonic

Nelson Minnie M -- Tipton Masonic

Nelson William E -- Tipton Masonic


Neuenschwander John  -- Newkirk


Newkirk Alonzo P -- Peter Newkirk Family

Newkirk Alva  -- Tipton Masonic

Newkirk Amy Irene -- Tipton Masonic

Newkirk Arthur H -- Newkirk

Newkirk Benjamin S -- Newkirk

Newkirk Catharine  -- Newkirk

Newkirk Charlene L -- Moreau

Newkirk Charles  -- Newkirk

Newkirk Charles M -- Peter Newkirk Family

Newkirk Cheryl Darline -- Moreau

Newkirk David S -- Newkirk

Newkirk Delila  -- Newkirk

Newkirk Dicia Bowen -- Newkirk

Newkirk Drake  -- Newkirk

Newkirk Ella J -- Tipton Masonic

Newkirk Elna Lela -- Moreau

Newkirk Elsie B -- Moreau

Newkirk Ethel Irene -- Moreau

Newkirk Ethel L -- Moreau

Newkirk Eva M -- Moreau

Newkirk Fern -- Moreau

Newkirk Frances M -- Tipton Masonic

Newkirk George H -- Newkirk

Newkirk George Milton -- Moreau

Newkirk George Thomas -- Moreau

Newkirk Gertrude  -- Newkirk

Newkirk Harrison R -- Newkirk

Newkirk Henry Grover -- Newkirk

Newkirk Hugh T -- Peter Newkirk Family

Newkirk Ibby J -- Newkirk

Newkirk Ida A -- Moreau

Newkirk Infant Daughter -- Tipton Masonic

Newkirk James David -- Newkirk

Newkirk Jesse S -- Newkirk

Newkirk John J -- Newkirk

Newkirk John Thomas -- Newkirk

Newkirk Joseph Harrison -- Newkirk

Newkirk Joseph Wright -- Tipton Masonic

Newkirk Josephine M -- Peter Newkirk Family

Newkirk Laura Nell -- Tipton Masonic

Newkirk Lester C -- Moreau

Newkirk Lila M -- Newkirk

Newkirk Lotis A -- Moreau

Newkirk Lowell -- Moreau

Newkirk Luther -- Moreau

Newkirk Malinda K -- Newkirk

Newkirk Margaret C -- Newkirk

Newkirk Margaret Ellen -- Newkirk

Newkirk Margaret J -- Newkirk

Newkirk Marion Francis -- Tipton Masonic

Newkirk Martha  -- Newkirk

Newkirk Mary  -- Newkirk

Newkirk Mary -- Peter Newkirk Family

Newkirk Mary E -- Newkirk

Newkirk Mary Elizabeth -- Moreau

Newkirk Maude E -- Newkirk

Newkirk Minnie H -- Newkirk

Newkirk Nannie Edna -- Peter Newkirk Family

Newkirk Napoleon B -- Peter Newkirk Family

Newkirk Norman -- Moreau

Newkirk Norman T -- Moreau

Newkirk Pearl M -- Newkirk

Newkirk Peter -- Peter Newkirk Family

Newkirk Ruth Estel -- Newkirk

Newkirk S F -- Newkirk

Newkirk Sallie K -- Tipton Masonic

Newkirk Sally  -- Newkirk

Newkirk Samuel D -- Tipton Masonic

Newkirk Savannah S -- Newkirk

Newkirk Scott David -- Moreau

Newkirk Susan C -- Newkirk

Newkirk Susan Ellen -- Newkirk

Newkirk Tobias B -- Moreau

Newkirk Tunis  -- Newkirk

Newkirk Vest H -- Moreau

Newkirk Wade H -- Moreau

Newkirk Wilbur R -- Moreau

Newkirk William D -- Newkirk

Newkirk William Dwight -- Newkirk

Newkirk William J -- Newkirk

Newkirk Woodrow Wilson -- Newkirk


Nichols Claude Edward -- Tipton Masonic

Nichols Effie Myrtle -- Tipton Masonic

Nichols Elihu  -- Tipton Masonic

Nichols Eugene D -- Tipton Masonic

Nichols Fred Allen -- Tipton Masonic

Nichols Helen C -- Tipton Masonic

Nichols James Thomas -- Tipton Masonic

Nichols Mary  -- Tipton Masonic

Nichols Mary  -- Tipton Masonic

Nichols Maudie B -- Tipton Masonic

Nichols Melvin D -- Tipton Masonic

Nichols Pearl S -- Tipton Masonic


Niederwimmer Harold F -- Tipton Masonic

Niederwimmer Joyce Kay -- Tipton Masonic

Niederwimmer Mary Jane -- Tipton Masonic


Nilles John  -- St Andrews


Norman Charlie Warren -- Tipton Masonic

Norman Clarra Bell -- Tipton Masonic

Norman Mary  -- St Andrews


Norris Ann  -- Prairie Grove


Nosovitch Jason Gregory -- St Andrews




O'Brien Bryan  -- St Andrews


Oglesby Lousia J -- Moreau

Oglesby Pleasant G -- Moreau


Oligschlaeger August -- St Andrews

Oligschlaeger Catherine -- St Andrews

Oligschlaeger Infant -- St Andrews

Oligschlaeger Joseph B -- St Andrews

Oligschlaeger Mary Ann -- St Andrews


Olney Lyda  -- St Andrews

Olney William  -- St Andrews

Olney William Harry -- St Andrews


Olson Carl E -- Tipton Masonic

Olson Dorothy J -- Tipton Masonic

Olson Kenneth Clarence -- St Andrews

Olson Sylvia Rose -- St Andrews


O'Rourke Blanche Keevil -- St Andrews


Orscheln Agnes  -- St Andrews

Orscheln Angeline -- St Andrews

Orscheln Anna  -- St Andrews

Orscheln Caroline -- St Andrews

Orscheln Charles John -- St Andrews

Orscheln Clara  -- St Andrews

Orscheln George  -- St Andrews

Orscheln Joseph W -- St Andrews

Orscheln Otto K -- St Andrews

Orscheln Paul  -- St Andrews


Orth Elizabeth -- Brooking


Osdieck Barnard  -- St Andrews

Osdieck Henry  -- St Andrews

Osdieck Mary  -- St Andrews

Osdieck Steven H -- St Andrews

Osdieck Theresia -- St Andrews

Osdieck Thresa  -- St Andrews


Ott Barbara  -- St Andrews

Ott John  -- St Andrews


Owen Audrey Lee -- Newkirk

Owen Gilbert Hayes -- Newkirk


Owens Joe  -- Prairie Grove




Pace infant  -- Tipton Masonic


Palmer Allen Earl -- Tipton Masonic

Palmer Ida M -- Tipton Masonic

Palmer infant dau  -- Tipton Masonic

Palmer Thelma Louise -- Tipton Masonic


Palmes Milburn C -- Tipton Masonic


Parkenson James Terry -- Tipton Masonic


Parker Charlotte -- Moreau

Parker James -- Moreau


Patt Angeline -- St Andrews

Patt Joseph J -- St Andrews


Patterson George Lovell -- Tipton Masonic

Patterson Harriett  -- Tipton Masonic

Patterson Louise  -- Tipton Masonic

Patterson Lovell  -- Tipton Masonic

Patterson Lula  -- Tipton Masonic


Patton William K -- Prairie Grove


Paxson Floyd O -- Tipton Masonic

Paxson Letha B -- Tipton Masonic

Paxson William H -- Tipton Masonic


Payne Sarah -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Pedego Aaron Reed -- St Andrews

Pedego Claris Irene -- Moreau

Pedego Clifford L -- Tipton Masonic

Pedego George Henry -- Moreau

Pedego Katie Belle -- Moreau

Pedego Lee Roy -- Tipton Masonic

Pedego Leona B -- Tipton Masonic

Pedego Lucille -- Moreau

Pedego Sylvester George -- Moreau


Penney Charity Lucinda -- Moreau


Pennington Infant -- Christian Family


Perkins Elmer Albert -- Prairie Grove

Perkins Hattie M -- Prairie Grove


Perry Vesta P -- St Andrews


Peters Samuel -- Gallagher Family


Peterson   -- Tipton Masonic

Peterson Lee  -- Tipton Masonic

Peterson Maud  -- Tipton Masonic

Peterson Ruth Claudia -- Tipton Masonic


Petree Alice -- Moreau

Petree Alpha -- Moreau

Petree Andrew R -- Moreau

Petree Bertha -- Moreau

Petree Byron S -- Moreau

Petree Carl H -- Moreau

Petree Charles -- Moreau

Petree Charlie -- Moreau

Petree Clide -- Moreau

Petree Drewry -- Moreau

Petree Gilbert P -- Newkirk

Petree Hazel M -- Moreau

Petree Helen L Lehn -- Moreau

Petree Homer T -- Tipton Masonic

Petree James Harold -- Moreau

Petree James R -- Moreau

Petree Jennie R -- Moreau

Petree Jessie -- Moreau

Petree John -- Moreau

Petree Kathryn F -- Tipton Masonic

Petree Leo O Sr -- Moreau

Petree Lillie L -- Moreau

Petree Mary B -- Moreau

Petree Mary Lou -- Moreau

Petree Nellie Lorine -- Newkirk

Petree Otha Z -- Moreau

Petree Permelia -- Moreau

Petree Sallie A -- Moreau

Petree Sara Jane -- Moreau

Petree Thomas R -- Moreau

Petree Wiley Zimmon -- Moreau

Petree William D -- Moreau


Petrovic Vera Mae -- Newkirk


Petty Albert Andrew -- Tipton Masonic

Petty Anthony -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Petty Benjamin J -- Tipton Masonic

Petty Charles M -- Tipton Masonic

Petty Ella M -- Tipton Masonic

Petty Ethel Laverne -- Tipton Masonic

Petty Francis Marion -- Tipton Masonic

Petty Gus  -- Tipton Masonic

Petty Ida May -- Tipton Masonic

Petty Jacob Isett -- Tipton Masonic

Petty James R -- Tipton Masonic

Petty Larry Lee -- Tipton Masonic

Petty Laura  -- Tipton Masonic

Petty Leo E -- Tipton Masonic

Petty Lilah N -- Tipton Masonic

Petty Lucinda -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Petty Martha Missouri -- Tipton Masonic

Petty Mary -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Petty Maryann Florence -- Tipton Masonic

Petty Mittie -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Petty Nancy -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Petty Sumner  -- Tipton Masonic

Petty William -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Phelan Frances  -- Tipton Masonic


Phelps John E -- Tipton Masonic

Phelps Mary L -- Tipton Masonic


Phillips Florence (Brenniesen) -- Tipton Masonic

Phillips Joseph  -- St Andrews

Phillips Latha -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Phillips Lola (Woods) -- Tipton Masonic

Phillips Lon -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Phillips Martha C or G -- Newkirk

Phillips Pauline  -- St Andrews


Phipps William  -- Tipton Masonic


Pickenbach Carl  -- St Andrews

Pickenbach Charles  -- St Andrews

Pickenbach Gertrude -- St Andrews


Pickett Jeffrey S -- Tipton Masonic


Pillar William  -- St Andrews


Pizer Mary Esther -- Tipton Masonic

Pizer Norris  -- Tipton Masonic


Poe David -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Poe Dorothy A -- Tipton Masonic

Poe Eugene H -- Tipton Masonic

Poe Francis  -- Tipton Masonic

Poe Francis P -- Tipton Masonic

Poe Frank  -- Tipton Masonic

Poe Gussie Florence -- Tipton Masonic

Poe Harry M -- Tipton Masonic

Poe John A -- Tipton Masonic

Poe John M -- Tipton Masonic

Poe Mary -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Poe Pearl A -- Tipton Masonic

Poe Robert E -- Tipton Masonic

Poe Sally  -- Tipton Masonic

Poe Sarah E -- Tipton Masonic


Poplin Nora E -- Tipton Masonic


Popplewell Lutetia  -- Tipton Masonic

Popplewell Richard  -- Tipton Masonic


Porter Annie -- Moreau

Porter Clarence K -- Tipton Masonic

Porter Cora Ann -- Moreau

Porter Elizabeth -- Liberty Baptist Church

Porter Elizabeth M -- Tipton Masonic

Porter Ellen Scott -- Tipton Masonic

Porter Green -- Liberty Baptist Church

Porter John -- Liberty Baptist Church

Porter John H -- Liberty Baptist Church

Porter Lucinda -- Liberty Baptist Church

Porter Lucinda G -- Liberty Baptist Church

Porter M D L -- Moreau

Porter S E -- Moreau

Porter Sally -- Liberty Baptist Church

Porter Susie -- Moreau

Porter Thomas B -- Liberty Baptist Church

Porter William A MD -- Tipton Masonic

Porter William R -- Liberty Baptist Church

Porter William T -- Moreau


Porth Michael  -- St Andrews


Potter Virginia R -- Tipton Masonic


Potts Arthur B -- Tipton Masonic

Potts Iola -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Potts Sadie C -- Tipton Masonic

Potts Stanley C -- Tipton Masonic


Powell Arthur C -- Tipton Masonic

Powell Creed W -- Tipton Masonic

Powell Dell  -- Tipton Masonic

Powell Edna A -- Tipton Masonic

Powell George E -- Tipton Masonic

Powell Jewell  -- Tipton Masonic

Powell John Morris -- Tipton Masonic

Powell Josephine P -- Tipton Masonic

Powell Louisa J -- Tipton Masonic

Powell Maggie V -- Tipton Masonic


Presser Edith A -- Tipton Masonic

Presser Edward A -- Tipton Masonic

Presser Emma Caroline -- Tipton Masonic

Presser Jessie L -- Tipton Masonic

Presser Lousia -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Prestage Carl Robert -- Tipton Masonic

Prestage Carol L -- Tipton Masonic

Prestage James G Jr -- Tipton Masonic


Price Emma -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Price Rebecca -- Moreau

Price Robert R -- Moreau


Pridemore Alex  -- Prairie Grove

Pridemore Luceta -- Prairie Grove


Priest Donnie Wayne -- Tipton Masonic

Priest Virginia Lee -- Tipton Masonic


Prine Mildred -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Printz Myrtle Nevada -- Tipton Masonic


Proctor Ernest R -- Tipton Masonic

Proctor Lucille B -- Tipton Masonic


Pruitt Robert F -- Tipton Masonic


Pulley Aetna Lawrence -- Tipton Masonic

Pulley Alice J -- Tipton Masonic

Pulley Amanda Ellen -- Tipton Masonic

Pulley Anna R -- Tipton Masonic

Pulley Clarence R -- Tipton Masonic

Pulley E T -- Tipton Masonic

Pulley Edward  -- Tipton Masonic

Pulley Ella E -- Tipton Masonic

Pulley George Fenton -- Tipton Masonic

Pulley Joseph Edward -- Tipton Masonic

Pulley Lela F -- Tipton Masonic

Pulley Mary Lou -- Tipton Masonic

Pulley Nancy B -- Tipton Masonic

Pulley Sarilda Jane -- Tipton Masonic

Pulley Stephen L -- Tipton Masonic

Pulley Susan Frances -- Tipton Masonic

Pulley Susan W -- Tipton Masonic

Pulley Walter Edward -- Tipton Masonic

Pulley William  -- Tipton Masonic


Purdy Frank  -- Newkirk

Purdy James V -- Newkirk

Purdy Mary Jane -- Newkirk


Purnell Margaret H -- Moreau


Putnam D W -- Tipton Masonic

Putnam Mary E -- Tipton Masonic

Putnam Mollie  -- Tipton Masonic




Quigley Frances  -- Tipton Masonic

Quigley Frank  -- Tipton Masonic

Quigley Lola  -- Tipton Masonic

Quigley William Franklin -- Tipton Masonic


Quinn Sarah Ellen -- Tipton Masonic




Ramsey Chester C -- Tipton Masonic


Randoll Catherine  -- Newkirk


Rath Agnes -- St Andrews


Rathbun Joseph R -- Tipton Masonic

Rathbun Mary E -- Tipton Masonic


Rau Anna Marie -- St Andrews

Rau Anna Mary -- St Andrews

Rau Catherine  -- St Andrews

Rau Frank Joseph -- St Andrews

Rau John Joseph -- St Andrews

Rau Lewis Alvin -- St Andrews

Rau Margaret Elizabeth -- St Andrews

Rau Martha C -- St Andrews


Reade Louis C -- Moreau


Redenbaugh Norma Lorene -- Moreau


Redmon Anna  -- Tipton Masonic

Redmon Annie Marie -- Tipton Masonic

Redmon Charles M -- Tipton Masonic

Redmon Dell  -- Tipton Masonic

Redmon Eva Elizabeth -- Prairie Grove

Redmon Florence -- Moreau

Redmon George Cecil -- Moreau

Redmon Gertrude Maud -- Tipton Masonic

Redmon Ida Anna -- Tipton Masonic

Redmon J Taylor -- Moreau

Redmon Johnnie -- Moreau

Redmon Laura  -- Tipton Masonic

Redmon Laura C -- Tipton Masonic

Redmon Lela Myrtle -- Prairie Grove

Redmon Marie C -- Tipton Masonic

Redmon Nancy E -- Tipton Masonic

Redmon Richard Frank -- Prairie Grove

Redmon Rosanna J -- Tipton Masonic

Redmon Samantha -- Moreau

Redmon Sarah E -- Tipton Masonic

Redmon Sarah Louisa -- Tipton Masonic

Redmon Squire Howard -- Tipton Masonic

Redmon William -- Moreau

Redmon William  -- Tipton Masonic

Redmon William Thompson -- Tipton Masonic


Reem Colvin -- Co E -- Soldiers


Reibenspies Louise Rose -- St Andrews

Reibenspies Philip  -- St Andrews


Reider Clara  -- Tipton Masonic

Reider Jacob  -- Tipton Masonic


Reidy Josephine  -- St Andrews

Reidy Nicholas  -- St Andrews


Reifsteck Sophie Thorman -- Moreau


Remlinger Emogene R -- St Andrews

Remlinger Joseph P -- St Andrews

Remlinger Lena Mary -- St Andrews

Remlinger Louis R -- St Andrews

Remlinger Mary Elizabeth -- St Andrews


Rennison Carl V -- Moreau

Rennison Lou -- Moreau

Rennison Mollie -- Moreau

Rennison Robert Carl -- Moreau

Rennison Thelma Lee -- Moreau

Rennison Walter James -- Moreau


Renshaw Absalam Jefferson -- Tipton Masonic

Renshaw Aubry D -- Tipton Masonic

Renshaw Ava  -- Tipton Masonic

Renshaw Dodge Ray -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Renshaw Genoa  -- Tipton Masonic

Renshaw James T -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Renshaw John B -- Tipton Masonic

Renshaw Julleta Gertrude -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Renshaw Martha A -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Renshaw Norman T -- Tipton Masonic

Renshaw Rhoda Ann -- Tipton Masonic

Renshaw William D -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Reub Frank -- St Andrews

Reub Mary -- St Andrews


Reven Clyde D -- St Andrews

Reven Harry F -- St Andrews

Reven Nathan W -- St Andrews


Rhodes Elna Marie -- Moreau

Rhodes Isaac Snethen -- Moreau

Rhodes Lester David -- Moreau


Rice Etta Orpha -- Tipton Masonic

Rice Joseph W -- Tipton Masonic

Rice Theron M -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Richards Bertha L -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Richards Jewell E -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Richardson Charles A -- Tipton Masonic

Richardson George W -- Tipton Masonic

Richardson Harvey L -- Tipton Masonic


Rickenbach Carl  -- St Andrews

Rickenbach Gertrude  -- St Andrews


Riding Ernest  -- Prairie Grove

Riding Pearl Roberta -- Prairie Grove


Rimel William Gerald Jr -- Tipton Masonic


Ritchey Kathryn  -- Tipton Masonic

Ritchey Samuel Newton -- Tipton Masonic


Ritchie Theodocia H -- Tipton Masonic


Ritschel Anna Mary -- St Andrews

Ritschel Johann  -- St Andrews

Ritschel Mary  -- St Andrews


Roach Catherine  -- St Andrews

Roach Dennis  -- St Andrews

Roach Dennis Haywood -- Newkirk

Roach Helen  -- St Andrews

Roach Johana  -- St Andrews

Roach Mary -- St Andrews

Roach Maude E -- Newkirk

Roach Thomas  -- Newkirk


Roark Ermine  -- Tipton Masonic

Roark James E -- Tipton Masonic

Roark Nora Willie -- Tipton Masonic

Roark Norman J -- Tipton Masonic


Roberts Joe  -- Prairie Grove

Roberts Josephine  -- Tipton Masonic

Roberts Kitty  -- Prairie Grove

Roberts Marce  -- Prairie Grove

Roberts Rosa Beatrice -- Prairie Grove

Roberts Sallie  -- Prairie Grove


Robertson Brewston -- Moreau

Robertson Bruston -- Moreau

Robertson Charles H -- Tipton Masonic

Robertson Dave W -- Prairie Grove

Robertson Melissa Ann -- Tipton Masonic

Robertson Olive K -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Robertson Rhoda  -- Tipton Masonic

Robertson William M -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Robinson Charles O -- Moreau

Robinson Green  -- Prairie Grove

Robinson Mariah  -- Prairie Grove

Robinson Othal -- Moreau


Rodgers Charles J -- Tipton Masonic


Rodner Amanda  -- Tipton Masonic

Rodner Benhardt  -- Newkirk

Rodner David T -- Newkirk

Rodner Della F -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Rodner Frank C -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Rodner Godfrey Benjamin -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Rodner Hester -- Thixton Family

Rodner Infant -- Thixton Family

Rodner Infant -- Thixton Family

Rodner Mary E -- Newkirk

Rodner Rose M -- Thixton Family

Rodner Rosina  -- Tipton Masonic

Rodner Sadie Lavina -- Newkirk

Rodner William F -- Thixton Family


Roetzel Mary A -- St Andrews

Roetzel Peter  -- St Andrews


Rogers Catherine  -- St Andrews


Rosenhahn Annie Zoe -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Rosenhahn Antus  -- Tipton Masonic

Rosenhahn Carl  -- Tipton Masonic

Rosenhahn Charles W -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Rosenhahn Eugene  -- Tipton Masonic

Rosenhahn Felix  -- Tipton Masonic

Rosenhahn Gottlieb  -- Tipton Masonic

Rosenhahn Helena  -- St Andrews

Rosenhahn L  -- Tipton Masonic

Rosenhahn Ruth J -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Rosenhan Delphene S -- St Andrews


Ross A M -- Moreau

Ross Ann Frances -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Ross Bettie  -- Tipton Masonic

Ross Churchill  -- Tipton Masonic

Ross Docia -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Ross Peter F -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Ross Sarah Ann -- Prairie Grove

Ross Wm E -- Moreau


Rouk George G -- St Andrews

Rouk Sarah J -- St Andrews


Routszong George H -- Tipton Masonic

Routszong Virginia  -- Tipton Masonic


Row Hattie N -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Row William  -- Tipton Masonic


Rowles A Major -- Moreau

Rowles Alice  -- Tipton Masonic

Rowles Alma M -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Rowles Brandy  -- Tipton Masonic

Rowles Charles Everette -- Tipton Masonic

Rowles Donald Lee -- Tipton Masonic

Rowles Dorothy M -- Tipton Masonic

Rowles Ernest H -- Tipton Masonic

Rowles Hazel I -- Tipton Masonic

Rowles Joseph R -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Rowles Kyle Branden -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Rowles Mary Ellen -- Moreau

Rowles Velma R -- Tipton Masonic

Rowles Willard W -- Tipton Masonic

Rowles Zella L -- Moreau


Rubenspice Angelica Hedwig -- St Andrews


Ruffner Kathryn Florence -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Rumans Calvin Dean -- St Andrews

Rumans Patricia H -- St Andrews


Ryan James -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Ryan Nancy -- Tipton Odd Fellows




Salmon Dora C -- Tipton Masonic

Salmon John J -- Tipton Masonic


Salzman Helen M -- St Andrews

Salzman Wilbur  -- St Andrews


Sanders Infant  -- Tipton Masonic

Sanders J H -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Sandoval Jessica Bonita -- St Andrews


Schaaf Adaline  -- St Andrews


Schaedler Sallye  -- Tipton Masonic


Schaffter David L -- Tipton Masonic

Schaffter Glenn D -- Tipton Masonic

Schaffter Mary F -- Tipton Masonic

Schaffter Myrtle L -- Tipton Masonic

Schaffter Paul  -- Tipton Masonic

Schaffter Rachel Jessie -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Scheerer Alex B -- Tipton Masonic

Scheerer Anna  -- Tipton Masonic

Scheerer Annie C -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Scheerer Calvin  -- Tipton Masonic

Scheerer Catherine  -- Tipton Masonic

Scheerer Christena  -- Tipton Masonic

Scheerer Christian  -- Tipton Masonic

Scheerer Felix  -- Tipton Masonic

Scheerer Felix Jr -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Scheerer Filinda A -- Tipton Masonic

Scheerer Jacob  -- Tipton Masonic

Scheerer Margaret  -- Tipton Masonic

Scheerer Samuel C -- Tipton Masonic


Schmidt Adela  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Aloyous Andrew -- St Andrews

Schmidt Alpha  -- Tipton Masonic

Schmidt Alwina  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Alwina  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Andrew  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Anna  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Anna  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Anna  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Anna J -- St Andrews

Schmidt Anna Maria -- St Andrews

Schmidt Anna S -- St Andrews

Schmidt Arnold M -- St Andrews

Schmidt August  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Beatrice M -- St Andrews

Schmidt Bertha  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Carl W -- St Andrews

Schmidt Carolina  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Catherina  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Charles G -- Tipton Masonic

Schmidt Christina  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Christina  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Christine  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Clara E -- St Andrews

Schmidt Dorothy F -- St Andrews

Schmidt Edward P -- St Andrews

Schmidt Elizabeth  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Elizabeth  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Elizabeth J -- St Andrews

Schmidt Emma Mae -- St Andrews

Schmidt Eugene  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Frances E -- St Andrews

Schmidt Francis  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Frank A -- St Andrews

Schmidt Frank E -- St Andrews

Schmidt Frank J -- St Andrews

Schmidt Fred G -- St Andrews

Schmidt Fred W -- St Andrews

Schmidt Geneva R -- Tipton Masonic

Schmidt George  -- St Andrews

Schmidt George  -- St Andrews

Schmidt George J -- St Andrews

Schmidt Georgia  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Gustav  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Helen Ruth -- St Andrews

Schmidt Henrietta H -- St Andrews

Schmidt Henry  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Herman  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Ile  -- Tipton Masonic

Schmidt J Christie -- St Andrews

Schmidt James H -- St Andrews

Schmidt Joe H -- St Andrews

Schmidt John  -- St Andrews

Schmidt John  -- St Andrews

Schmidt John Henry -- St Andrews

Schmidt John J -- St Andrews

Schmidt John P -- St Andrews

Schmidt John P -- St Andrews

Schmidt Joseph A -- St Andrews

Schmidt Joseph A -- St Andrews

Schmidt Joseph Dean -- St Andrews

Schmidt Joseph H -- St Andrews

Schmidt Joseph Jerome -- St Andrews

Schmidt Julius A -- St Andrews

Schmidt Katherine  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Katie J -- St Andrews

Schmidt Lea M -- St Andrews

Schmidt Lena M -- St Andrews

Schmidt Leo G -- St Andrews

Schmidt Les David -- St Andrews

Schmidt Lillie B -- St Andrews

Schmidt Louis H -- Tipton Masonic

Schmidt Louise  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Margaret  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Margaret E -- St Andrews

Schmidt Margaret Elizabeth -- St Andrews

Schmidt Marie B -- St Andrews

Schmidt Martha A -- St Andrews

Schmidt Mary  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Mary  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Oscar J -- St Andrews

Schmidt Otto J -- St Andrews

Schmidt P W -- St Andrews

Schmidt Paul  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Peter  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Peter  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Peter  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Peter J -- St Andrews

Schmidt Peter J -- St Andrews

Schmidt Robert C -- St Andrews

Schmidt Rosalina  -- St Andrews

Schmidt Rose M -- St Andrews

Schmidt Terrence Joseph -- St Andrews

Schmidt Veronica  -- St Andrews

Schmidt W J -- St Andrews

Schmidt Wilber Frank -- St Andrews

Schmidt Will J -- St Andrews

Schmidt William  -- St Andrews

Schmidt William  -- St Andrews

Schmidt William H -- St Andrews

Schmidt William Jr -- St Andrews

Schmidt William R -- St Andrews

Schmidt William Walker -- St Andrews


Schmitt Andrew  -- St Andrews

Schmitt Anthony William -- St Andrews

Schmitt Barbara  -- St Andrews

Schmitt Carrie B -- St Andrews

Schmitt Catherine  -- St Andrews

Schmitt Elizabeth  -- St Andrews

Schmitt Ella  -- St Andrews

Schmitt Frank W -- St Andrews

Schmitt Frederick L -- St Andrews

Schmitt George  -- St Andrews

Schmitt Johanna  -- St Andrews

Schmitt John  -- St Andrews

Schmitt John  -- St Andrews

Schmitt John C -- St Andrews

Schmitt Lee I -- St Andrews

Schmitt Leslie  -- St Andrews

Schmitt Lillie M -- St Andrews

Schmitt Louise  -- St Andrews

Schmitt M Caroline -- St Andrews

Schmitt Maria T -- St Andrews

Schmitt Martha F -- St Andrews

Schmitt Mary  -- St Andrews

Schmitt Mildred Marie -- Moreau

Schmitt Mildred Marie -- St Andrews

Schmitt Shawn B -- St Andrews

Schmitt Shirley Ann -- St Andrews

Schmitt Urban F -- St Andrews

Schmitt Urban F III -- St Andrews

Schmitt Urban F Sr -- St Andrews

Schmitt Will A -- St Andrews

Schmitt William  -- St Andrews

Schmitt William  -- St Andrews

Schmitt William  -- St Andrews

Schmitt William Andrew -- St Andrews


Schmitz Agnes Susanna -- St Andrews


Schneider John  -- St Andrews


Schnelle John  -- St Andrews

Schnelle Susan  -- St Andrews


Schoen Amandus J -- St Andrews

Schoen Ethel D -- St Andrews

Schoen Mary Susanna -- St Andrews

Schoen Rudolph J -- St Andrews


Scholl Dorothy D -- Tipton Masonic

Scholl Elmer J -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Scholl Mabel  -- Tipton Masonic

Scholl Roy W -- Tipton Masonic


Schollmeyer Adela Helen -- St Andrews

Schollmeyer Barbara  -- St Andrews

Schollmeyer Francis J -- St Andrews

Schollmeyer George Marshall -- St Andrews

Schollmeyer Helen  -- St Andrews

Schollmeyer Ignatious  -- St Andrews

Schollmeyer Lillie M -- St Andrews

Schollmeyer William  -- St Andrews


Schreck Adela G -- St Andrews

Schreck Adelia  -- St Andrews

Schreck Andrew G -- St Andrews

Schreck Anna A -- St Andrews

Schreck Anna Katherine -- St Andrews

Schreck Anna M -- St Andrews

Schreck Benjamin A -- St Andrews

Schreck Betty J -- St Andrews

Schreck Catherine  -- St Andrews

Schreck Charles F -- St Andrews

Schreck Charles W -- St Andrews

Schreck Edwin John -- St Andrews

Schreck Elizabeth Aldoff -- St Andrews

Schreck Eugene E -- St Andrews

Schreck Florian F -- St Andrews

Schreck Frank  -- St Andrews

Schreck Fred A -- St Andrews

Schreck George  -- St Andrews

Schreck Herman J -- St Andrews

Schreck James John -- St Andrews

Schreck John P -- St Andrews

Schreck Joseph  -- St Andrews

Schreck Josephine  -- St Andrews

Schreck Katherina  -- St Andrews

Schreck Lena  -- St Andrews

Schreck Lenord  -- St Andrews

Schreck Leo  -- St Andrews

Schreck Leona Ethel -- Tipton Masonic

Schreck Leonard G -- Tipton Masonic

Schreck Leotia M -- St Andrews

Schreck Martha May -- St Andrews

Schreck Mary A -- St Andrews

Schreck Mary Louise -- St Andrews

Schreck Otto  -- St Andrews

Schreck Raymond  -- St Andrews

Schreck Sudie Ruth -- St Andrews

Schreck Tony  -- St Andrews

Schreck Urvan  -- St Andrews

Schreck Velma  -- Tipton Masonic

Schreck Virgil A -- Tipton Masonic


Schreiak David  -- Tipton Masonic

Schreiak Jailey  -- Tipton Masonic


Schricker Anthony  -- Tipton Masonic

Schricker Charles L -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Schricker Elizabeth  -- Tipton Masonic

Schricker Johana C -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Schricker Leonhardt  -- Tipton Masonic

Schricker Wilhelmina F -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Schriefer L D Bud -- Tipton Masonic

Schriefer Lillian F -- Tipton Masonic


Schuster Andrew E -- St Andrews

Schuster Catherine  -- St Andrews

Schuster Catherine M -- St Andrews

Schuster Charles H -- St Andrews

Schuster Dorothy L -- St Andrews

Schuster Elizabeth R -- St Andrews

Schuster Gerald Anthony -- St Andrews

Schuster Glen Joseph -- St Andrews

Schuster Joseph M -- St Andrews

Schuster Leo Albert -- St Andrews

Schuster Leo V Jr -- St Andrews

Schuster Mabel  -- St Andrews

Schuster Marie  -- St Andrews

Schuster Sylvester L -- St Andrews

Schuster Virginia M -- St Andrews

Schuster Walter Leo -- St Andrews


Schwan Eva Margaret -- St Andrews


Schwanz Anna Clara -- St Andrews

Schwanz Anna Mary -- St Andrews

Schwanz Anthony  -- St Andrews

Schwanz George  -- St Andrews

Schwanz Henry  -- St Andrews

Schwanz Henry Frank -- St Andrews

Schwanz John  -- St Andrews

Schwanz Margaret E -- St Andrews

Schwanz Mary  -- St Andrews

Schwanz Wendel  -- St Andrews


Schwartz Peter  -- St Andrews


Schwickrath   -- St Andrews

Schwickrath Adeline  -- St Andrews

Schwickrath Christina  -- St Andrews

Schwickrath Christina  -- St Andrews

Schwickrath Henry  -- St Andrews

Schwickrath John Peter -- St Andrews

Schwickrath Joseph L -- St Andrews

Schwickrath Joseph P -- St Andrews

Schwickrath Katherine A -- St Andrews

Schwickrath Louise B -- St Andrews

Schwrickrath John W -- St Andrews


Scott Alonzo E -- Moreau

Scott Carlos -- Moreau

Scott Criss  -- Newkirk

Scott Dean -- Moreau

Scott E F -- Tipton Masonic

Scott Edith W -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Scott Eleanor Ann -- St Andrews

Scott Elizabeth -- Moreau

Scott Elizabeth Louise -- Moreau

Scott Eugene Francis -- Tipton Masonic

Scott George T -- Tipton Masonic

Scott Gladys Eleanor -- St Andrews

Scott Grover Cleveland -- Moreau

Scott Henry Benjamin -- Newkirk

Scott Infant -- Woods Family

Scott Infant -- Woods Family

Scott Joan -- Moreau

Scott Joana -- Moreau

Scott Joe Ann -- Moreau

Scott Joe F -- St Andrews

Scott John -- Moreau

Scott John L -- Moreau

Scott John W -- Moreau

Scott Johnathan -- Moreau

Scott Julia A -- Moreau

Scott Katie -- Moreau

Scott Leeta F -- Tipton Masonic

Scott Leona -- Moreau

Scott Louis J -- Newkirk

Scott Louis Jefferson -- Newkirk

Scott Luella I -- Moreau

Scott Mark Miller -- St Andrews

Scott Martha -- Moreau

Scott Martin -- Moreau

Scott Martin R -- Moreau

Scott Mary E -- Moreau

Scott Mary E -- Newkirk

Scott Nannie -- Moreau

Scott Narcissus  -- Newkirk

Scott Permelia -- Moreau

Scott Pernie E -- Newkirk

Scott Robert E -- Moreau

Scott Robert K -- Tipton Masonic

Scott Roxie  -- Tipton Masonic

Scott S C -- Moreau

Scott Samuel -- Moreau

Scott Sarah E -- Moreau

Scott Susan Frances -- Tipton Masonic

Scott Uriah Bennet -- Newkirk

Scott William Graham -- Moreau

Scott William Grover -- Moreau

Scott William Roe -- Moreau

Scott William S -- Newkirk


Sears Robert Carlyle -- Newkirk


Sebastian Margaret Kathryn -- Newkirk


Seek Billy Michael -- St Andrews

Seek Suzanne Elaine -- St Andrews


Seitz Hilda  -- St Andrews


Shackleford Amanda  -- Prairie Grove

Shackleford Cornelius V -- Prairie Grove

Shackleford John Cavil -- Prairie Grove

Shackleford Lloyd  -- Prairie Grove

Shackleford Millie  -- Prairie Grove

Shackleford Nora A -- Prairie Grove

Shackleford Peter  -- Prairie Grove

Shackleford Robert George -- Prairie Grove

Shackleford Stella Augusta -- Prairie Grove


Sharp Hellen A -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Sharp Minnie C -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Sharp William Jordan -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Sharp Willie G -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Sharpe L C Rev -- Moreau

Sharpe Sarah N -- Moreau


Shaw George O -- Tipton Odd Fellows

Shaw Mona M -- Tipton Odd Fellows


Sheahan   -- St Andrews

Sheahan Edward  -- St Andrews

Sheahan James  -- St Andrews

Sheahan Johnnie  -- St